Star Wars: Hunters - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch 

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Calling All Hunters!
Get ready for an all-new squad-based, free-to-play arena combat game when Star Wars: Hunters comes to Nintendo Switch in 2021.
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17 feb. 2021




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Peter Gallagher
Peter Gallagher Dag geleden
is this made by ea?
That Dude•564
That Dude•564 2 dagen geleden
new Star Wars battle royale
Bangcat 2 dagen geleden
Tells me absolutely nothing and would help if I didn't have to come to NLblock to see this trash trailer because the e shop didn't want to play the full video properly. If you can't make your own damn videos work on the E shop, just make your market place source it's self to NLblock then. FFS!
Fredbearstar 3000
Fredbearstar 3000 2 dagen geleden
oh! a new star wars game! this could be interesti-*sees that its's zynga* aaaand i'm out..
Frigger X
Frigger X 3 dagen geleden
Umm what is this.
Mittens FastPaw
Mittens FastPaw 3 dagen geleden
Tells you nothing and the company behind it makes mobile titles. The eshop is just a dump now for awful mobile titles.
『Mango Tango』
『Mango Tango』 3 dagen geleden
Wow, they really _did_ put Mando in Fortnite!
TheCynx 3 dagen geleden
if this is a card game im going to loose it.
Coleman! 4 dagen geleden
I thought we were getting an open world Star Wars game...
Yoinx シ
Yoinx シ 4 dagen geleden
Is this the open world one?
madmatty 007
madmatty 007 5 dagen geleden
Is there a mandalorian
ItsTango 5 dagen geleden
Horrible fact: Dom mattrick (Ex-chief of Xbox) is on zynga....oh no....
sunnymadethat ,
sunnymadethat , 5 dagen geleden
being a star wars fan has been a let down recently tbh
Geo The Leo
Geo The Leo 6 dagen geleden
Nintendo: STAR WARS HUNTERS... Me: Battlefront?
Edi E
Edi E 7 dagen geleden
Nintendo are you ever gonna put star wars battlefront 2 on the switch
WinterAlf 7 dagen geleden
Is this meant to be like galaxy of heroes, the pay to win mobile game?
Seth .L
Seth .L 8 dagen geleden
I hope this ain't like star wars heros
Noah Katz
Noah Katz 8 dagen geleden
Force arena remake?
Hammouda Chrif
Hammouda Chrif 8 dagen geleden
i'm surprised Disney allowed nintendo to have its own exclusive Star Wars game
Digital Unity
Digital Unity 8 dagen geleden
At long last we can say "Well at least EA didn't make it" about star wars games again. I think I'm gonna like this decade after all EDIT: Well... It was fun while it lasted. In as little as 5 minutes I've learned a horrible truth... A truth called Zynga
Sushi Time
Sushi Time 9 dagen geleden
...wheres the gameplay?
bill lee
bill lee 10 dagen geleden
I watched it but I could have gotten the same experience by not watching it. 👎
3Deee’s 10 dagen geleden
Don’t worry guys, atleast they ended EAs tyranny.
TakenOsprey2158 10 dagen geleden
This is the way
Tyrannosaurus Gaming
Tyrannosaurus Gaming 10 dagen geleden
Goran 11 dagen geleden
I am kidna sad that ea lose its licence for sw after seeing this trailer.
Zocker SD
Zocker SD 11 dagen geleden
Chaos_banane-135 12 dagen geleden
Do I need Nintendo switch online to play?
Daniel Navarrete
Daniel Navarrete 9 dagen geleden
I don’t think so
Mr. Do the Gamer
Mr. Do the Gamer 12 dagen geleden
I'm excited and worried at the same time
Agustín Baletti
Agustín Baletti 12 dagen geleden
This is gonna be Star Wars’ fortnite 🙄🙄🙄
Jared Lamb
Jared Lamb 12 dagen geleden
Its a trap!
UndeadCrypt 12 dagen geleden
Semeli 12 dagen geleden
This will be a multiplayer game with micro transactions for sure!
Anna Nishikinomiya
Anna Nishikinomiya 12 dagen geleden
What multiplayer game doesn’t have it
Cosmo James
Cosmo James 12 dagen geleden
Gina did nothing wrong. Thanks and LucasFilms/Disney on ruining Star Wars. And a special shout out to corrupt Hollywood. We’re on to your bullcrap and lies.
Wot blitz Containers
Wot blitz Containers 2 dagen geleden
This is Nintendo but ok...
Justin Kelly
Justin Kelly 12 dagen geleden
I don't mind the idea, but I'm not much for online stuff.
Joseph 12 dagen geleden
No thanks. Between Jar Jar Binks, The Last Jedi, and Cara Dune, I'm cured of anything "Star Wars" for LIFE
Combo Breaker
Combo Breaker 13 dagen geleden
Not a lot of thought put into this announcement or this is a low effort game. Star Wars can't carry the weight it use to. We need to see something. This gives us nothing and it was your big announcement?
DMB41Jedi 13 dagen geleden
Hoping this game will be good. May the force be with us.
Maxi Winhold
Maxi Winhold 13 dagen geleden
trailer should show information
SUPER LIT MARIO 13 dagen geleden
Hopefully this won’t be another Battle Royale game.
Anna Nishikinomiya
Anna Nishikinomiya 12 dagen geleden
It’s’s arena combat
Cloudcrof 13 dagen geleden
Show Us Gameplay
paco ramon
paco ramon 13 dagen geleden
0:27 seconds for this and 3 times more time for Mario items in AC.
Sneaky Pop it
Sneaky Pop it 13 dagen geleden
its for free just to say guys
Zettarin 13 dagen geleden
For a minute I thought this was a remake of that Star Wars Bounty Hunter GameCube Game. I kind of wish we got that instead.
Jazzyboi 13 dagen geleden
They stole from fortnight
Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker 13 dagen geleden
I'm sorry, I don't use Facebook at all, but who's the company of Zynga?
FR4N 3.0
FR4N 3.0 13 dagen geleden
Where is Battlefront 2???
Big Father
Big Father 14 dagen geleden
Wow what a cool trailer Literally 26 seconds
Esteban Mora
Esteban Mora 14 dagen geleden
Please BATTLEFRONT 2 on the Nintendo Switch...
killeing 14 dagen geleden
was i the only one kinda hoping for something Monster Hunter related in a star wars universe when they saw the title XP?
Radagast 14 dagen geleden
We need a Star Wars Gauntlet/ Diablo type game
Miguel plays 365
Miguel plays 365 14 dagen geleden
Time Bolt
Time Bolt 14 dagen geleden
Ok, fine, with this teaser I'm mildly impressed. But the fact that it's about Bounty Hunters: PUT EMBO, BANE AND FETT INTO THE GAME, and I'm good
Gilianne Morais
Gilianne Morais 14 dagen geleden
Yes yes!!!!!!!!
Echo 14 dagen geleden
This is not Lore Friendly
The Human 2cs
The Human 2cs 14 dagen geleden
Star Wars Battlefront 2 2
Fried_ Nose
Fried_ Nose 14 dagen geleden
The fact that this is free to play already confirms that micro-transactions will be in the game I'm still excited tho
Braden Beyer
Braden Beyer 14 dagen geleden
Wow! I can’t believe there porting galaxy of heroes to Nintendo switch!
Saigon Brit
Saigon Brit 14 dagen geleden
I love you Nintendo but I will never ever ever by anything made by Lucasfilm/EA ever again. Star Wars is dead in my heart.
im a good guy 2021
im a good guy 2021 14 dagen geleden
Wheres the guy that said yo dudes the empire pretty chill in this trailer?
Matěj Putík
Matěj Putík 14 dagen geleden
*TL;DR you can emulate all Star Wars (or other) games relesed on older consoles like PSP, PS1 or Gamecube* Guys if you want real star wars games on your mobile phone just emulate old psp and (or) gamecube games. It works like a charm and even on older devices. You can play it with with screen controls or buy a controller (telescopic ones are the best like the red knight but you can use PS4 or Xbox controller if you want) You just need a lot of space but it depends Star Wars games i have on my mobile phone so far: Jedi knight jedi outcast Battlefront 2 Star Wars Bounty hunters Lego Star Wars the complete saga (you can play COOP on your phone just saying)
Jordan Thompson
Jordan Thompson 14 dagen geleden
zynga = mobile game
Rocket 14 dagen geleden
XtremeN00b 14 dagen geleden
Wow, EA finally realised that we aren’t satisfied with Star Wars themed Pinball and Podracing
Clever and funny username haha
My only thought: uh oh
Luis’sWeekendly Blog
Luis’sWeekendly Blog 15 dagen geleden
0:09 Yoooo it's the guy from from that one Disney+ show! Poggers!
kiro 1218
kiro 1218 15 dagen geleden
Ah yes another generic mobile arena game with Star Wars theme slapped on YIPPIE! --__--
Alejandro Garcia Esparza
Alejandro Garcia Esparza 15 dagen geleden
It will cost? Or will be for free?
Isaiah 15 dagen geleden
lmao a starwars battle royale game?
Skeleton 15 dagen geleden
it looks like one of those mobile games where it’s a 3v3 and it’s 2D
Turtle Zello
Turtle Zello 15 dagen geleden
As a Star Wars big time fan, this looks preeeeety coooo..........!
Frederik Hededzi
Frederik Hededzi 15 dagen geleden
Pls a Mini open world
Blue346Productions JuniorEditor68 XRUTTP The Gamer
I think I have a Really Bad Feeling about this...
Odile Miniño
Odile Miniño 15 dagen geleden
Battlefront 3?
Brewhaha 15 dagen geleden
Who else like to play video game?
Ryan Torrie
Ryan Torrie 15 dagen geleden
Well that’s 27 seconds of my life I won’t get back
The Nova
The Nova 15 dagen geleden
It's better not be a card game
Bigluigifan 15 dagen geleden
Did Lucasfilm made this or did Nintendo? I’m confused 😐
Stay Hydrated
Stay Hydrated 15 dagen geleden
Lucas Games: So we’re back Star Wars Fans: YES FINALLY KOTOR 3, REPUBLIC COMMANDO 2, 1313, BATTLEFRONT 3 Lucas Games: So were making a phone game with the FarmVille people Star Wars Fans:
Ryan M.
Ryan M. 15 dagen geleden
*Nintendo:* Now, before we begin with the EA installment, I'd Iike to announce the name of our new game. *LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga:* Yay! Yeah! Yeah! Now we're talking! Yeah! *Nintendo:* Yes. Well, anyway... The game is an in-depth love-letter to the franchise. *LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga:* Yes. *Nintendo:* The obvious choice for the Direct. *LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga:* He's right. *Nintendo:* A name you all know. It involves Star Wars. *LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga:* That's me. *Nintendo:* Please welcome our new game... Star Wars: Hunters!
Bigluigifan 15 dagen geleden
Ricky 15 dagen geleden
Yeah this is just gonna be a game intended for mobile that was placed on the Switch as an afterthought or a cash grab from children. Wouldn't be surprised if it were P2W, too. The fact that there isn't a lick of gameplay even though it's coming out this very same year just tells me it's not gonna be too in depth. Most likely a Galaxy of Heroes copy, since that's all that could be done in such a short time frame.
Jake Clark
Jake Clark 15 dagen geleden
I hope this is couch co-op
Caps. Thomas y sus amigos español
Krocodockle 15 dagen geleden
Anything being released on mobile smells of instant trash
Kur 15 dagen geleden
Zynga and naturalmotion doesnt really do terrible....... for mobiles at least...... For switch, i dont know how to feel about it....
Heinz Doofenshmirtz
Heinz Doofenshmirtz 15 dagen geleden
Well. Let's hope there's a republic commando remake after this fails
Sasha Braus
Sasha Braus 15 dagen geleden
Let me guess...A game like raid shadow legends that has micro transactions?
DR Ez 15 dagen geleden
Is it just me or is anyone getting some Fortnite vibes?
lupino _bp
lupino _bp 15 dagen geleden
So is it a fighting game ?? Games about star wars are already too good... im scared
Tyler Weis
Tyler Weis 15 dagen geleden
Nintendo: star wa- me: nobody Ceres nobody cares (it's a joke)
XxGam3rSam 15 dagen geleden
Rather get remastered TOR, KOTOR, TFU and TFU2 but hey, a suprise to be sure... ...but a welcome one
Mr Boss
Mr Boss 15 dagen geleden
Seeing unique characters in the hologram makes me think this will be a game similar to star wars the old republic
Hiterra 15 dagen geleden
Star wars: Shadow legends
Max Korben
Max Korben 15 dagen geleden
"All new squad base, free to play..." I've heard enough. Who asked for this? Can't we just get Star Wars games like Shadows of the Empire, Rogue Squadron, Force Unleashed, etc? These new games suck.
Oliver Knowles
Oliver Knowles 14 dagen geleden
we have nothing but a 27 second trailer showing no gameplay and you alredy delcair its gonna suck
Jacciswacc 15 dagen geleden
Y’know, with the natural motion monicker. Could euphoria come back?
DG64 15 dagen geleden
🤞 Please Be Good... PLEASE BE GOOD!!! 🤞
Logan Ross
Logan Ross 15 dagen geleden
We shall watch this career with great interest.
Yukkuri Mima
Yukkuri Mima 15 dagen geleden
f2p arena. nope, nope, nope.
Megan 15 dagen geleden
From the team that brought you Farmville,
the disturbed one
the disturbed one 15 dagen geleden
Everyone: remove ea exclusive rights!!!!! First game to come out not done by ea is made by the same people who brought you farmville.
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