This Is Knockout City: Official Gameplay Trailer - Nintendo Switch 

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Warm up that arm of yours-in Knockout City™, launching May 21, 2021, you’re gonna need it. Don’t be nervous, though! Our local lunar DJ is here to lay down some knowledge for ya on the KO City Pirate Radio airwaves.
You feel that? That's the electric charge of a high-energy dodgebrawl match! Before you grab a ball and jump in, take a second to get your feet under ya. And remember: practice makes perfect, but KOs win matches. Think you’ve got the stuff? Rally your Crew and prove it.
Join the Cross-Play Beta* on April 2-4:
Learn more about Knockout City:
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1 apr. 2021




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Marcela Fuentes
Marcela Fuentes Dag geleden
Quemados del futuro
Aiden Games
Aiden Games 4 dagen geleden
I'm getting this
wisnhu ariestanto
wisnhu ariestanto 5 dagen geleden
mario kart 8 deluxe my update new characters diddy kong me voice and diddy kong emblem new 3 karts all these karts are part of the bodies of high-end see about that's when a big update on one part of the bodies of high-end kabuki dasher, black b dasher and red b dasher all car customization the vehicle new 3 gliders blizzard balloons blizzard parasol and rainy balloons it's mario kart 8 deluxe direct update new version mario kart 8 deluxe upcoming the may for summer 2021
DXG Fire
DXG Fire 7 dagen geleden
Bro like look boring
Wizard 7 dagen geleden
A man has been knocked out in KnockOut city. BUILD THE HELICOPTER -
Ahzafera 8 dagen geleden
Yeah!! This is DJ Professor K, baby, the master of mayhem you know what i'm sayin' bringing you another Tokyo underground pirate radio broadcast from Jet Set Radio!
Darkling Gaming
Darkling Gaming 8 dagen geleden
Looks cool but the devs should really change the faces look.
veepz 8 dagen geleden
Is it out on nintendo if it is i can't find it
Mars Lowell
Mars Lowell 8 dagen geleden
OctoDan 8 dagen geleden
This makes me remember Jet Set Radio :(
X SLY509 X
X SLY509 X 8 dagen geleden
Good thing I have friends to play with me
Jonno Plays
Jonno Plays 9 dagen geleden
Who else got Jet Set Radio vibes
Josh Witte
Josh Witte 9 dagen geleden
Who else is sick of seeing this guy's comments on every video 😒
Frikcha 9 dagen geleden
its like ninjala but good; just got done with the open beta and it has everything you'd want from a pvp action game
T S 10 dagen geleden
Open beta ended during my match last night. Can’t wait until this game comes out. It’s worth the $20
Snoozy 10 dagen geleden
Ninjala 2
Nate Jarboe
Nate Jarboe 10 dagen geleden
Im getting Rocket Arena Vibes ngl
cheesey boi
cheesey boi 10 dagen geleden
When is TF2?
Reshiram 11 dagen geleden
This game looks cool, hopefully it doesn't get destroyed by Micro-Transactions like other games published by EA.
Im just a Person
Im just a Person 11 dagen geleden
The graphics remind me of splatoon
DJA plays Nintendo
DJA plays Nintendo 11 dagen geleden
Hard to swallow pills: This game is a Ninjala knockoff, they even copied the font
DJA plays Nintendo
DJA plays Nintendo 8 dagen geleden
@Chase The Gamer Some of the mechanics look familiar and so do some of the maps they look too familiar not like they both got inspired by the same thing
Chase The Gamer
Chase The Gamer 8 dagen geleden
What else is a knockoff other then the font
Der Bene
Der Bene 11 dagen geleden
Damn that looks fun ! But you won´t have a chance against PC players tbh .
nnasimok [name will change soon]
April fools iduotsss this game doesn't ecodt
Timmy Lan
Timmy Lan 11 dagen geleden
Lego Anakin Skywalker
Lego Anakin Skywalker 11 dagen geleden
An EA game on Nintendo switch?
Jmaster94 10 dagen geleden
@Dhruv Upadhyay And PVZ
Dhruv Upadhyay
Dhruv Upadhyay 11 dagen geleden
Apex legends is also on switch
Andy's Stuff
Andy's Stuff 11 dagen geleden
"And kiss yo momma goodbye!" that made me laugh so hard!
Jeremy Seal
Jeremy Seal 12 dagen geleden
Man, I was hoping this was a volleyball game.
Rusty Crestmore 87
Rusty Crestmore 87 12 dagen geleden
"Remember to believe in the ball, and throw yourself"
Ykimaxx 12 dagen geleden
Продлите бету до выхода игры
Iverfrank Argani Condori
Iverfrank Argani Condori 12 dagen geleden
Porque requiere nintendo swich online
Meowww M.
Meowww M. 12 dagen geleden
me curling into a ball: throw me! teammate: *throws me out of bounds*
TalkReviewer 12 dagen geleden
ANOTHER battle Royale game in Fortnite Skin🙄😴😴😴😴
Aiman Hakim
Aiman Hakim 12 dagen geleden
Have you guys actually played the game before leaving hate comments? It’s honestly not that bad for a free game 😅. Play it first before you bashing like a maniac.
_YoshiVolts_ 115
_YoshiVolts_ 115 12 dagen geleden
The game is both rated E10+ and T, it's a bit confusing
DIO Brando
DIO Brando 12 dagen geleden
It's Free ?
jay144k 13 dagen geleden
I am confused. This looks exactly like what I thought it would be after seeing the direct. What were people confused about?
The Golfernment
The Golfernment 13 dagen geleden
craftedbythemoon 13 dagen geleden
So excited to try this game out!
TonyKanameKuran 13 dagen geleden
Performance mode > Quality mode
GTE STARZ 13 dagen geleden
this game is so fun
GUGU Gamer
GUGU Gamer 13 dagen geleden
Is it free?
False Knight
False Knight 13 dagen geleden
This game would be fun online, too bad Nintendo is still stuck in the Dark Ages when it comes to proper online multiplayer with friends.
Ami Dark
Ami Dark 13 dagen geleden
Nice and all but where was that March update for the Nes and Snes libraries?
Claudiu Rotaru
Claudiu Rotaru 13 dagen geleden
Sickmmaner 13 dagen geleden
Not interested. Until I saw the fake out. Oh yeah, this looks competitive. I'll try this.
Šarka Durdiaková
Šarka Durdiaková 13 dagen geleden
or pokemon mystery dungeon movie
Šarka Durdiaková
Šarka Durdiaková 13 dagen geleden
Please for mega man 12 or x9 or x10
MacWayHard 13 dagen geleden
Thanks for removing all stars. I was planning on finally getting a Switch this month but the only reason I wanted it was for Sunshine and 64. Guess I'll go back to my original idea and scoop up a new Xbox. What a dumb move, Nintendo.
Aranciuino _Official
Aranciuino _Official 13 dagen geleden
Nice game if you didn’t need the Nintendo Switch online
Dogdillon 13 dagen geleden
Replacing ■■■■■ with a April Fools Joke
Bagle 900
Bagle 900 13 dagen geleden
Add RTX to the switch please!
tyler Kelly
tyler Kelly 13 dagen geleden
Manuel Pennisi
Manuel Pennisi 13 dagen geleden
Nintendo please change the home menu of nintendo switch is always the same for four years
Guilherme Costa
Guilherme Costa 13 dagen geleden
Pokémon heardgold 2 plsssss Nintendo
Scott Windsor
Scott Windsor 13 dagen geleden
Disappointed you actually "knocked out" Mario 35 for really no benefit to anyone. Difficult to justify spending any more money on Nintendo after that.
Hibo Omar Mohamad
Hibo Omar Mohamad 13 dagen geleden
Mario is dead in 2 days ago
Trick BomberCrush
Trick BomberCrush 13 dagen geleden
No Mario had 1-UP mushroom so he still alive forever 😎. So don't worry man.
Mr Team trees
Mr Team trees 13 dagen geleden
Rip mario
Kezzy 90
Kezzy 90 13 dagen geleden
Im not a nintendo fanboy but super mario world was the 1st mario game i ever played stupid how you kill your mascot nintendo a mascot that made you millions and become iconic super mario world and super mario 64 are my favourite games but will never be my most favourite game then luigis mansion on the gamecube dark moon and luigis mansion 3 are crap Don't have the creepy eerie dark corridors like the gamecube original
Kezzy 90
Kezzy 90 11 dagen geleden
@Viking Gamer btw mario isn't really dead if nintendo wanted to really kill mario they would wipe out every super mario game ever to exist in history wipe mario like he never existed at all
Viking Gamer
Viking Gamer 13 dagen geleden
Yeah it is stupid when they reveal a new mario game in the direct..
Klaudiusz Dąbrowski
Klaudiusz Dąbrowski 13 dagen geleden
Why you kill Mario
Nine 13 dagen geleden
Oh wow, are people really still memeing over that direct trailer? Look if you actually feel misled by it, you’re seriously stupid. Go ask a 10 year what that trailer is about.
Funky Finger Productions
Funky Finger Productions 13 dagen geleden
This looks way more fun than the initial reveal lead one to believe.
Iris Adrian
Iris Adrian 13 dagen geleden
work with sony
Balboa Baggins
Balboa Baggins 13 dagen geleden
This channel needs more dislikes and less subs.
axoriv 13 dagen geleden
i want mario
JM G 13 dagen geleden
Looks lit
thetechdog 13 dagen geleden
Lol Nintendo deleted the Nintendo Switch Online video.
Руслан Ищук
Руслан Ищук 13 dagen geleden
Super Mario 3D All Star New DLC
Ali Essa
Ali Essa 13 dagen geleden
Yes Nintendo, shutting mario 35 and 3d all-stars, is day a april Fools day
DEMİR SHOW 13 dagen geleden
Very nice game love knockout City
ryou onuki
ryou onuki 13 dagen geleden
Do open the door, close the door
Pablo Lopez
Pablo Lopez 13 dagen geleden
Pa cuando el chavo en smash nintendo
kingconnor 13 dagen geleden
but why even delet it if you did alot of work on those games
kingconnor 13 dagen geleden
alot of prople are sad ,that mario dies? so say it was a april fool joke nintendo
Matthew Lawton
Matthew Lawton 13 dagen geleden
I love knocking out players in Mario 35...oh wait, Nintendo ignored its fans' pleas to keep the game and arbitrarily deleted it. Like idiots.
LooptCG 13 dagen geleden
super Smash Bros x el chavo del ocho
The Pokemaster
The Pokemaster 13 dagen geleden
Chavo for smash
The Pokemaster
The Pokemaster 13 dagen geleden
Chavo for smash
The Pokemaster
The Pokemaster 13 dagen geleden
Chavo for smash
The Pokemaster
The Pokemaster 13 dagen geleden
Chavo for smash
The Pokemaster
The Pokemaster 13 dagen geleden
Chavo for smash
The Pokemaster
The Pokemaster 13 dagen geleden
Chavo for smash
The Pokemaster
The Pokemaster 13 dagen geleden
Chavo for smash
The Pokemaster
The Pokemaster 13 dagen geleden
Chavo for smash
The Pokemaster
The Pokemaster 13 dagen geleden
Chavo for smash
The Pokemaster
The Pokemaster 13 dagen geleden
Chavo for smash
IamJAG_GG 13 dagen geleden
Looks neat
Ebefren Revo
Ebefren Revo 13 dagen geleden
Look soooooo generic and boring.
Anna Jordan
Anna Jordan 13 dagen geleden
Please add Spyro the dragon two super smash Bros ultimate
Kyle Graham
Kyle Graham 13 dagen geleden
So when is this game come out? it looks awesome
Chalice Blade
Chalice Blade 13 dagen geleden
Genshin when?
Who are you? Please
Who are you? Please 13 dagen geleden
Dont worry maey
Berswinde 13 dagen geleden
Doom Eternal I hope you don't delete Mario cuz I really love it please don't I love it and I loved it since I was a little kid if you delete it every fans will get angry
Reuben Archer Yanga
Reuben Archer Yanga 13 dagen geleden
Hey Nintendo can u make available on Philippines to play online cuz it's makes me bored:(
Memeza Belle
Memeza Belle 13 dagen geleden
Nice we ninjala 2
Daniel64 13 dagen geleden
It`s OK guys, Mario isnt executed! If he was then why would Nintendo keep him as an icon? -Daniel64
̝ 13 dagen geleden
Hey,give me one playstation five
DelTa 20
DelTa 20 13 dagen geleden
What kind of Splatoon is this?
Jacket O-o
Jacket O-o 13 dagen geleden
April fools right? right!?
David 89
David 89 13 dagen geleden
It better be free to play
gaming people 2048
gaming people 2048 13 dagen geleden
Pls comment
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