The Game of Life 2 - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch 

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It’s time to live a new LIFE on Nintendo Switch. The official contemporary sequel to one of the world’s most popular board games has arrived on a whole new platform. With more choices and more freedom than ever before, there’s a thousand new ways to live in THE GAME OF LIFE 2!
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29 mrt. 2021




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Eldar Taghiyev
Eldar Taghiyev Dag geleden
This is on IOS, android and computer all free mabye you mabye you need buy the game on computer but just some $.
Househopper 2 dagen geleden
I’d send this to a meme concept subreddit and it would blend in
GoldDropper 8 dagen geleden
Where's monopoly 2?
wisnhu ariestanto
wisnhu ariestanto 10 dagen geleden
nintendo this is diddy kong a diddy kong isn't a diddy it's the diddy kong emblem in the mario kart 8 deluxe as M as a karts standard 8 it's so M that update ii thought its april was a characters and now she's nintendo direct
Mariochu Maker
Mariochu Maker 10 dagen geleden
Game of life 2! Anyone want to explain why there are dinosaurs in my front?
TravisB 11 dagen geleden
I bought this on android with Google Play Credits. I still felt like I got ripped. The amount of "Gameplay" isn't worth any amount of money.
ManBrian Plays
ManBrian Plays 12 dagen geleden
The game is a good game, Only compartment I have is that we should be able to use our Mii Characters instead, Nintendo switch games are so lacking on allowing us to use our Mii characters.
ssestakhch 12 dagen geleden
haha green cat go meow
RebelGoldfish 12 dagen geleden
*suicide rates drop to zero
I Lik Pancak
I Lik Pancak 13 dagen geleden
Everybody gangsta' 'till life makes a sequel
The squid fridge
The squid fridge 13 dagen geleden
What life will feel like after Quarantine
Luigiofthegods 14 dagen geleden
Hasbro Family Game Night 3 gang where you at
matt11708 14 dagen geleden
Anyone remember game of life game for the ps1 it was fun. Board game is fun too.
Conqueror’s House
Conqueror’s House 14 dagen geleden
A Lego Man
A Lego Man 14 dagen geleden
remember when people used to play physical board games, this is not the same
Unstoppable Shark09
Unstoppable Shark09 14 dagen geleden
Is it free or no I doubt it
Best Ofmaker
Best Ofmaker 14 dagen geleden
Huebi has to play it
Chandra Glover
Chandra Glover 14 dagen geleden
Daniel007fs 14 dagen geleden
0:23 Just that Noone Will go back to school
alessio valsecchi
alessio valsecchi 14 dagen geleden
It seems cool
Probably_Aleisha !
Probably_Aleisha ! 14 dagen geleden
If you get the collection for it do I still have to buy the game?
Dreamypanda Jones
Dreamypanda Jones 14 dagen geleden
The seasonal pass and the game are in the collection. Sorry for spamming.
Dreamypanda Jones
Dreamypanda Jones 14 dagen geleden
Do not quote me on this but I dont think you do.
Dreamypanda Jones
Dreamypanda Jones 14 dagen geleden
Me who never understood the game:👁 👁
Rollyegg 14 dagen geleden
Not even leaked I’m happy
jb b
jb b 15 dagen geleden
Horrible pricing on a phone game. 10 is too much but I probably wouldve bought it at that price. Shameless money grabbing on this one, Nintendo. Phone app...5 bucks....steam...7 bucks....nintendo... 4 times more
RW Thunder
RW Thunder 13 dagen geleden
Nintendo isnt the one that set the price for this.
J.T. Milleisen
J.T. Milleisen 15 dagen geleden
They’re making Life 2, but we’re all still waiting on Chess 2.
Kirby -DARIS
Kirby -DARIS 15 dagen geleden
why are there a lot of replies saying ratio this is worse than the self-advertising spammers
Piethrowerkiller 15 dagen geleden
No i wont be rich or be happy
Greenie Gene • 25 years ago
Suicide is also optional
Teab - mc
Teab - mc 15 dagen geleden
Omg yes
Darkboi The other part of the name
Life 2 reborn
Fadholi _28
Fadholi _28 15 dagen geleden
I think sims more better
אלון כהן
אלון כהן 15 dagen geleden
give this comment a like if you want more Kirby games an nintendo switch
flxp 15 dagen geleden
this trailer would have been 20x better if it showed the disasters
MA Siles
MA Siles 15 dagen geleden
bro this takes me backk
Hammie Li
Hammie Li 15 dagen geleden
Checkmate, atheists
Sinn Badd
Sinn Badd 15 dagen geleden
I godda pay for this, don’t I....
R P 15 dagen geleden
Does this have a Covid space? Or is that a tile?
Guy Something
Guy Something 15 dagen geleden
Let’s go
Lucky Ducky
Lucky Ducky 15 dagen geleden
Will this be money?
King Koopa
King Koopa 16 dagen geleden
“Disappointment in the game of life!”
King Koopa
King Koopa 16 dagen geleden
No I’m saying it’s disappointing.
Ayomide Oludipe
Ayomide Oludipe 16 dagen geleden
This looks noice I’m late tho
Strawberrynoodles 16 dagen geleden
Yeet the baby in the air
Zach 16 dagen geleden
The game that Half-Life: Alyx should have been
Emax64 16 dagen geleden
Could have been with Miis ngl
Leo W
Leo W 16 dagen geleden
Lol its $30 on switch at $3 on the Appstore. Over priced on both devices for the content provided
wariolandgoldpiramid 16 dagen geleden
I had fun with the mobile version, but it's true that the game isn't as long and as fun as it could have been.
Tofu King
Tofu King 16 dagen geleden
Pretty poggers if you ask me
yuriiko 16 dagen geleden
okay and ?? where's genshin on the switch .. it's been over a year
Kevin Escobar
Kevin Escobar 16 dagen geleden
What if I don’t want to pay taxes and be rich
ItsToasty 16 dagen geleden
How is the sequel on console but not physical as in the board game
Flyingboy 16 dagen geleden
Shellby 16 dagen geleden
The Game of Life 2? How do you get the first life?
Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo
Very good
François M.
François M. 16 dagen geleden
Oh look! Another game I'll get on sale and play at most twice
ItsKgan 16 dagen geleden
Don't tell me I gotta do this all over again after I die
Unicorn Rainbow
Unicorn Rainbow 16 dagen geleden
UmbreonGirl 16 dagen geleden
Why is this $30? When it's $10 on the PC? Ok Nintendo :/
UmbreonGirl 15 dagen geleden
I literally came here to say that you shouldn’t pay $30 for this. Go buy it on steam or on the phone. It’s not worth the $30.
RW Thunder
RW Thunder 15 dagen geleden
@UmbreonGirl Again, complain at Marmalade Game Studio. They set the price for their games on whatever platform they chose to release it on. Some of these developers/publishers will add a hike in price when releasing on Switch just because the Switch is popular. Physical copies is usually due to the costs in carts, but digital only games... that is on the publishers/developers wanting that extra $. Nintendo doesnt dictate the price of another company's game. If that publisher wants to charge more, they can. If the game doesnt sell well due to the price, it is on the publisher.
UmbreonGirl 15 dagen geleden
@RW Thunder Then why is it cheaper on steam? It’s the same game.
RW Thunder
RW Thunder 15 dagen geleden
Complain at Marmalade Game Studio... they the ones that set that price.
ledger plus
ledger plus 16 dagen geleden
This reminds me of jelly crainer and hosh
Chunky Freddy
Chunky Freddy 16 dagen geleden
Im still waiting for tomadachi life also this game should have an option to play with miis
PotatoMaster_420 16 dagen geleden
The game is free?
Cyberbrickmaster1986 16 dagen geleden
I really hope they don't mess this up! The Switch could do with some good board game adaptations.
Tugs Boldsaikhan
Tugs Boldsaikhan 16 dagen geleden
Pixelchu 16 dagen geleden
Wow I didn’t know Life had a Part 2. I’m probably too poor to afford it though. :(
GetToDaChopa 16 dagen geleden
Life 2 Electric Boogaloo
DXG Fire
DXG Fire 16 dagen geleden
Yo ima spin on the floor if Nintendo puts this on the next direct
Catra 16 dagen geleden
Why buy the physical one when you can buy an online one for the extra 9.99
Legoluigi26 16 dagen geleden
Suicidal people: "Well if life is so great, how come there's no life 2?"
Dreamypanda Jones
Dreamypanda Jones 14 dagen geleden
@Legoluigi26 thank you ♡:)
Legoluigi26 14 dagen geleden
@Dreamypanda Jones Congrats on moving past that!
Dreamypanda Jones
Dreamypanda Jones 14 dagen geleden
As a former suicidal I stand behind this comment.
A Random Camper
A Random Camper 16 dagen geleden
I wonder if Miis will be in this Probably not.
Finn Haverkamp
Finn Haverkamp 16 dagen geleden
Is this where you go when you die?
Eveline Caroline Lienhua MingMei FenFang Huang
Wow so Cute & Adorable Game!!! 😁😄😃
BAALOFFICIAL 16 dagen geleden
For a second, I thought it said Tomodachi Life 2 for a second. Moment of silence for anyone else who did that
Nour Shokr
Nour Shokr 16 dagen geleden
Can My Little Pony come to the Switch?
Melissa Alvarez
Melissa Alvarez 16 dagen geleden
Do we need ppl to play with or can I just join a lobby with random people?
Nintendo Kombat
Nintendo Kombat 16 dagen geleden
Hands down, this game's gotta be entertaining and pretty educational. Some of the stuff it teaches you, is adult stuff, such as taxes and etc.
DrNoob 16 dagen geleden
Can’t believe they didn’t add any of these in the 2022 update, and are now charging for a new game.
cHiN nUgEt
cHiN nUgEt 16 dagen geleden
damn didn't know they added jesus
BlueBomber875 16 dagen geleden
Why though
Antboy 64
Antboy 64 16 dagen geleden
Game of life 2, the afterlife
Mr Zee Gaming
Mr Zee Gaming 16 dagen geleden
Reminds me of the old PC version of Life where it had characters with big heads and animations for everything. That was always fun lol
Flaming Kong
Flaming Kong 16 dagen geleden
Me when I finish my first life
Martín Rodríguez Rubiano 2
This game is a scam, it only has one map!
Remis Chun
Remis Chun 16 dagen geleden
We did it boys, Life 2
Poop Pooper
Poop Pooper 16 dagen geleden
So is this an alternate reality, or...
Lincy 16 dagen geleden
ha ha nice one, happy April fools ~ XD
Baran Orak
Baran Orak 16 dagen geleden
Kelpy G
Kelpy G 16 dagen geleden
Abdussalaam Plays
Abdussalaam Plays 16 dagen geleden
I can't wait to get it
Enclosed Grand Dad
Enclosed Grand Dad 16 dagen geleden
Reincarnation is now confirmed to be real.
Rgt 16 dagen geleden
So is this the best we got till the finally port tomodachi life
Lyrical 16 dagen geleden
This is as close as Tomodachi life I can get
ya heyt
ya heyt 16 dagen geleden
yes my switch colection finally can be complete
Gamer92 16 dagen geleden
Disappointment in the game of life!
Chalice Blade
Chalice Blade 16 dagen geleden
Genshin when?
Skyfox dartner
Skyfox dartner 16 dagen geleden
0:12 You can't prove marriage makes you happy.
Miguel Flores
Miguel Flores 16 dagen geleden
Me acuerdo wue podías tener muchos hijos yo aveces hasta los ponía arriba del carrito xD
baseballguy89 16 dagen geleden
I bought it. It's fun. I like the PC version better though
Mr. Animal
Mr. Animal 16 dagen geleden
Marsh Mellow Artz
Marsh Mellow Artz 16 dagen geleden
Who else thought this was veggie tails?
Snowman 16 dagen geleden
Life is coming back to my soul.
typer meme
typer meme 16 dagen geleden
video 3 of asking Nintendo for F-Zero on switch (sorry I was late)
Chrysanthemum 16 dagen geleden
4 0 0 2 8 9 2 2 !
Jumping from 128,000 Feet!
Jumping from 128,000 Feet!
why you're going to die by living