Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch 

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Did someone say BRAIIIIIINS?!
Build your zombie horde and take revenge on the city when Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse eats its way onto Nintendo Switch on March 16. Pre-order now:
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18 feb. 2021




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Zenpai 6 dagen geleden
Thank you for bringing back the man himself
Gamer Bamban
Gamer Bamban Dag geleden
You should be thanking Aspyr seeing as they are the ones that bought the IP & revived it
Native xOutcast
Native xOutcast 6 dagen geleden
I have likely put more than 1000 hours into this game as a kid and will do so again. So many memories from fighting police, to hillbillies, to scientists and the military. I LOVED this game.
Ay der la
Ay der la 8 dagen geleden
i cried when this game was announced.........cried because it wasn't dead rising!!!!!!!!
Richard Gordon
Richard Gordon 8 dagen geleden
This game is probably older that most of the people complaining about the graphics here.
Psicópata Maniático
Psicópata Maniático 8 dagen geleden
A lot of kids in the comment section crying about the graphics... go back to play Fortnite and leave this classic to the gamers.
alento3 8 dagen geleden
One of my favourite games from the sixth generation, glad it's coming back.
Thanos 9 dagen geleden
Finally I can buy a copy of this game without having to spend $160 for a physical copy on eBay.
Poly XY
Poly XY 9 dagen geleden
I thought this game was never coming back. Loved this game as a kid and I'm glad it's coming to the switch
Kepala Kardus
Kepala Kardus 9 dagen geleden
Playing this with my brother on original xbox, this game is awesome guys! you can splitscreen!!
Sumik 9 dagen geleden
this looks absolutly disgusting, like a mobile game even
Рут Ганней
Рут Ганней 10 dagen geleden
LogicalMan6 11 dagen geleden
Duuuuude, rented this thing so many times back in the day
Robo Robinson
Robo Robinson 11 dagen geleden
YES, STUBBS IS BACK.... well I mean I hope he is
fogels vidscreen of great insight
A much neglected and underrated game. I was the only person at the GameStop where I worked who pre-ordered it. In fact, I caught a bunch of ridicule from the trash who worked at that store for buying this game, but I ended up having a great time and they probably still think that Kameo was a brilliant game. I loved this weird nod to retro future B-movie cliches. It’s a heck of an experience, and I’m looking forward to playing it again.
Alexander Redhorse
Alexander Redhorse 11 dagen geleden
reporting switch user Rouge-pp for blatant cheating, network manipulation, and unsportsmanlike conduct.
sgress 11 dagen geleden
Natø 11 dagen geleden
Fun fact: This game runs on the original Halo Combat Evolved engine. The soundtrack to this game is great!
ThePunisher2346 11 dagen geleden
I love that this is coming back to life one of my favorite childhood games
Nick 12 dagen geleden
I was not expecting this
Alan Cyprysiak
Alan Cyprysiak 12 dagen geleden
I was dreaming about it since months! 🔥 Thank You ❤
Moisés 12 dagen geleden
Ojalá esto abra paso a mas ports necesito lolipop chinzaw para switch que se quedaron en ps3 y 360
TacoForce5 12 dagen geleden
imagine disliking the best announcement
Mr Scribbler
Mr Scribbler 12 dagen geleden
Jade 13 dagen geleden
I have the original Xbox version (when first sold, not pre-owned so it works perfectly) so I’m not sure it’s worth me rebuying the game since it appears to be a straight port with no updated graphics....but this is cool for first timers. I would advise playing the game if you’ve never had the chance because it’s extremely fun.
Mr. Incredible
Mr. Incredible 13 dagen geleden
The king is back of rare Xbox games is back!
Doom Slayer
Doom Slayer 13 dagen geleden
Nicholas King
Nicholas King 13 dagen geleden
I have long awaited a sequel for this, but I'd settle for a port.
The Jason
The Jason 13 dagen geleden
LOL nice
12D3 14 dagen geleden
It's too bad that it's a port and not a remaster, but to be honest I'm just happy that it's back.
Super Jack_Gaming
Super Jack_Gaming 14 dagen geleden
That some PS2 Lookin graphics
Shoobie Shake
Shoobie Shake 13 dagen geleden
The og Xbox is more powerful then the ps2
Jason M
Jason M 14 dagen geleden
I loved this game so much back in the day and would always mention it to friends but no one had ever heard of it im so glad people are going to get to experience it this game is really one of a kind for zombie fans
Shadow 007
Shadow 007 14 dagen geleden
Please more old games port on Nintendo Switch! Stubbs The Zombie is great game.
andy davis
andy davis 14 dagen geleden
weird i was thinking of playing this again other day but the hhd in my xbox is dead super glad there bringing it back
Otto_ _fucc
Otto_ _fucc 14 dagen geleden
Sonikku Blur
Sonikku Blur 14 dagen geleden
Kevin Snarfcakes
Kevin Snarfcakes 14 dagen geleden
Amigo Morton
Amigo Morton 14 dagen geleden
I remember this thanks to Green Scorpion. Maybe i go get this game.🤔
GameyGames 14 dagen geleden
I think we both have a different definition of "nsfw"
DrNanard 10 dagen geleden
What's your definition of Not Safe For Work then?? Safe For Work???
Kelsey Daum
Kelsey Daum 14 dagen geleden
This is the Most Professional Unprofessional trailer I have EVER seen on the Nintendo YT account ... I Love it. 15/10
Maddy Lou
Maddy Lou 14 dagen geleden
I work at a retro game store this game goes for a little over 100 in almost perfect condition with case and manual! I was surprised to see it on the switch!
Hgg Fhh
Hgg Fhh 14 dagen geleden
Saw this game on gamesack when they reviewed the original Xbox said the game was pretty good I might get it.
KX El Modisto De Consolas Retro
The closest thing to having a HALO CE on Switch. Lo voy a gozar como no tienen una idea.
MiguelMem 15 dagen geleden
Tope Chulo
Tope Chulo 15 dagen geleden
This is legit the only thing that interested me in the direct.
Citrine 15 dagen geleden
Gamechamp3000 is popping off right now.
Tha chocolate god
Tha chocolate god 15 dagen geleden
Never played this game because when it came out originally I was too obsessed with Destroy All Humans. Now I'm definitely going to take the time out to play it. Thanks Nintendo!
Gamer Bamban
Gamer Bamban Dag geleden
Thank Aspyr nintedo has nothing to do with it
WillieManga 15 dagen geleden
WHAT??! I had to double-take when I heard THIS of all things was gonna be on the Switch. Did... Did Nintendo buy out Microsoft or something? Like, wow! This is getting crazy.
Gamer Bamban
Gamer Bamban Dag geleden
Nintendo cannot buy a company that is worth over a trillion while their worth is just in the billions, also Disney bought the studio & IP back in the day which now they sold or shut down almost everything once they got out of the gaming industry with Stubbs acquired by Aspyr so you should be thanking them not some company that did nothing for it
clockwork orange
clockwork orange 15 dagen geleden
I hated the direct mostly but was soooooo happy this is coming to switch!!!!!
h 15 dagen geleden
The disclaimer though 😭
Brewhaha 15 dagen geleden
Stubbs is BACK!
sakibur fahim
sakibur fahim 15 dagen geleden
Dear nintendo, please make sm64 deluxe after 1's better graphics like super mario odyssey....and many characters playing this game...for example mario, luigi,wario,toad, toadette etc...same to same like sm64...don't forget snes on super mario all stars...but just add 4 games...such as yoshi's island (1995),wario and mario(1993), super mario world (1990),dr.mario(1992)....plz make this game.... platform on nintendo switch and microsoft windows This game is super mario 64 deluxe+super mario all stars Sorry my english so bad....shinya takahashi,このゲームをサーにしてください。
Lumender 15 dagen geleden
Bro u r sus
Noah T.B.
Noah T.B. 15 dagen geleden
Lumender 15 dagen geleden
bizotically_yours83 15 dagen geleden
This game looks kinda funny. And it's not often we get to play the bad guy.
Obama don’t care
Obama don’t care 15 dagen geleden
Can this be new smash character
DARKdrake0 15 dagen geleden
I saw an ad for this game years ago and I’ve been looking for what it was called for forever. I never expected it to find me instead
Koro Koro Void
Koro Koro Void 15 dagen geleden
Good for stubbs.
all games dead
all games dead 15 dagen geleden
OMG OMG OMG this is a game i thought was completly forgotten but nope and here is my ol pal stubbs coming back out of nowhere
renofheavens2 15 dagen geleden
This game any good? I've never played it before but I'm curious and this time period its from is nostalgic to me
coolbeans8008 15 dagen geleden
Classic game. Happy this is happening so I don't have to hunt down a rare OG xbox copy or figure out how to run the godawful PC port
Baxter bunny
Baxter bunny 15 dagen geleden
this game is fun
UndeadCollector 15 dagen geleden
This Game didn't aged well. If you never played the original, this port looks like a super low effort. (compare to many other remasters)
DrRESHES 15 dagen geleden
biggest surprise of the Direct and the year.
Brain Siccness
Brain Siccness 15 dagen geleden
This game really did suck
TBK's channel
TBK's channel 15 dagen geleden
Gamecube called. They want their graphics back.
Graystorm198 15 dagen geleden
@TBK's channel If you don’t have a feasible way to buy the original version of the game, then yes. Especially if it’s cheaper than a copy of the original game.
ACE SAMM 15 dagen geleden
@TBK's channel well it was VERY expensive for the OG Xbox version, like 100$ and this game is a cult classic. So...
TBK's channel
TBK's channel 15 dagen geleden
@C 123 So we're just ok with buying the same games for 20 years with barely any upgrades? I find it sad.
C 123
C 123 15 dagen geleden
Its a port of a game from the early 2000s for the original Xbox. Of course it looks like its from that era.
SuperCJK333 15 dagen geleden
I remember seeing this on the xbox 360 as a downloadable backwards compatibility classic xbox game. Did not expected it to come back on anything.
IndiePico 15 dagen geleden
I can't believe they actually made a NSFW joke
Jean Rodríguez
Jean Rodríguez 15 dagen geleden
Kids will search for that and get pretty bad content...
Demonics Inc
Demonics Inc 15 dagen geleden
Damn you Nintendo i can't afford all these games
Toongamer 15 dagen geleden
Why does the among us video have no comments allowed lmao
Useless persona Fan
Useless persona Fan 15 dagen geleden
I was just planing on pirating this game guess I don't need to now
Sniper Fox
Sniper Fox 15 dagen geleden
I recognized that same kitty0706 woosh sound is it really this game?!
Rafael E
Rafael E 15 dagen geleden
I would not be surprised if this is 60 dollars
Gamer Bamban
Gamer Bamban Dag geleden
Its $20 usd digital though if you want a physical copy that will cost you $150
ezyglide0909 15 dagen geleden
Never ever thought I’d see Stubbs rereleased today, especially on the switch, yet here we are😁
Shinesparker11 15 dagen geleden
What's with people spending a lot of money to get this for xbox when it came out on pc too?
Blade Brown
Blade Brown 15 dagen geleden
I hope this gets physical..physical. I will be buying this game for ps4 and switch if it does.
Gamer Bamban
Gamer Bamban Dag geleden
So you are gonna waste $300 for both overpriced garbage editions just for a physical copy?
Mad Society20294
Mad Society20294 15 dagen geleden
Please don't forget about Metroid's 35th anniversary please I wouldn't be upset we've gotten F-zero GX port for switch along with this really obscure game.
Mad Society20294
Mad Society20294 14 dagen geleden
@Hunter Howell that's bull I barely notice anything different in windwaker hd and even Twilight princess HD but no one complained about those games no remake of Zelda games ever added anything new and hero mode doesn't count. Skyward Sword is already challenging so doesn't need hero mode
Mad Society20294
Mad Society20294 14 dagen geleden
@Hunter Howell I do see both sides but just like when people complained about Super Mario 3D All Stars it still sold millions so this game will sell amazingly well. This is 10 old game that's remade that's 60 dollars but it worth it more than crash n sane trilogy 3D Zelda games and 3D Mario games have take longer to 100% and just to complete than any crash bandicoot well before crash bandicoot 4 so the games are worth 60 dollars plus it took a lot of work to get Skyward Sword to work for switch.
Hunter Howell
Hunter Howell 14 dagen geleden
@Mad Society20294 I will agree that tropical freeze and nsmbud are bad ports BUT at least they have a new playable character. The skyward sword port have NOTHING NEW. btw that whole "upscale" thing, I barley notice a difference.
Mad Society20294
Mad Society20294 14 dagen geleden
@Hunter Howell I love twilight princess to death I'm sure windwaker twilight princess and maybe ocarina of Time Will still be coming to the Nintendo switch.
Mad Society20294
Mad Society20294 14 dagen geleden
@Hunter Howell really a bad port is DK tropical freeze for switch and new Super Mario U Deluxe and Mario kart 8 deluxe with only one new dumb character added and zero reason to play the Grand Prix mode so no reason to play single player in that game.
Acidic Rain
Acidic Rain 15 dagen geleden
Never thought I’d see this game again!
Soy Felo
Soy Felo 15 dagen geleden
next gen game
Viewtiful1DoubleOkamiHand 15 dagen geleden
Making an army of living corpses has never been more stupidly fun then this :)
DigitalDaftPunk 15 dagen geleden
Epoch Divergence
Epoch Divergence 15 dagen geleden
Look at all those absolute babby children downvoting this masterpiece
Mr. Cujo
Mr. Cujo 15 dagen geleden
Lumender 15 dagen geleden
Hyrulius 15 dagen geleden
This was great fun for co-op play on PC many, many years ago. I hope this turns out well. Deserves a proper squeal.
HairyBottom 15 dagen geleden
I absolutely love the old school graphics.
RougeGamer12 15 dagen geleden
No its just lazy the graphics are so terrible how can u like this garbage
RGT 85
RGT 85 15 dagen geleden
Attention: this an original Xbox exclusive that is very expensive to buy. So yes it looks like an old game because it is. I never got to play it so I'm hyped.
HKgaming 12 dagen geleden
As an honest Nintendo Fan, I am jealous of Playstation, I wish my console had Last of Us, Knack, Killzone, Sackboy and God of War Yamauchi should never have sold Rare and Silicon Knights to Microsoft
Slenderfoxx37 14 dagen geleden
As long as this thing isn't priced like a new game...eith virtual console gone so many games that would have been on it are just on the eshop but more expensive now lol.
Blastoise Buddy
Blastoise Buddy 15 dagen geleden
@Diamond Dino they probably mean in general.
Diamond Dino
Diamond Dino 15 dagen geleden
You are right it was ONLY on the X-Box. So what I want to know is WHY they are saying that he is "back" He was never on any Nintendo system ever. LMAO!
Johnny Milton
Johnny Milton 15 dagen geleden
Spellbinder 15 dagen geleden
This game should have been on all the consoles back in the day, it would have killed it on PS2
MJ306 15 dagen geleden
Its cool that it's coming back but honestly, it's one of the shortest games I've ever played. Hopefully it leads to a sequal.
Jesus Freitez
Jesus Freitez 15 dagen geleden
Que onda con los dislikes??? Este juego es la gloria!!!
Hubbard 15 dagen geleden
This was not a game I expected to see revived. I still remember the X-Play review.
Superoman Glichy4
Superoman Glichy4 15 dagen geleden
People saying this is a bad game, oh man how wrong they are
T B 15 dagen geleden
Nintendo fans: "What is an Xbox port?"
0valeyes 15 dagen geleden
This try to Rivals destroy all humans.
FiveofHearts1 15 dagen geleden
I was thrilled to hear about this. Looks like the fixed the older models too.
T-Spin Triple!
T-Spin Triple! 16 dagen geleden
The most exciting announcement of the Nintendo Direct. Literally.
Sebastián Mantequilla
Sebastián Mantequilla 16 dagen geleden
Gamer Bamban
Gamer Bamban Dag geleden
Aspyr did nintendo had literally nothing to do with it
Landfantasia 16 dagen geleden
Classic 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
Horizon 16 dagen geleden
Lumender 15 dagen geleden
Tyler Thibodeaux
Tyler Thibodeaux 16 dagen geleden
comment section: omg! so glad this game is back! me: what is this and why have i not heard of it before?
Tyler Thibodeaux
Tyler Thibodeaux 15 dagen geleden
@Tafp neat.
Tafp 15 dagen geleden
It's a game where you are a zombie and he does goofy stuff like throws his hand to take control of people. It's so stupid its great
Angel Emilio Villegas Sanchez
Omg I always wanted to play this game!!!
Dr Frankenthot
Dr Frankenthot 16 dagen geleden
FINALLY! I love this game!
Roberto G.
Roberto G. 16 dagen geleden
“DISCLAIMER Legally, I’m not allowed to indicate in any way that I, Stubbs the Zombie, will actually eat your brains if you don’t buy this game. I’m told that in no way will Aspyr or any of its affiliates consume the brains of individuals who not buy this game. That being said, if you claim to have brains of any kind in your thick not undead skull you WILL buy Stubbs the Zombie because it’s, like, really good. Gut grenades. Lethal farts. What not to like? I mean, what else are you going to do with your money? Open a saving account? Get an overpriced iced coffee from a corporate overlord? Buy tacos? Okay, okay. Tacos are a solid option. Point taken. Anyway, bottom line. If you have brains, you’ll pre-order Stubbs the Zombie on March 14th. Or else. What’s that? I can’t say “or else”. Really? Geez. Legal is so sensitive. 👄🧟‍♂️🧠 Stubbs.” Thank you for this BEAUTIFUL GAME... I will be a child again 🥲
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