World’s End Club - Nintendo Direct 2.17.21 - Nintendo Switch 

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Set off on a journey across Japan where visual novel and platforming elements come together in World’s End Club, coming to Nintendo Switch on May 28!
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18 feb. 2021




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ThatIsabelle 2 dagen geleden
I just want danganrompa on the switch 😔
SilverFlight01 2 dagen geleden
Knowing that people from Danganronpa made this, this will be fun
Tanjiro’s Edits
Tanjiro’s Edits 7 dagen geleden
Why is this a version of Danganronpa and Pokémon mixed together?
Skorqion 8 dagen geleden
I know everybody's saying it, but I am hoping they'll port the Danganronpa trilogy to the Switch!
The Milk man
The Milk man 8 dagen geleden
This is a port of a game from the Apple Arcade on mobile but with English voices and better graphics
Aden The Ghost Wolf
Aden The Ghost Wolf 9 dagen geleden
Where's the ahoge
Anna meow
Anna meow 10 dagen geleden
Looks terrible
Audenetan Audenetan
Audenetan Audenetan 10 dagen geleden
Will this had it's continued? I don't like how the ending was...
Señor Gigante
Señor Gigante 11 dagen geleden
Donde está Junko Enoshima? ¡QUIERO MI DINERO! >:v
Sara Bellucco
Sara Bellucco 11 dagen geleden
I think there is going to be a really grim big twist, not correlated to the killing game but still, like come on in Europe this game is rated pegi 16 something is gotta be up.
Mauricio 532
Mauricio 532 11 dagen geleden
Pokemon Sun Moon version final fantasy
Cinder TheDemonKing
Cinder TheDemonKing 11 dagen geleden
But the real question is Is danganronpa coming or not?
Nick 12 dagen geleden
Ah it's finally here!
Leonardo Pilati
Leonardo Pilati 12 dagen geleden
You got my attenction
Zaperator 44
Zaperator 44 12 dagen geleden
Pielope is Monokuma wife. This game and Danganronpa connected. Dont @ me.
Luther DePapier
Luther DePapier 12 dagen geleden
At 0:27 you sure you'll be able to get that past the ESRB?
Hayden B
Hayden B 12 dagen geleden
Anyone else got the beta on there iPad?
Nikko A.
Nikko A. 13 dagen geleden
I know this isn't the same as the direct trailer, but in that one when Pai said "The game is cancelled' I legitimately got concerned that they're cancelling a game mid-trailer
Daniel Harrow
Daniel Harrow 14 dagen geleden
Is Pielope's voice actor the same person who does Spinel from Steven Universe? 😮
;; Chiaki Nanami
;; Chiaki Nanami 14 dagen geleden
Another game of slaughter...
Guy2015 14 dagen geleden
Is this game going to be on eshop?
Abeey Akemi
Abeey Akemi 14 dagen geleden
Reminds me with Danganronpa-
Cinnamon The bean
Cinnamon The bean 14 dagen geleden
My guy really said “daganronpa” and at that time I screamed 😩
izzy chan Nyan Cat
izzy chan Nyan Cat 14 dagen geleden
This sounds like danganronpa trigger happy havoc had mixed with ultra despair girls, but in stead of komaru it's just the warriors of hope
Cloudy Cakes
Cloudy Cakes 14 dagen geleden
Damn, people love comparing games to familiar games because they can’t handle something fresh and new huh. Im outta here
Inari Pop
Inari Pop 14 dagen geleden
wait so no physical copy🕴️
shellman1 yt
shellman1 yt 14 dagen geleden
World's End Club is coming very soon
Levi_o_fan amvr
Levi_o_fan amvr 14 dagen geleden
I just want Dr for switch and monokuma for smash do I want too much?
Artic Berry
Artic Berry 14 dagen geleden
Only real ones remember the original title
Ami 14 dagen geleden
I got excited when I read the beginning of the title and thought "OMG more TWEWY news!" but then i watched the ttrailer, was confused when it looked nothing like TWEWY and then i reread the title. :(
Cynthia Peach
Cynthia Peach 14 dagen geleden
0:28 I-
Señor Gigante
Señor Gigante 11 dagen geleden
Ooohh oooooh 7w7
Kunal Pandey
Kunal Pandey 14 dagen geleden
What was that at 0:28
Grace Abad
Grace Abad 14 dagen geleden
Danganronpa v3 but you don’t wake up in a class room and bootleg jester monokuma and monokuma is just like “nah you brats get lost killing game is over” then u basically attack monsters with your “Hope Swords” Instead of character words.
craftedbythemoon 14 dagen geleden
Wth and I was playing this on apple arcade! I’m all for this on switch 💖
Nummurrow 15 dagen geleden
I was waiting for this game for a long time ago, definitely excited!! But it kinda makes me sad that people are mostly talking about Kodaka and Danganronpa. For those who don't know, Kotaro Uchikoshi was heavily involved in this project too, and he has worked in some amazing games! If you like Danganronpa, you should definitely try some of his works: I've played Zero Escape series and the Infinity series and both are pretty good, I've also heard good things about other of his games like AI: The Somnium Files... so... yeah, you're missing out if you haven't tried any of his games yet. They're one of the main reasons I was interested in this game to begin with. Edit: Just heard that Takumi Nakazawa worked on the game too! He also was part of the infinity series and directed other games like I/O, but I haven't played them. Still, from my experience with him would recommed to check his stuff. -This just makes me more excited-
Bcrossfire 15 dagen geleden
"The game is cancelled!" But the trailer's not even over yet!
Milksh4ke Boi
Milksh4ke Boi 15 dagen geleden
When I was watching the direct I went to the kitchen and I left my phone in my room and when I heard from the creators of danganronpa I started bleeding
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha 15 dagen geleden
Moment of Silence for people who doesnt know Danganronpa, and thinks this is a cute kids game and buys them for their kids.....
Arturo Ayala
Arturo Ayala 15 dagen geleden
Soo... who’s gonna live? And who’s going to kick the bucket?
Blue Nova
Blue Nova 15 dagen geleden
I thought this game was canceled
Sleepycoaster / Origami Unicorn
The World Ended Without You
Stay Hydrated
Stay Hydrated 15 dagen geleden
I hate anime
Elusuario 15 dagen geleden
Dangaronpa kids
Emmanuel Lopez Hernandez
Emmanuel Lopez Hernandez 15 dagen geleden
Danganronpa 4 got canceled
Eve123 Princess
Eve123 Princess 15 dagen geleden
This is coming out the same day as the live action Cruella movie....
Wince Media
Wince Media 15 dagen geleden
Its so weird to see people ONLY NOW just realize about this game. The first 10 hours are already out. You can play it right now.
onlyougi 15 dagen geleden
ZombieLand Baron
ZombieLand Baron 15 dagen geleden
"The game is cancelled!" "Yeaaaaaaah!"
Studio Pölhölä
Studio Pölhölä 11 dagen geleden
Now we talking
Niblet 15 dagen geleden
i actually kin kokichi who do you kin nagito? **GROWL**
Cool Melon
Cool Melon 15 dagen geleden
Honestly my biggest take away from this trailer is that one of the characters kinda looks like a younger Pokemon gym leader Violet from Pokemon X and Y.
Rose Crystal
Rose Crystal 15 dagen geleden
Ohohohohoho~ You can bet I was excited when I heard the devs behind Danganronpa were a part of this-- Or maybe I just have a *tinnnnyyyy* addiction to games like these, who knows?
Zaperator 44
Zaperator 44 12 dagen geleden
Adamatronamus 15 dagen geleden
It's punishment time!
Justin Baker
Justin Baker 15 dagen geleden
Everyone talking about danganronpa and very little about zero escape here in the comment section D: That aside, considering the two of them are working together I can see the suffering thats about to happen even if the "death game" is cancelled
N-Zone 15 dagen geleden
The Breakfast Club in Saw
Dot Mp3
Dot Mp3 15 dagen geleden
Danganronpa 4 leaked
Ken K
Ken K 15 dagen geleden
I havent finished this game yet on apple arcade. Hopefully on switch soon.
Amie Amie
Amie Amie 15 dagen geleden
"2:45" Well i found a program that generator money It totally changed my life 𝔾𝔼𝕋𝕄𝕆ℕℂ𝔸𝕊ℍ. ℂ𝕃𝕌𝔹 අනුගාමිකයන් ඇති කර ගැනීමට හොඳ ක්‍රමයක
randomness051 15 dagen geleden
Is this coming out in the UK? Why isn't it on the e shop and there's no EU date on the website?
Kiju kitten
Kiju kitten 15 dagen geleden
i live the balls on the devs to slap us in the fave like this
comyuse 15 dagen geleden
well i am certainly interested
Boomboom 64
Boomboom 64 15 dagen geleden
As a fan of the Dangonronpa series I was intrigued at first, then it turned into some weird journey across the world and develop friendships and I lost all interest.
andres gonzalez
andres gonzalez 15 dagen geleden
Who the freak has time to plays theses games
w!nd 15 dagen geleden
I'm still calling it Death March Club.
Jaccyboi 15 dagen geleden
All I wanted on switch was Danganronpa and Metal Gear Solid. Thanks Nintendo! 👍
WebkinzLiker264 15 dagen geleden
This looks really cool, but the voice acting is kind of nerve wracking. I'm sure there will be more character voices to be heard but the ones in this were *so* over the top and squeaky.
Dubstepbee Corsi
Dubstepbee Corsi 15 dagen geleden
im not into danganronpa in almost any way shape or form but this is a REALLY interesting take on the danganronpa formula
LEE-MAN 64 15 dagen geleden
for some reason, I'm expecting Danganronpa easter egg
BuzzNBen 15 dagen geleden
Me: Nintendo, can we have Danganronpa for Switch? Nintendo: No, we have Danganronpa at home. Danganronpa at Home:
MidMorningSol 15 dagen geleden
This does look interesting. They had me at Zero Escape series and Danganronpa.
꧁Moth’s Tea and Splat’s Productions꧂
Bro I thought this was Pokémon bc of the artstyle but no this is some daganronpa rip off *and yes I will still play this and I love daganronpa bc my profile explains it*
Red B
Red B 15 dagen geleden
Pokemon characters
Joseph Fontana
Joseph Fontana 15 dagen geleden
This art style reminds me of Pokémon characters
Brigit Zenif
Brigit Zenif 16 dagen geleden
Is that like "The World Ends With You"?
Octav 16 dagen geleden
When I saw this in direct I was like this is like danganrompa then they said from the creators of danganrompa and I was like b r u h
omarion schoolmates
omarion schoolmates 16 dagen geleden
Loving the new persona
Wil Mayes
Wil Mayes 16 dagen geleden
Kinda wished they used this trailer instead for the Direct. I would’ve preferred not to have been spoiled to the beginning of the game like the Direct did. The first bit of the game looked like it was specifically meant to play off your expectations if you’re familiar with their previous work.
Landfantasia 16 dagen geleden
iVileLight 16 dagen geleden
This is actually better than that DC Super Hero Girls game we got stuck with...
Moxley 16 dagen geleden
does that mean we might get the drp games on switch?
Mushroom Head
Mushroom Head 16 dagen geleden
0:33 Giant enemy crab!
AVI P 16 dagen geleden
How does no one in this comment section seem to know that this game has been out for 5 months? It’s been playable in it’s near entirety for free for half a year. Ps. It’s pretty good, but definitely don’t get your hopes up DR and Zero Escape fans
bisky 16 dagen geleden
the yellow baseball guy is just kanzai from hunter x hunter
N6tyForce 16 dagen geleden
Super Paper Mario’s End Club
Dragon Lagann
Dragon Lagann 16 dagen geleden
I thought it was another Danganronpa game oh well
LittleBigHedgehog15 16 dagen geleden
You know fans are gonna make gay ocs, with these.
agermini germini
agermini germini 16 dagen geleden
this looks great. for anyone that has played danganronpa they get it.
NotSoFunny 16 dagen geleden
0:15 Claus from Mother 3???
epic gamer
epic gamer 16 dagen geleden
Soooooo uh just garbage huh?
SamTheWindWaker 16 dagen geleden
Danganronpa but monokuma caught covid and has to call off
M. Nourishad
M. Nourishad 16 dagen geleden
I'm going to say this takes place in the same universe as Danganronpa and the cancelled game was originally Danganronpa V4
zippoiii 16 dagen geleden
Rip murder mystery game..
Super Bodoque
Super Bodoque 16 dagen geleden
Paulina :]
Paulina :] 16 dagen geleden
Danganronpa and Pokemon mixed
large tv__
large tv__ 16 dagen geleden
w!nd 15 dagen geleden
We all fans of DR and ZE have been waiting for this.
Ereh Jeager
Ereh Jeager 16 dagen geleden
Danganronpa for teens
Phantom Blue
Phantom Blue 16 dagen geleden
Bro, imagine getting a DR port to Switch. That would be hype!
zap 16 dagen geleden
what is spinel doing here
Northgical 16 dagen geleden
Bro when I saw this trailer in Direct I thought it was V4, anyways It look interesting thouh
Hallie 16 dagen geleden
I've never played a Danganronpa game, but this looks absolutely amazing and I'm so excited to play it!
Yuuki 16 dagen geleden
I highly recommend getting into Danganronpa. Great series as a game
Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu
Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu 16 dagen geleden
Me here just wishing they would port danganronpa
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