The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch 

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Take to the skies and discover the origins of Hyrule In The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD, reborn on #NintendoSwitch! Draw your sword in this high-flying adventure with Joy-Con controllers or the newly added button-only controls.
Available July 16. Pre-order today!
#Zelda #SkywardSword #NintendoSwitch
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17 feb. 2021




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Noah Vanderneut
Noah Vanderneut 45 minuten geleden
I'm so hyped right now it's not even funny
GD_J o r g e XD
GD_J o r g e XD 52 minuten geleden
Double D
Double D 3 uur geleden
Nintendo, please bring Wind Waker to Switch too :D
Scott McCurdy
Scott McCurdy 3 uur geleden
Why is the Switch getting an HD release of this but not Galaxy 2?! It's criminal.
Otter Jackson
Otter Jackson 3 uur geleden
This game was such a big part of my childhood, I'm so unbelievably happy.
Dragon Fruit
Dragon Fruit 3 uur geleden
Sometimes I fantasize about Nintendo porting all the Zelda games to switch
User was weiß ich
User was weiß ich 4 uur geleden
Yeeeees sky ward sword is my favourite Zelda Game
Lola 4 uur geleden
semi new to the Zelda franchise. (fan of 4-5 years) i’ve only ever played WW HD and BoTW so can someone please elaborate on why Skyward Sword gets so much hate? from what i’ve heard, people don’t like the motion controls and excessive dialogue, but how does that make it inferior to all of the other titles? personally, i’m really excited to purchase the HD remaster and thinking it could potentially be the start of older games like OoT, TP, and MM all being released in a package similar to All Stars on the Switch. (or maybe even a port!) sorry for the lengthy comment. i’ll have to play for myself to see if it really is deserving of all the backlash. (although that seems highly unlikely considering it’s a TLoZ game)
Artofficial 5 uur geleden
I hope my joycons can hold up to what I'm about to do to them.
Hola soy Movi
Hola soy Movi 5 uur geleden
Mi favorito 👍
Matthew 7 uur geleden
Nobody likes that game. Just release botw 2
Alex Park
Alex Park 8 uur geleden
I don't think this game really needed a reboot, there are others in the series that would have been a much better choice, but this is just one man's opinion.
Alex Verdugo
Alex Verdugo 8 uur geleden
No Nintendo. I love zekda, but I Will not buy it. I paid already. You suck
Kronaur47 UwU
Kronaur47 UwU 10 uur geleden
The price tag sucks but I never got to finish the game on my Wii U because of a broken sensor bar, so I’m probably gonna buy it anyway
Tyloxs 18 uur geleden
Can’t wait to play this with drifty joycons 😐
This is the greatest username of all time.
At this point Nintendo’s making the life of a pirate sound very, very compelling for this price give me conniptions.
Jewele jones
Jewele jones 21 uur geleden
I mean I love Zelda but this isnt my favorite Zelda game bit its not bad I'm going to be killed for this buuut skyward sword is my least favorite Zelda game!! There I said it!
Aka The Flailing Chicken
Sigh* turns on Wii and pulls out Wii remote with motion plus...
Hai Im Kush
Hai Im Kush 22 uur geleden
Skyward sword’s the only Zelda game I haven’t played and I’m still not even sure I’d want to get it, Nintendo hurry up and release botw 2 I’m starting to decay here!
Kat xx
Kat xx 23 uur geleden
Yay!!!!! I will be complete if they put Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time on the switch, I really want to replay the former and play the latter!
DogeCoin Moon Trips
I don't know if i can go back to old Zeldas anymore after BOTW lol
Nathali Carrera
Nathali Carrera Dag geleden
I missed this game so much! It’s awesome that they included normal configuration as well as motion control. Motion control wasn’t all that intuitive that time but I got through. Story was good though in my opinion. Maybe they could bring Twilight Princess back as well along with WW as a collection edition? I would buy it. 😁
Carlos R
Carlos R Dag geleden
The Legend of Zelda: Drifting Sword
Carlos R
Carlos R Dag geleden
I was so excited for a collection of zelda games not this expensive wii port, not gonna buy it.
Heavyjak Dag geleden
This is my fav zelda game, finally i can play it again
Drake Deardorff
Drake Deardorff Dag geleden
Caitlin Irelan
Caitlin Irelan Dag geleden
I been screaming at my sister's about how the switch would be perfect for a skyward sword remake for years I'm so hype
Snifit Dag geleden
Hey, I'm just happy that this isn't a limited release (as well as everything else in the direct).
Goblin studios
Goblin studios Dag geleden
I hope they add twilight princess to switch and the n64 zelda games
Aaron Cruz
Aaron Cruz Dag geleden
Dude I got this game for my birthday when it was released and I sat in my room all day playing it. Probably the best gift I've ever got no cap
Chocobo Dag geleden
Twilight Princess HD please ! :D
Zephyr360 Dag geleden
How is the $60 price tag, justified?
Luke Ebarle
Luke Ebarle 2 dagen geleden
i wanted windwaker but whatever
Chunkymayonnaise 2 dagen geleden
My bank account: "Am I a Joke to you?"
Discount 2 dagen geleden
not for $60
NATBOY Rafael 2 dagen geleden
This game is very good ! 😀
Crusader 2 dagen geleden
Id rather play on the emulator at better framerate graphics and resolution. Instead of buying 60 dollar mediocre port
Mario :3
Mario :3 2 dagen geleden
Fun fact: Skyward Sword it´s available in Wiiu eshop. And it´s just 20 dollars.
AkameGaKillfan777 Dag geleden
@Paula de jairul No, your reply is meaningless, PERIOD. Nobody at all cares about how expensive textbooks can be.
Paula de jairul
Paula de jairul Dag geleden
@AkameGaKillfan777 yours was because my first comment was directed to the person who posted this comment, not you. You got in a conversation no one invited you.
AkameGaKillfan777 Dag geleden
@Paula de jairul Then your reply is meaningless
Paula de jairul
Paula de jairul Dag geleden
@AkameGaKillfan777 I didn't ask if you care.
AkameGaKillfan777 Dag geleden
@Paula de jairul Again, nobody cares
Godzilla Gm
Godzilla Gm 2 dagen geleden
Wow Nintendo a 60 dollars port thank you 😒
Gerald Barrantes
Gerald Barrantes 2 dagen geleden
I believe that nothing will ever be better than Zelda Breath of the Wild
Paula de jairul
Paula de jairul 2 dagen geleden
If it wasn't for Skyward Sword, Breath of the Wild wouldn't be what it is today. A lot of ideas from skyward sword were implemented into breath of the wild.
Sarah F
Sarah F 2 dagen geleden
As someone who never owned - or particularly wanted - a Wii I've never played Skyward Sword and I think it looks great from the trailer so I'm really looking forward to playing this!! Glad they've made it compatible with the Switch Lite as well cos that would really suck otherwise.
Lieutenant Undercover
Lieutenant Undercover 2 dagen geleden
I really hope they make some gameplay chances. Like new Boss fights and make it possible to fly the bird in the night...
Нурик殿 2 dagen geleden
We want ocarina of time on switch !!!!
d m
d m 2 dagen geleden
Ross Blumstein
Ross Blumstein 2 dagen geleden
I can’t wait for the game to release so people who were crying about the motion controls now complain that the new analog stick layout doesn’t work well or is too finicky for the game. The game was made with motion controls in mind and I can’t imagine an alternative being the superior method of play
Dave zada
Dave zada 2 dagen geleden
This might very well be the worst Zelda in the series. Waiting for Majora's mask HD NINTENDO!
ZeldaDude 2 dagen geleden
It’s finally time to replay this but with buttons Wait the imprisoned and silent realm uh oh
Joker 2 dagen geleden
Was this game 60fps on the Wii? I don't remember.
Oscar Walczak
Oscar Walczak 2 dagen geleden
Skyward sword Wii ran at 480p 30fps
d m
d m 2 dagen geleden
Sabryna Rodriguez
Sabryna Rodriguez 3 dagen geleden
It’s crazy to think Skyward Sword came out 10 years ago... I feel old
Jewele jones
Jewele jones 21 uur geleden
Ten years!!! My god I was 2!!
Sabryna Rodriguez
Sabryna Rodriguez 2 dagen geleden
@Jeff Davis lol yea that’s going way back. When skyward sword came out I was 9 so for me it’s a little bit of a long time ago
Jeff Davis
Jeff Davis 2 dagen geleden
You feel old?! I remember playing a certain new game in this series in a gold colored cartridge.
ZeldaDude 3 dagen geleden
We need twilight princess HD for switch
d m
d m 2 dagen geleden
Vicente Angel Osa
Vicente Angel Osa 3 dagen geleden
It's disgusting how Nintendo sells this game from the Wii with the price of 60$ and the fandom accepts it without any complain, i hope this situation will change in the future
Vicente Angel Osa
Vicente Angel Osa 3 dagen geleden
Lamentable que vendan un port de hace 10 años a 60 dolares y que los fans lo compren ciegamente sin rechistar, ojala algun dia la cosa cambie
Daniel Brodie
Daniel Brodie 3 dagen geleden
I want the whole Zelda catalog on my switch and I'll be set for life. I am dying to see windwaker on switch.
Tony Bologna
Tony Bologna 3 dagen geleden
HOPEFULLY 🙏 those new joycons don’t have drift issues
Zack Vojack
Zack Vojack 2 dagen geleden
The joy cons are just normal ones with a unique design, they still will drift
Hnd 3 dagen geleden
Ancient cistern in HD. Can't wait (༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ)
Hnd 3 dagen geleden
I really love this game I never understood the hate it's getting :- but honestly, Whoever thinks btow is the best Zelda game has no taste hhhhhhh
Freshy 2 dagen geleden
Whatever you say man, but botw is my favorite 👀👌🏾
Perimeter Snipes
Perimeter Snipes 3 dagen geleden
It looks so good!!!
Cameron Sifferman
Cameron Sifferman 3 dagen geleden
Not it coming out the day after hu Taos birthday
Bryan - espa
Bryan - espa 3 dagen geleden
- Zelda The Wind Waker - Zelda Twilight Princess Nintendo Switch 🙏
OsiriaCH 3 dagen geleden
$60 for a game that was $50 at release AND came with a FREE physical music disc. And $70 for a new set of joy cons(which admittedly look cool) when you could get the game, music disc, and limited edition Wiimote for $70 at launch. I love this game to death, but I am not paying $60. Especially when you can get it on Wii U for $20.
Richard Meek
Richard Meek 3 dagen geleden
Can’t wait for this game to release! Excited to play this as I don’t have a Wii U and even more hopeful that they port Twilight Princess and Wind Waker to the switch as well 🙏🤞
lonesteelwolf jackson lone wolf
Finally a Zelda game where your wepons don't break and a good storyline that's easy to follow
Sashwata Das
Sashwata Das 3 dagen geleden
Everyone: What, buttons-only?!? OMG, I'm so happyyyy!! Reality: let's see how long that lasts once you've realized Nintendo sacrificed your camera control for sword swinging....
Harry Mason
Harry Mason 3 dagen geleden
You need $60 just to play a slight graphical improvement of a game... Nintendo is charging $60 for a small graphical improvement of a game that isn’t even that big, It’s not even as big and as fun as games like GTA V or even Breath of the Wild, and they are charging 60 whole US Dollars for it, I say a cash grab.
A Google Reviewer
A Google Reviewer 3 dagen geleden
Link used to be left handed. Kinda sucks they changed it.
AkameGaKillfan777 Dag geleden
Because this game originally used the Wii Remote which most people hold in their right.
A Google Reviewer
A Google Reviewer 3 dagen geleden
Finally! The wii version was unplayable. I couldn't beat it. The controls were terrible. Now I can beat this game.
aylanotfound 3 dagen geleden
I have only played Breath of the Wild and I'm very excited for this!
Marrow 3 dagen geleden
@FireRush 45 yeah I agree, those are just my personal favorites and ones that I spent so many hours on lmao but yeah all of them are great games
aylanotfound 3 dagen geleden
@Marrow ahh yes, I've heard of those. I wanted to try out other games other than BOTW so thanks!
FireRush 45
FireRush 45 3 dagen geleden
@Marrow I literally don’t care what anyone says all the 3D Zelda games are godly in their own way.
Marrow 3 dagen geleden
If you’re new to the series, here is my list of the best games I recommend! Wind waker Majoras mask Twilight princess (Those are just my top favorite games)
Skyxama 4 dagen geleden
Frontal stab in Handheld?
TarotCard0 4 dagen geleden
Reminder: This game is actually bad, and allowing for analog controls won't fix how terrible the writing is.
TarotCard0 2 dagen geleden
@K A I When.
K A I 2 dagen geleden
@TarotCard0 Bruh what? It has like the best story
TarotCard0 3 dagen geleden
@FireRush 45 No it doesn't. When then? When does it's story get good? Literally every other game in the series has better writing than it. It isn't even comparable - the second worst Zelda game is at least good.
FireRush 45
FireRush 45 3 dagen geleden
This game has the best music and storyline of all Zelda games. Saying that means all Zelda games are bad
Drewtendo 4 dagen geleden
Who's ready to blow a new generation of fans's minds when you play Ballad of the Goddess backwards?
theBbOoSsSs 4 dagen geleden
im longing for wind waker on swith whats the holdup?
Naomi Kemp
Naomi Kemp 4 dagen geleden
I literally replayed skyward sword during the first covid shutdown last march 🤡 I shoulda just waited 🤦‍♀️ tbh I know BOTW2 ain't coming soon, but I heard rumors of a trilogy game with skyward sword, oot, and TP. That there tickled my fancy. I would've paid easily ~$100-$120 for a 3-in-1 game with remasters, even if TP & OOT were just ported remasters.
Sock Clip
Sock Clip 4 dagen geleden
Noooooooo why did they keep link's nasty lips!!!!
Rawesome 1
Rawesome 1 4 dagen geleden
:) I like it
Ohair Flippio
Ohair Flippio 4 dagen geleden
Thank you, Nintendo
Seth Kellar
Seth Kellar 4 dagen geleden
Amy Wardy
Amy Wardy 4 dagen geleden
im tired of pretending tjis game is not good
Эрнест Артемьев
Will there be a left-handed control scheme?
ikanian 4 dagen geleden
0:15 Why do I get emotional with that scene? 😭
Seekerfortruth 5 uur geleden
It’s a good scene
ZeldaDude 4 dagen geleden
You bet I’m gonna buy this
JamIsNotMyName 4 dagen geleden
Anyone who thinks spending $60 on this wet fart of a port is a good idea need to stop
FireRush 45
FireRush 45 3 dagen geleden
Im left handed.......why would you change was left handed WTF BRO
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds 4 dagen geleden
Not in this game
Vicki Wood
Vicki Wood 4 dagen geleden
Are you kidding? Give it a try? I can’t wait! 👏🏼
God king
God king 4 dagen geleden
Amd still no gta games for the garbage Nintendo losers 🤣😂 keep watching ps4 and ps5 owners play these games
AkameGaKillfan777 3 dagen geleden
I'll stick with my non-censored games, thanks
d m
d m 4 dagen geleden
D1Vergil 4 dagen geleden
Only bad thing about this game was fi constantly interrupting the game flow, I hope they fix that
FireRush 45
FireRush 45 3 dagen geleden
Or just make it so u can skip through her text faster.
Selman 4 dagen geleden
I love this comes out like 2 weeks before my birthday
Raider Richard
Raider Richard 4 dagen geleden
It looks like it revolves around the use joy cons. And focuses less on a making a good story.
Tony Nouvxer
Tony Nouvxer 4 dagen geleden
Ok this game been on wii and wiiu the game should cost less
God king
God king 4 dagen geleden
Greed is massively strong
Mario ernesto Padilla ulloa
Haters: I hate this game is so gross Me: do you play the game? Hater: no Me: so why do you hate the game if dont played ? Hater: :| Also hater: >:(
Gnarfledarf 2 dagen geleden
Damn, you really showed that imaginary guy what's what!
KuroMystery 3 dagen geleden
Some of the hate is valid regarding the controls. Not everyone can adapt to the motion controls. But now that they added the swinging to the analog stick, it'll make for a much better experience.
Jose Miranda
Jose Miranda 4 dagen geleden
Nintendo is asking too much money for a Wii port that does not innovate in anything with respect to the original ... honestly Nintendo only seeks how to get money from people for games in which they do not put even the slightest effort! do not buy the game, better play it on a Wii or Dolphin
Yeah_man20 4 dagen geleden
the nintendo switch: the start and the end of the zelda timeline
Glenn Beckett
Glenn Beckett 4 dagen geleden
I remember watching the direct live a week ago. I remember sitting through 42 minutes of third-party anime RPG trash and being let-down by them prioritizing Mario Golf over Mario Kart, just because I thought we'd finally get a trailer for Breath of the Wild 2, and then he came on, just to announce he has no news, and I was incredibly disappointed. But, wait, it's okay, because at least we have Skyward goddamn Sword, the best Zelda game, to look forward to.
Gunner Bradley
Gunner Bradley 4 dagen geleden
Me: I’m a MAN. A manly man I’d dare to say! What could Nintendo throw at..... *Sees Skyward Sword Remastered* Me: *little girl squeal of utter delight*
Mark Smith
Mark Smith 5 dagen geleden
Anybody else notice the better frame rate in the game? Def looks like 60fps
Mark Smith
Mark Smith 5 dagen geleden
Please bring twilight princess to the switch!!🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Marrow 4 dagen geleden
Yes we need it
Orion: Alternate History
Orion: Alternate History 5 dagen geleden
Nintendo needs to give up those stupid motion controls. Those were kind of cute back in 2006, but no more.
Revali 5 dagen geleden
Hey Nintendo, can you please add wind waker to the switch? I understand you are working on BotW 2 so take your time. You dont have to but I think Legend of Zelda fans would enjoy wind waker on switch.
SDA_KK_ACE 5 dagen geleden
*cough* drifting sticks *cough*
Júnior José Carlos Dos Santos
Lana 5 dagen geleden
I never got to play this game so I’m excited
Mozoan Alotibe
Mozoan Alotibe 3 dagen geleden
Same the only zelda game i've ever played was breath of the wild
kh2sora13 5 dagen geleden
25th Zelda anniversary: here's Skyward Sword 35th Zelda anniversary: here's Skyward Sword 🤷‍♂️
Pokémon Presents | #Pokemon25
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