SAMURAI WARRIORS 5 - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch 

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Dive into the history of the Sengoku period when SAMURAI WARRIORS 5 slashes its way onto Nintendo Switch!
Featuring revamped character designs and a stylish new visual style, SAMURAI WARRIORS 5 will usher in a new age of battles when it releases this summer.
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17 feb. 2021




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The Realist
The Realist 15 uur geleden
Oh baby oh baby oh baby. As someone who has played every single Samurai Warriors and Xtreme Legends / Empires release, I'm all kinds of excited. Bummed about the limited roster but this looks phenomenal.
Timothy Bemer
Timothy Bemer 2 dagen geleden
Plus I hope it has survival mode like SW4 ii had
I don't care
I don't care 2 dagen geleden
Why do they all look like Gay-pop singers now?
Constus 6 dagen geleden
Samurai > Shinobi
Elli 6 dagen geleden
I am guessing they do the more cellshaded/anime style to compensate with nintendo switch limited power. Its easier to mask them difficiencies compared to the more realistic dynasty warrior 8. The better console brothers definitely suffers but it also hopefully does means 60fps and better on screen enemies on those platforms.
Htet Lin Oo
Htet Lin Oo 8 dagen geleden
Why the character graphic looks so anime???
Ace of Spades
Ace of Spades 9 dagen geleden
No, just no! I like the original samurai warriors characters I’ve been playing since the first samurai warriors came out. I will give this a pass, thanks.
Forsaken Gaming
Forsaken Gaming 9 dagen geleden
Well, I WAS excited for this game, until I saw that those are Nobunaga and Mitsuhide.... Mitsuhide Akechi, my favorite since SW1, now looks dumb. Whyyyyyyyyyy! Oh well, I'm sure I'll enjoy the game.
TheTND610 9 dagen geleden
I’m hoping that Nobunaga and Mitsuhide’s classic designs are still available for selection. Those are two of the best designs in the Warriors franchise period
Levin Forever
Levin Forever 10 dagen geleden
Why everyone is changed
Ænig Ma.
Ænig Ma. 10 dagen geleden
Nobunaga's straight out of his young portrait in Nobunaga's Ambition.
Conrado Javier
Conrado Javier 10 dagen geleden
We need the Battle that Started the Sengoku Era, The Onin Wars Between a Kid vs his Monk Uncle, Vote Now on your Phones.
gadracon 10 dagen geleden
Just watching the netflix samurai documentary on netflix now this such a happy day
Fazlur Rahman F
Fazlur Rahman F 10 dagen geleden
Nobunaga Oda's aura changed
classicalmusic26 10 dagen geleden
Wow... Again, this series completely shocked the public since it is way different from the current expectation... But, I'm still looking forward for this game... I only wish they could still do expansions to the early Edo era tho, but that's a matter of personal perspective only... All in all, this should a really great game for Oda hardcore fans! 😁😁
DarkSamuraiX1989 11 dagen geleden
Takamusasu 11 dagen geleden
They look too girly. I want to see the samurai depicted in a masculine manner like in Nobunaga King of Zipangu.
Темирлан Абдраманов
You destroyed my good memories. I wish i never saw this trailer
SomeGuy 11 dagen geleden
I thought that was one of Oda Nobunaga's children standing next to Akechi, not the man himself! I've got no issue with the shift in art style, however, he looks like a completely different character, I loved his dark angel that persisted across the last four games.
Gamaleno Singkali
Gamaleno Singkali 11 dagen geleden
At least the ball king with white make up (forgot his name sry) doesnt died early in the game like 2-4 did hahahaha
Taxima 11 dagen geleden
A prequel game, I guess?
Alx Coolest
Alx Coolest 11 dagen geleden
I'd pay a pretty penny for a remastered DW4
Yurihyuga766 11 dagen geleden
Wow Nobunaga literarily turned into Mitsurugi
Sands Bros
Sands Bros 12 dagen geleden
What is this
Kapitein Lulhaas
Kapitein Lulhaas 12 dagen geleden
Samurai Warriors for Nintendo Switch, if they really push the GPU it might even handle 10 enemy grunts on screen at once!....
Steven Zhou
Steven Zhou 12 dagen geleden
Been playing since SW2 and I have no idea who everyone in this trailer are.
John Schroeder
John Schroeder 12 dagen geleden
I swear koei tecmo must want me to be broke this summer. Samurai warriors 5 and ninja gaiden master collection. This winter was frigid but this summer will be scorching.
Cheng Tai Keng
Cheng Tai Keng 12 dagen geleden
Yay, more SSST mashing galore ...
FNG GAMING 12 dagen geleden
Lemme get a Kessen 3 remake
Reza Fauzy Ramadhan
Reza Fauzy Ramadhan 12 dagen geleden
I like Akechi Art Style in SW5, but I prefer Oda in previous installment. He has more demonic presence than here. But then again, will absolutely buy this game! Hopefully out in PS4!!
TheLastROB 787
TheLastROB 787 12 dagen geleden
ah yes. nobunga
AhBein CestCa
AhBein CestCa 13 dagen geleden
Samouraï warrior empire and samouraï 2 were so good... probably gonna try this one
nefarious k
nefarious k 13 dagen geleden
Samurai warrior - The Prequel
satriya yudhistira
satriya yudhistira 13 dagen geleden
Japanese again?
Nigge Man
Nigge Man 13 dagen geleden
「 R 」
「 R 」 13 dagen geleden
Nobunaga oda looks like lu bu 🙂
samuel lancaster
samuel lancaster 13 dagen geleden
This is what i am waiting for
Christopher Millsap
Christopher Millsap 13 dagen geleden
Let the age of conquest begin once more! I'm liking the watercolor look gives off that authentic Japan look.
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper 14 dagen geleden
I glad I'm a switch owner
Ricardo Rodriguez
Ricardo Rodriguez 14 dagen geleden
But can I make my own character?? I'm assuming no since its not empires.
maykel robles ramirez
maykel robles ramirez 14 dagen geleden
Hope theres is local 2 players and character creation
Alpha8 14 dagen geleden
Give us Warriors Orochi 4 or 5 on Switch instead
Alice Von Hindenburg
Alice Von Hindenburg 14 dagen geleden
Nobunaga went from “I am the Demon King !!” to a reverse-harem ikemen guy is just something that I wouldn’t have expected.
A Begin Drawing
A Begin Drawing 14 dagen geleden
Don't compare Samurai Warriors to Dynasty Warriors because DW is the one that started this type of game and also DW have the most characters and its story is the best.
GetBn 14 dagen geleden
Please, just make the grunts do something other than being there to charge your musou. In Hyrule and Fire Emblem, you could put the controller down in a crowd of them, go off and make some toast and be absolutely fine when you come back.
Blank On
Blank On 14 dagen geleden
So the fact that KT releasing a new game on BOTH of their Musou Game ?
Arthur Abraham
Arthur Abraham 14 dagen geleden
Not sure how I feel about the art style. Hope Koei doesn't implement it in everything moving forward.
Christian Acevedo
Christian Acevedo 14 dagen geleden
I am just waiting for new characters for this installment. I am glad it finally came been forever.
G3ARS Of Judgment
G3ARS Of Judgment Dag geleden
Yeah me too! It has been 7 yrs since e got the last sw game. I love samurai warriors so much!
bitter blossom
bitter blossom 14 dagen geleden
I just hope it isn't as bad as 4. I mean, what was the point of hack and slash when just dashing through the enemy kills everyone you pass through?
DeepSearch27 14 dagen geleden
I'm trying to think if this will be good or too different.
Roknor 14 dagen geleden
NOOOOOOO! They took away my regal demon king of the sixth heaven. He’s just some fool now. Did Shingen siphoned Nobu’s ‘stache power or something?
Hades’ Rebirth
Hades’ Rebirth 15 dagen geleden
oh ma gaaaaawwwd NOBUNAGA THE DEMON KING
Hard Doughnut
Hard Doughnut 15 dagen geleden
im pretty sure playable character gonna decrease with this "re-imaging" especially if they decided put nobunaga in the trailer
UnkindledKieran 15 dagen geleden
Seeing this makes me wish for a one off Nioh crossover level just as a little extra thing within the game.
UnkindledKieran 10 dagen geleden
Just on about a 1v1000 misson. You cant really do a 1 v1000 in Nioh. It just be a nice reference. Also more content and characters to play as in a warriors game is better.
YRH#002B 12 dagen geleden
Why thought? Both are set in the same timeline and going through the same storyline minus the yokai. Add yokai to this and it become nioh, remove yokai from nioh and it become SW.
Gallant Blade
Gallant Blade 15 dagen geleden
I think they’ll age the characters up. It was received well in SoS so it’d only make sense. Won’t be exclusive either; only reason why it was announced here was because Nintendo and Koei are pretty tight right now.
Ethan Clarke
Ethan Clarke 15 dagen geleden
Switch exclusive?
Ethan Clarke
Ethan Clarke 14 dagen geleden
@sonny walter really? thanks!
sonny walter
sonny walter 14 dagen geleden
Nope... Also available on other consoles.
Yozu Yozu
Yozu Yozu 15 dagen geleden
I like the new art style
Leandro Gutierrez
Leandro Gutierrez 15 dagen geleden
Ugh... They should have done a revamp of Dynasty Warriors instead. But whatevever, the game looks interesting anyway
ErnestBowl 14 dagen geleden
No, they're alreading wasting too much time and money on DW as it is. Maybe in DW10 later though
Kev EX
Kev EX 15 dagen geleden
Glad this is coming to PS4 as well. Probably get it for both Switch and PS4
Warlight 15 dagen geleden
huh. amused this wasn't announced at the KT official channel. compare to the Ninja Gaiden trailer, which did. i hope this doesn't become a console exclusive. still kinda bitter that SW didn't make it to Steam (no, 4-II doesn't count. that thing's a standalone expansion; a half-game.)
Randy 15 dagen geleden
I was most excited about this announcement and nobody covered it.
reptile rule
reptile rule 15 dagen geleden
It will also be for PC and PS4 too.
Larth 15 dagen geleden
Man, I'm disappointed after seeing these graphics anime-like, I really hope it doesn't interfere in the sadness of the stories, since it's a lot brighter and "cartoon-ish" than the previous games... In the end it doesn't change anything, but brings a lot more drama to it with realistic graphics in my opinion.
YRH#002B 12 dagen geleden
@Larth agree. Dw9 has good Characters model so I was hoping SW5 build off that but guess not.
Larth 15 dagen geleden
@Gallant Blade Since SW2? I'm sorry but I don't agree with that. There's a difference between them going with this "visual kei" kinda style, which for me is not an anime style, with realistic faces and colors, and them going with this. I'm not complaining about the game since it didn't even came out yet, I'm simply concerned. For me, the franchise does have some emotional impact with the stories they tell, and the way they tell it, I really hope they don't go all anime like and mess everything up.
Gallant Blade
Gallant Blade 15 dagen geleden
Graphics were “anime-like” since 2. I see no reason why drama couldn’t work with such an artstyle. Works with Dragon Quest. Works with Final Fantasy. Works with Fire Emblem. Should work perfectly fine here. Honestly, I don’t know why people are hung up about this. It’s been like this since forever, and Warriors games aren’t necessarily known for seriousness. At least, that’s how I see it. And they’ll probably age the characters up anyway.
Ace 15 dagen geleden
This is young Oda, right? Cause I'm already missing his classic facial hair. But this is pretty much exactly what I've been waiting for, and super Oda focused SW. Thank you guys.
Machine Gun Kiss
Machine Gun Kiss 15 dagen geleden
Nobunaga look like his Kessen III counterpart
Conrado Javier
Conrado Javier 15 dagen geleden
Petition for Yi Sun Sin as a Playable Character in Samurai Warriors.
Tubby Toast
Tubby Toast 15 dagen geleden
Why i think this looks more like a spin-off
IImDyLan 15 dagen geleden
His moustache though :(
JomShare Media
JomShare Media 15 dagen geleden
All i need is battle of sekigahara which mitsunari died protect Toyotomi clan & you got my money (that scene sad af in sw4)
Ky El Chizam
Ky El Chizam 15 dagen geleden
Love that they are mixing things up with this one. Perhaps we'll see Nobunaga take on a more protagonist like role, and see his rise to power. My boy Mitsuhide looks great. Can't wait to see who's returning. Hoping for Ginchyo, Musashi, and Tadakatsu. Summer can't get here quick enough!
Rainy Days
Rainy Days 15 dagen geleden
is it exclusive to nintendo ?
ErnestBowl 14 dagen geleden
Robert Smith
Robert Smith 15 dagen geleden
Is Samurai Warriors the same as Dynasty Warriors?
YRH#002B 12 dagen geleden
Yes and a way. The difference is the story. Dynasty is about the Romance of the three kingdoms and Samurai is about the sengoku jidai.
jessicaw97 15 dagen geleden
Do you guys think sw5 will have character creation?
Dio Brando
Dio Brando 15 dagen geleden
Good, at least now they're tryin' to emphasize the Oda's story
SSJBardock 15 dagen geleden
Looks somewhat cell shadish, not sure if I'm going to like the new art style, though being a fan since the beginning I'm sure I'll come around
HongKongBrewey 15 dagen geleden
They ruined my boy Nobunaga. Made him look like a generic cocky brat boy.
G4TV.PepperTheDoc 15 dagen geleden
Yeah wtf
Not a slim boy
Not a slim boy 15 dagen geleden
In the first sign, i think that nobunaga is young toshiie.
The Flower Blogger
The Flower Blogger 14 dagen geleden
Finally someone noticed it
Anto Lee
Anto Lee 15 dagen geleden
is it bad if I say I want the old character design? I miss the venomous Nō, not the sweet-looking Nō :(
ProAssassin84 15 dagen geleden
Can't wait for 15fps
STRIKER FORCE 15 dagen geleden
OK this is all about a young past of samurai warriors
MME_Tsio Basilio
MME_Tsio Basilio 15 dagen geleden
Been playing Samurai Warriors since the first game but tbh it looks like Samurai Shodown lol but will get this on PS4 nonetheless.
Vito Pratama Putra S.
Vito Pratama Putra S. 15 dagen geleden
No joke, even they re-designing Nobunaga Oda into the handsome version instead of scary version, I really want to know the gameplay so I can buy it.
Лук Что
Лук Что 15 dagen geleden
. Это круто
Древний Танкист
busymike 15 dagen geleden
I don’t usually play these but I want to play this because of the art style.
Felipinho Games
Felipinho Games 15 dagen geleden
G4TV.PepperTheDoc 15 dagen geleden
NuggetTato 16 dagen geleden
If its like dynasty warriors then ill play it, I love dynasty warriors
G4TV.PepperTheDoc 15 dagen geleden
Oh snap. Did you never play Warriors Orichi??? It combines the two games where they have to put aside their differences and combine their strength to defeat a mad serpent demon. (I didn’t like Orichi 4 compared to the 3rd)
one star
one star 15 dagen geleden
Well dynasty warriors and samurai warriors with some differences play the same cause they were the first warriors games XD
Bete Garcia
Bete Garcia 16 dagen geleden
Possible New characters: Takeda:masakage Yamagata,nobufusa baba,kansuke yamamoto,masanobu kosaka Uesugi:yoshikiyo murakami,shigenaga honjo,masashige jojo e kageie kakizaki,kagetsugu amakasu Tokugawa:mototada torii,yasumasa sakakibara, tadatsugu sakai. Oda:kazumasa takigawa,nobumori sakuma,nobutada oda, nagahide niwa,narimasa Sassa,yoshinari mori Sanada:lady muramatsu, yoritsuna yazawa,genba karasawa, Toyotomi: hideyori toyotomi, matabei goto,katsunaga mori, tadaoki hosokawa,
Jacqy Chan
Jacqy Chan 16 dagen geleden
Wait what. Nobunaga oda looks like a......child....I prefer the old design because it does make him looks like a brutal conqueror, this feels like otome game design ahahaha i was surprised....
Ace 15 dagen geleden
I agree 100% but this is younger Oda, pre his older conqueror days. Hopefully the game progresses into his glory days and we get an aged version of him with the classic stache. We shall see.
Salomo Z. Tungga
Salomo Z. Tungga 16 dagen geleden
still waiting for samurai warriors game that includes Hideyoshi's invasion of Korea maybe new Korean characters like Yi Sun Sin would be cool
Conrado Javier
Conrado Javier 15 dagen geleden
Give us General Yi as This Game's Equivilent of the Nanman Tribes.
Danny Milk
Danny Milk 16 dagen geleden
going with a young Oda design in this one is definitely a choice
Ace 15 dagen geleden
Yeah it sure is a choice. They keep feeling the need to shave every warrior's face haha
Larmar Florian
Larmar Florian 16 dagen geleden
Samurai Warriors 1 will always be the best warriors game.
The Flower Blogger
The Flower Blogger 14 dagen geleden
Right on man. Right on!
Eko Yogi
Eko Yogi 16 dagen geleden
not expected nobunaga will be friendly face,
Victor Strang
Victor Strang 16 dagen geleden
My guilty pleasure
when the fire nation attacked
I was JUST talking abt how I wanted another sw game omg 😳
G4TV.PepperTheDoc 15 dagen geleden
Same... but..
Tiger T
Tiger T 16 dagen geleden
93rd video of 2021
Miguel 16 dagen geleden
Is it wrong to be more excited to this game then Hyrule Warriors? >_
DarkSamuraiX1989 11 dagen geleden
They nailed it. It's a nice anime look that fits the vibe. DW makes sense for a more realistic look with the anime flair. They managed to nail SW by doing the opposite. Despite the shitfest that was DW9, they pressed on. Learn, grow, persevere.
cdswalkthrough 16 dagen geleden
Also I wonder who those 2 new characters in the announcement trailer
magoichi75 16 dagen geleden
*violently spits out water* that’s what they are turning the demon lord nobunaga Oda into?!
orrthehunter 16 dagen geleden
Were you expected Keoi not to progress on the aging system they added to the series back in Spirit of Sanada? Either way Koei maybe adding in young versions of each character and have their appearance age through the course of the storyline. SW5 seem to focus on Nobunaga beginning with his younger years before he became the Demon lord and slowly progress into the time he becomes the Demon Lord Nobunaga. It is possible they are handling Nobunaga's progress like they did with Yukimura in Spirit of Sanada by providing two different gameplay styles between Nobunaga's youngerself and olderself with the olderself probably a improved version of his old demon lord fighting style.
Alexane Rose
Alexane Rose 16 dagen geleden
Glad to know that this series is still going but can they just go full-on anime Genshin Impact style already? They showed us they can do it with Age of Calamity
August Winterman
August Winterman 16 dagen geleden
Dynasty Warriors Gundam?
Nintendo Direct - 2.17.2021