Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury Blowout! | Nintendo Power Podcast #36 

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This episode, Chris gets his paws on a purr-fect pair of platformers with the Super Mario™ 3D World + Bowser’s Fury game! Together with Owen from Nintendo Treehouse and Camille from the Strategic Communications team at Nintendo of America, Chris covers all the cool new additions to Super Mario 3D World and examines the brand-new Bowser’s Fury mode. The panel also pounces on the recent retro-inspired ninja-platformer Cyber Shadow in Nintendo Power Game Club, takes the Warp Zone Quiz, reveals the results of Mario fan polls, picks their most anticipated upcoming Nintendo Switch™ games and more!
00:00 - Welcome to the Nintendo Power Podcast
00:52 - Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury
28:33 - Player’s Pulse
33:29 - Nintendo Power Game Club: Cyber Shadow
43:45 - Warp Zone Quiz
48:07 - Game Forecast
Learn more about Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury:
Ending music is from Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury.
Games discussed have been rated EVERYONE to MATURE by the ESRB.
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19 feb. 2021




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Robbie Walsh
Robbie Walsh 3 dagen geleden
I'm so glad they made a switch port of this wonderful game.
Jayden Morning-Bell
Jayden Morning-Bell 8 dagen geleden
Kirdex 9 dagen geleden
Atleast it’s not the cat Mario show
John Arvanitis
John Arvanitis 9 dagen geleden
I wish wii music comes out for the Nintendo switch
PHANTOM IAN 10 dagen geleden
Yo tengo la solución para qué Nintendo España tenga comentarios lo primero es que tienes que Descargar NLblock estudios después vas a este vídeo o a todos tus vídeos después apretás en un lápiz después seleccionas no es contenido para niños sino para mayores después apretás en la otra esquina En dónde estaba el otro y después activas el modo comentario
Alex Smith
Alex Smith 10 dagen geleden
Can we get a Super Mario Manga Mania (Super Mario-kun) adaptation of Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury at Nintendo NY? I'm sure it would be enjoyable to read with an English localization, with a Japanese, Spanish, and French-language version included, featuring all the characters who have access to the Super Saiyan 🐈 power-up (Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toadette, Rosalina, Bowser, and Bowser Jr.), co-starring Daisy and Yoshi, who can also have their Super Saiyan 🐈 transformations too.
Jesús Cerén
Jesús Cerén 10 dagen geleden
Game is great, now, how about some Mario Kart 8 DLC?
Tiger T
Tiger T 11 dagen geleden
103rd video of 2021
Bobbi-Jac Hewings
Bobbi-Jac Hewings 11 dagen geleden
Nintendo people are saying there are so many references to old Mario games
Jane Demayo
Jane Demayo 11 dagen geleden
Alexander Redhorse
Alexander Redhorse 11 dagen geleden
reporting switch user Rouge-pp for blatant cheating, network manipulation, and unsportsmanlike conduct.
Oumyounes Younes
Oumyounes Younes 11 dagen geleden
Oumyounes Younes
Oumyounes Younes 11 dagen geleden
•Adois• 12 dagen geleden
elite harry
elite harry 12 dagen geleden
save sml
Balboa Baggins
Balboa Baggins 12 dagen geleden
Balboa Baggins
Balboa Baggins 12 dagen geleden
Reuben Rainey
Reuben Rainey 12 dagen geleden
why do nintendo not do updates anymore on switch games like super mario maker 2 like the ice flower, nintendo just forgets like even mario kart 9 with pauline just read the comments, Nintendo, people are trying to make you better again
Turp Yeter
Turp Yeter 12 dagen geleden
What this still here
HKgaming 12 dagen geleden
As an honest Nintendo Fan, I am jealous of Playstation, I wish my console had Last of Us, Knack, Killzone, Sackboy and God of War Yamauchi should never have sold Rare and Silicon Knights to Microsoft
Vaporwave 12 dagen geleden
Super cat 3 Son Mario
Veteran bunger x #sobblesquad 2021
All of them are just the same picture boring
VGMStudios33 14 dagen geleden
I can't believe I get to play this on my pc. It's so much fun!
Marcus Cheng
Marcus Cheng 14 dagen geleden
Amazing video!!!
Luther DePapier
Luther DePapier 14 dagen geleden
Wait, Square Enix made Mario Sports Mix???
Hidden 3lite
Hidden 3lite 14 dagen geleden
Same recycled games we've already played re-released at a higher cost...
Edit girl Studios
Edit girl Studios 14 dagen geleden
Why am I watching this if I am getting the game o.o
Kyle Archung
Kyle Archung 14 dagen geleden
Hot take: Cyber shadow wasn't very good.
Cococrash11 14 dagen geleden
Awesome Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury Blowout! Video.
JaboThunder 14 dagen geleden
Here's a Player's Pulse topic; Why isn't their achievements on the Switch? At the very least put a % indicator on your Switch Online profile that shows your completion of each game along with the play time. If that was the case, I'm okay with there just being in-game achievements like in Pikmin 3 Deluxe and Luigi's Mansion 3. Come on Nintendo!
Chris Reyes
Chris Reyes 14 dagen geleden
I knew it was the Hookshot sound effect :D Though I couldn't quite place if it was the OoT version or maybe one of its future incarnations (like the Twilight Princess clawshots)
brain dots
brain dots 14 dagen geleden
35 years anniversary Super Mario Brothers.
brain dots
brain dots 14 dagen geleden
00:52 28:33 33:29 43:45 48:07
Ines Eyre Arkania
Ines Eyre Arkania 15 dagen geleden
Why did you remove luigi from mario 64 not allowed to leave in the game could not remove singlepler mode and lave multiplayer and whover has nintendo 64 and bought the come witg more control so can correct this error by making the ultra 64 mario brothers to the nintendo swith
cjm4001 15 dagen geleden
Bowsers furry blowout?
not really Justin Y
not really Justin Y 15 dagen geleden
I wish there was a new wario ware game on the switch
Griffin 15 dagen geleden
Hey Nintendo, when are you going to release a GOOD Kirby game for the Switch?
Nathan 15 dagen geleden
47:06 I know a hookshot when I hear one!
Kidlord Mar Player
Kidlord Mar Player 15 dagen geleden
Please Nintendo auf switch Call of Duty Worzone
Grant Erickson
Grant Erickson 15 dagen geleden
xilluaLSD 15 dagen geleden
Dog water
YGOrica 15 dagen geleden
Call it „Old Game + Bowsers Fury“
BrokenSocialScene23 15 dagen geleden
I have to say: thank you for putting the time stamps in the thumbnail of the video and the topics. It's the first time I've seen a podcast do that, and it's so useful and very informative for me. I'm glad you have taken the "NPR" route of podcasting because it really sets you apart from the noisy hype machines of other podcasts on NLblock. I mean I can't say if that helps your views or not, but your effort has not gone unnoticed by me at least.
Jayden Kasozi
Jayden Kasozi 15 dagen geleden
Can you show us more gameplay of splatoon 3?
Jayden Kasozi
Jayden Kasozi 15 dagen geleden
iSomeDood 15 dagen geleden
Iraj Rashid
Iraj Rashid 15 dagen geleden
Giving windows 11 from Microsoft
Sonic mario Gaming reacting
Give us crash bandicoot for smash plz
Angel Lugojr
Angel Lugojr 15 dagen geleden
It’s been along time since the last Punch-Out game was released on the Wii back in 2009 so Nintendo pretty please make a new Punch-Out game for the switch I’m begging you
Elle Baston
Elle Baston 15 dagen geleden
I knew right away that sound effect was from Ocarina of Time, but I thought for sure it was the sound of the drawbridge going up and down
Angel Lugojr
Angel Lugojr 15 dagen geleden
Dear Nintendo please make a brand new Punch-Out game for the switch
Luigi is a furry confirmed
I got a suggestion for the animal crossing update after February 25th. Make it where you can change your island name whatever you want, whenever you want.
DJ shark Jayden
DJ shark Jayden 15 dagen geleden
Nintendo if you are seeing this answer this question Question: Will Friday night funkin come to the Nintendo switch? Please answer this if you have time.
Seany fun videos Cant Upload
Just add madden dang just Add it has a game u had 4 years to add it
freddy fazbear
freddy fazbear 15 dagen geleden
Wow nintendo is so cool
amory8 y
amory8 y 15 dagen geleden
Junah L
Junah L 15 dagen geleden
Taiku Xie
Taiku Xie 15 dagen geleden
that episode is pretty great wow bowser's fury blowout so amazing.
Unremarkable 15 dagen geleden
to celebrate pvz bfn coming to swith i say... SNAPDRAGON FOR SMASH
BOWSER FURY 15 dagen geleden
I agree Mario games are the best
Jake 15 dagen geleden
Nintendo stop charging us $60 for ports. I will not buy skyward sword hd
Benjamin Gomez
Benjamin Gomez 15 dagen geleden
Imma highlight this for you.
The Report Future
The Report Future 15 dagen geleden
i want donkey kong 3D island
a.theboy333 15 dagen geleden
Nintendo power was the Nintendo direct back then
Fuffelnuff The sir
Fuffelnuff The sir 15 dagen geleden
Could you add some reward that influences the main game when you 100% bowsers fury?
Alexander Rudolph
Alexander Rudolph 15 dagen geleden
Today is my birthday
Benjamin Gomez
Benjamin Gomez 15 dagen geleden
Happy Birthday, It's my gf's b-day too!
Maher & Ibrahim's Avengers
I keep forgetting that Nintendo Power was reincarnated into a Podcast
Pokeydjgamer2 15 dagen geleden
Feed me Nintendo!
Atkin345 15 dagen geleden
just bought it today, it's actually really good so far
Alexander King
Alexander King 15 dagen geleden
When I saw the title the out on blowout was missing and I was like wait what
Merlijn Nelis
Merlijn Nelis 15 dagen geleden
I already have bowser's fury, it's amazing!
SMY4 15 dagen geleden
Is there gonna be some little gameplay of splatoon 3 in the future?
stiven moronta
stiven moronta 15 dagen geleden
Can I have a Nintendo switch please😭
stiven moronta
stiven moronta 15 dagen geleden
Do you know what I'm going through you guys come commenting and not knowing what the person is going through for you to be hating on the person if you come to hate just stay quiet your hurting the person with the comments ya say
Chin Ee Koh
Chin Ee Koh 15 dagen geleden
@SuperMarioPro speaking of which, I had one of those Nintendo Eshop cards, and it was a $50.00, the game costed $59.99, I put in the eshop card code, and didn't realise it costed $59.99, it was already to late... I got the game $9.99 less, it's very interesting and a dumb mistake from Nintendo, and I don't use credit cards either or anything
SuperMarioPro 15 dagen geleden
@Chin Ee Koh tbh it feels like a $1
Chin Ee Koh
Chin Ee Koh 15 dagen geleden
@SuperMarioPro Excuse me that's expensive
SuperMarioPro 15 dagen geleden
Its $300 not expensive
Hilos en frefire
Hilos en frefire 15 dagen geleden
Que onda quieren tacos a chin este no es el club de tacos
MEDUSAvsSHOE 15 dagen geleden
Every piece of hardware mentioned in the Direct has been bought by scalpers. Nintendo products are now only for rich people. Continuing to spend money on pointless marketing, like these podcasts, just cuts into those profits.
Stephanie Lane
Stephanie Lane 15 dagen geleden
the cats pajamas.... wow what a pun lol
Shy _guy03
Shy _guy03 15 dagen geleden
Pls make a new punch out
Yasmin Kamel. 0
Yasmin Kamel. 0 15 dagen geleden
Cool l ilke nintendo
Queer & Geeky
Queer & Geeky 15 dagen geleden
'toughies' lol so cute..
Руслан Ищук
Руслан Ищук 15 dagen geleden
New Nintendo Portable DS 2022
Tarik Abechri
Tarik Abechri 15 dagen geleden
00:52 28:33 33:29 43:45 48:07
Universal035 15 dagen geleden
No talk about Mario Golf Super Rush?
Randy Le
Randy Le 15 dagen geleden
Wheres the game play ??
Benjamin Gomez
Benjamin Gomez 15 dagen geleden
It's called a podcast.
Queer & Geeky
Queer & Geeky 15 dagen geleden
Podcasts always remind me of fm am radio lol, obviously its just radio on the interent. Anyways man, i guess people dont even listen to the radio much anymore lol, time has changed eh. Listening to podcasts always take me back to this time ..either we had to get entertainmant\ news thru radio or tv. The internet was not maintream untill the 2000 really ( atleast in my house). I hope these never go away..
Cody Greene
Cody Greene 15 dagen geleden
Video is 52 minutes... closer than Nintendo was on their roughly 52 minutes.
Queer & Geeky
Queer & Geeky 15 dagen geleden
Now youre playing with power!
NesProductions 6
NesProductions 6 15 dagen geleden
The biggest reason I watched this is because the bowsers fury and more games that were so hype
SHOARMA SCHAAP 15 dagen geleden
Nice title
george mekhail
george mekhail 15 dagen geleden
Uhhhhh hi
Aaron Garcia
Aaron Garcia 15 dagen geleden
i like Nintendo / \/
Daniel Higgins
Daniel Higgins 15 dagen geleden
CherryTomatoVEVO 15 dagen geleden
Does anyone unironically listen to these in their spare time?
Aaron Garcia
Aaron Garcia 15 dagen geleden
Nintendo: uploads a video 1minute later TJAT VIDEO HAVE 10000000000 OF VIEWS AND A HUNDRED MILLON OF COMMENTS
Aaron Garcia
Aaron Garcia 15 dagen geleden
Bing Bing Wahoo
Bing Bing Wahoo 15 dagen geleden
Nintendo has a podcast? Neat
Trami Nguyen
Trami Nguyen 15 dagen geleden
I love these Nintendo Switch games!
yodaknight11 15 dagen geleden
sakibur fahim
sakibur fahim 15 dagen geleden
Dear nintendo, please make sm64 deluxe after 1's better graphics like super mario odyssey....and many characters playing this game...for example mario, luigi,wario,toad, toadette etc...same to same like sm64...don't forget snes on super mario all stars...but just add 4 games...such as yoshi's island (1995),wario and mario(1993), super mario world (1990),dr.mario(1992)....plz make this game.... platform on nintendo switch and microsoft windows This game is super mario 64 deluxe+super mario all stars Sorry my english so bad....shinya takahashi,このゲームをサーにしてください。
HoennMaster 15 dagen geleden
I really enjoyed Bowsers Fury, other than Bowser spawning way too often. I feel like this is Odyssey should have been. Odyssey is a fantastic game, but it has way too many moons that it doesn’t make me want to collect them all.
Benjamin Gomez
Benjamin Gomez 15 dagen geleden
@The Reacting Dog There is...THE BOWSER AMIIBO!!!
The Reacting Dog
The Reacting Dog 15 dagen geleden
I guess. This is still a great game tho. I played this game 100% on Wii U, so when I got it again on Switch, it was mostly just for Bowser's Fury, and I just recently finished playing it also to the max with every single Cat Shine, and I agree. Bowser comes WAY too much, in my opinion. Also, I wish there was a way to get him to spawn WHENEVER you want, not just randomly, at horrible times.
Micah 15 dagen geleden
I'm getting my copy, soon, should be arriving in an hour!
Micah 15 dagen geleden
@DishnLaughs why?
DishnLaughs 15 dagen geleden
What’s your friend code??? I will add yu
Warm Ice
Warm Ice 15 dagen geleden
the arrows don't line up and that has to be the most mildly infuriating thing
Wooper 15 dagen geleden
they keep on remaking games I thought they remade mariokart 8 cause it was good but it's because they ran out of ideas
LooNey2357 15 dagen geleden
It's more like buying Bowser's Fury with 3d world as an extra (since 3d world got ported) (i don't have something against the port)
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