SaGa Frontier Remastered - Nintendo Direct 2.17.21 - Nintendo Switch 

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Experience eight captivating stories across eight different protagonists in SaGa Frontier Remastered, coming to Nintendo Switch on April 15.
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18 feb. 2021




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Optimo Blunt
Optimo Blunt 2 uur geleden
Ok For all you asking for other games you love,be patient. If you show SE you want other games you have to start by ,buying games like this, If you show your love the SE will show you love with the games and IPs you want,new or old, So please buy this game ,the game will be worth what you pay,then SE will give you what you want.
FRIEDBERT 2 uur geleden
Next: Chrono Trigger please!
Kobito_DC5 11 uur geleden
Feel like a mobile game
Wan Fu VS Earthquake
Wan Fu VS Earthquake 21 uur geleden
No lo había jugado
Ralphie Ralph
Ralphie Ralph Dag geleden
Oh my god! Nostalgia
Josh Kong
Josh Kong Dag geleden
Really hope Xenogear will get their attention for a remaster or even remake since part 2 of the game was rushed garbage.
bribay 2 dagen geleden
Y'all need to buy this because I need Saga Frontier II remastered. Thanks in advance
Braulio Marcial
Braulio Marcial 2 dagen geleden
susiesan 2 dagen geleden
So pumped for this - I still have my original PS1 copy. They need to do the Legend of Dragoon next
William Parson
William Parson 3 dagen geleden
OMG, I love this game.....cant wait
Dyonis 3 dagen geleden
I buy this, and I really hope for Saga Frontier 2 next year,please 🙌
Frances Y
Frances Y 4 dagen geleden
I don't understand what's happening sljdflksjd first there was a warrior and a mage, and then a robot, and then some clowns, and that diner threw me for a loop along with like the bird plane and skldfslfj I want this game
Andrew Clunn
Andrew Clunn 4 dagen geleden
So it looks like the hand drawn one's are getting the update. Either because they had higher res versions that were downscaled originally, or they're using an AI to auto upscale them (betting it's sort of a mix).
Legna Mikael
Legna Mikael 5 dagen geleden
Good memories, loved this game.
Allan 5 dagen geleden
would you guys want the same ending for Blue or a new ending ?
Roger 6 dagen geleden
I hope this game gets downgraded to 20fps like the Romancing Saga remasters.
Mick Miles
Mick Miles 6 dagen geleden
This game looks hype! Live a Live vibes for sure.
Gaivs Valerivs
Gaivs Valerivs 7 dagen geleden
Hopefully this means Xenogears and Vagrant story have a chance to be remastered.
Joncliff McKinley
Joncliff McKinley 3 dagen geleden
A finished Xenogears.. 😭
MickJaegar 7 dagen geleden
What an age we live in where *SaGa* has been getting more attention and releases in NA than Dragon Quest
Atelier Monstevr
Atelier Monstevr 7 dagen geleden
Bad Taste Media
Bad Taste Media 8 dagen geleden
OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! I was just about to play the one I have for the psone 😃😃😃
Julian Bueno
Julian Bueno 8 dagen geleden
Super hype for this remaster. This game is one of those titles that you initially don’t understand how elements work but the more you play it the more you like it’s combat system and revolutionary ideas. Back in the day I remember discovering so many secrets and strategies that you will never realize that were possible In the first 20h of gameplay.
Key Notes
Key Notes 8 dagen geleden
Any chance the gold money glitch will be in this version?
Avianna Mejia
Avianna Mejia 9 dagen geleden
Genshin Impact needs to be a game thanks!
killeing 9 dagen geleden
See this is how you do a remaster right- you give us improved quality AND throw something new in it like a brand new character ^^
Nighttale233 9 dagen geleden
You know what else would be great to see remastered Nintendo? Golden Sun
CrnchyToast 9 dagen geleden
Thought that the remastered graphics looked a bit strange, but then went back and looked at the original it's actually pretty faithful to the original art style, I guess I just forgot. I'm excited to give this one another shot, never got very far playing it when it first came out.
Ultra Zappy
Ultra Zappy 10 dagen geleden
Day One!!
Jaime Barba
Jaime Barba 10 dagen geleden
All my rpg heads, this thing worth playing now? Never played it before.
Jaime Barba
Jaime Barba 7 dagen geleden
@Atelier Monstevr sounds like it might be worth a buy. I got it on my wishlist, might wait for a sale. Thanks
Atelier Monstevr
Atelier Monstevr 7 dagen geleden
It’s a weird one, that’s for sure. One of my favorites but it always felt bizarrely balanced. I would not say it’s for the masses but it’s such a treat if you’ve got the taste for it.
Gop TheBear
Gop TheBear 10 dagen geleden
Please next year Remaster Romancing Saga : Minstel Song please
khary shelton
khary shelton 11 dagen geleden
If we want them to remaster more stuff, let's start by supporting this beautiful masterpiece I never thought I'd see again.
JohnnyMcJim 11 dagen geleden
I want Live-A-Live to be remastered next. Pls Daddy Square.
miniG 11 dagen geleden
wow even the music sounds much better
Alexandre Grenon
Alexandre Grenon 11 dagen geleden
What is the music title?
Nick 12 dagen geleden
The art style looks neat C:
DJ 12 dagen geleden
Now we just need them to remaster Xenogears!
Kbeza de Chorlito
Kbeza de Chorlito 12 dagen geleden
Que chico banda me late
Юрий Жемаркин
Юрий Жемаркин 12 dagen geleden
We need star ocean second!
Darrell Anthony Alvarez
Darrell Anthony Alvarez 13 dagen geleden
Please nintendo.... Keep remaking or rematering ps1, ps2 and ps3 classics on to the switch... Just please
Jose Caceres
Jose Caceres 13 dagen geleden
Music is incredible
RecklessSky 13 dagen geleden
Does this have a post game?
miniG 11 dagen geleden
not really. Fulfilling all character routes "allows the player access to the 2nd Division room, in which the player can fight all final bosses and talk to the game's programmers."
shellman1 yt
shellman1 yt 13 dagen geleden
Saga Frontier is coming very soon
T Bone
T Bone 13 dagen geleden
I get tired of them making these mini small characters to play with..
Gregory Valania
Gregory Valania 13 dagen geleden
Mega Manoy
Mega Manoy 13 dagen geleden
Oh fudes in there, finally.
Jhoquima xxx
Jhoquima xxx 14 dagen geleden
Para mi las mejores son nitendo 64 y nitendo swich tienen muy buen juegos
Agju 14 dagen geleden
one of my kinks is randomly finding out the origins of characters on my MUGEN roster through YT vids and whatnot. I've had Asellus for a long time and now i know where she's from XD
Atelier Monstevr
Atelier Monstevr 7 dagen geleden
Asellus has appeared in a bunch of really random stuff.
Zenn virus
Zenn virus 14 dagen geleden
I'm both happy and scared for this game. Yes, it was a great game. My hope is that, aside from all the mentioned improvements, they rebalanced the rng, and the more annoying parts of the battle system (I'm talking to all of you Monster part-members). Other than that. Can't wait to see how this game holds up. And keep my hopes Live-A-Live and Treasure of the Rudras get the same treatment.
Atelier Monstevr
Atelier Monstevr 7 dagen geleden
@miniG it’s more forgiving than any of the grinding that shows up in anything made in the last fifteen years. This game was designed to challenge players. Modern games are designed to waste our time.
miniG 11 dagen geleden
I'm not sure I can enjoy all the grinding for skills again. Games like this do not really age well.
tara camerucci
tara camerucci 14 dagen geleden
legend of mana AND saga frontier, goodbye world.
CloudUK 14 dagen geleden
Dunno why this reminds me of Golden Sun but I’d love for them to release all 3 as a bundle on Switch!
Ricky Dargence
Ricky Dargence 14 dagen geleden
Just a matter of time before they re-release Xenogears with the finished story, r-right? (Ok, just give me Brave Fencer Musashi and we have a deal).
Źul TS
Źul TS 14 dagen geleden
Anyone here ever played Romancing Saga Minstrel Song from ps2?? Pretty much this game but with 3d style, Dynamic Voiceover, fascinating songs and stories. Wonder if they ever gonna make the sequel or at leats remaster of it
Richard B
Richard B 14 dagen geleden
I love this game, but please, CHRONO TRIGGER REMASTERED!!! :D
K C 14 dagen geleden
I remember playing Saga Frontier 2 but didnt know what I was doing. Lol
Atelier Monstevr
Atelier Monstevr 7 dagen geleden
It was an insane game. LP? WP? JP? Nobody knew what they were doing. Kawazu is a mad genius.
Ernani 14 dagen geleden
Instead of just remastering classic all time loved game, make a new one with same mechanic and sequel if you can make those memorable stories again Saga Frontier Lunar Lufia Grandia Xenogears Mystic Quest Super Mario RPG Dragon ball rpg Wonder Project Star ocean Allundra Gaia Wild Arms Shadow arts Breath of fire Suikoden Vagrant story Parasite eve Ogre Battle Legend of legaia Well ps1 classics!
Atelier Monstevr
Atelier Monstevr 7 dagen geleden
I thought the Wonder Project games were Nintendo console exclusives?
Dokes 14 dagen geleden
Dreams do come true
ORBIT EARTH 15 dagen geleden
Ok square Saga is good. Now give me second evolution R already
MaximumWestpole 15 dagen geleden
Couldn’t comment on among us video so ima comment here: SUS
Mad Society20294
Mad Society20294 15 dagen geleden
Too many JRPs during the stupid direct nothing for F-zero but instead stubs the zombie and a bunch of dumbasses ports like famicom remakes coming to the west and a bunch of stupid JRPs. The JRPs shown off look extremely dumb. This was the worst direct ever
Mad Society20294
Mad Society20294 10 dagen geleden
@Hunter Howell I don't know people wanted this game to come to switch and find anyway to complain but I do see both sides it had to ever took a lot of work compare to 3D all stars those are ports upscale to HD.
Hunter Howell
Hunter Howell 10 dagen geleden
@Mad Society20294 but it won't meet the sales of something like crash n sane trilogy. I still might get skyward sword HD but it's so disappointing that Nintendo did nothing to fix the game.
Mad Society20294
Mad Society20294 10 dagen geleden
@Hunter Howell like tons of people will buy Skyward Sword HD so this game will sell unlike stubs the zombie and stupid famicom remakes that no one has heard about outside of Japan.
Mad Society20294
Mad Society20294 10 dagen geleden
@Hunter Howell no they don't you must not watch comparison videos.
Hunter Howell
Hunter Howell 10 dagen geleden
Both version seem to run the same.
sakibur fahim
sakibur fahim 15 dagen geleden
Dear nintendo, please make sm64 deluxe after 1's better graphics like super mario odyssey....and many characters playing this game...for example mario, luigi,wario,toad, toadette etc...same to same like sm64...don't forget snes on super mario all stars...but just add 4 games...such as yoshi's island (1995),wario and mario(1993), super mario world (1990),dr.mario(1992)....plz make this game.... platform on nintendo switch and microsoft windows This game is super mario 64 deluxe+super mario all stars Sorry my english so bad....shinya takahashi,このゲームをサーにしてください。
Psykel 15 dagen geleden
With all these Square Enix remasters for Switch, I hope a remastered Super Mario RPG is on the way too! At least the original version for the Nintendo Online membership would be nice.
TonyKanameKuran 15 dagen geleden
@Psykel Keep looking at Square Enix's official website if it's coming to retail as well as the Nintendo eShop.
Psykel 15 dagen geleden
@TonyKanameKuran Well, yes. Obviously. Who else would it be up to?
TonyKanameKuran 15 dagen geleden
That's up to Nintendo and Square Enix.
ChrisBeardly 15 dagen geleden
Never played the game but if it's turn based combat...I'm sold
japanimater777 15 dagen geleden
*Physical* *release* *please* !
TonyKanameKuran 14 dagen geleden
eShop only.
Keith Waggoner
Keith Waggoner 15 dagen geleden
hope this get a physical copy!
TonyKanameKuran 14 dagen geleden
@Samurai Jack I don't remember asking you a goddamn thing!
Samurai Jack
Samurai Jack 15 dagen geleden
@TonyKanameKuran What was the point of telling him that?
TonyKanameKuran 15 dagen geleden
Go to the website and find out.
Comrade Seanski
Comrade Seanski 15 dagen geleden
im a sucker for the old ps1/ n64 graphics of imperfect 3d mixed with gorgeous sprite work
Jay Chhun
Jay Chhun 15 dagen geleden
The good ol SquareSoft days.
Barry Bend
Barry Bend 15 dagen geleden
So this is the game that inspired Octopath Traveler.
拖死印度 5 dagen geleden
@xxJing Saga frontier was inspired by Romancing Saga series
xxJing 7 dagen geleden
@Atelier Monstevr I can see where you are coming from because of all of the different main characters before they meet up. However, I personally think that SaGa was inspired by Ultima or some other western RPG. Dragon Quest itself was created to be a heavily simplified version of western RPGs and Final Fantasy seems like it was created to try to capitalize on the RPG craze that DQ created in the 80s. SaGa though was much more experimental, complex, and non-linear than those which makes me think the creator wanted to try his hand at making a more authentic western style RPG.
Atelier Monstevr
Atelier Monstevr 7 dagen geleden
@xxJing yeah, and wasn’t Romancing SaGa itself super inspired by Dragon Quest IV? This was them being like, “Yo, RS3 worked really well for us, let’s try that formula and also bring the series back to its bizarre genre-blending roots”
xxJing 14 dagen geleden
I feel like Octopath traveler was inspired by Romancing Saga 3 specifically.
Aggelos Kult
Aggelos Kult 15 dagen geleden
So excited for this!
Joshua Simpkins
Joshua Simpkins 15 dagen geleden
Fingers crossed for a physical release! 🥺
TonyKanameKuran 14 dagen geleden
Not happening... this game is only available at the eShop.
Poison 15 dagen geleden
Two more PS1 exclusives now on Nintendo hardware. Alright SquareEnix, where is FF Tactics? How about some Parasite Eve? Front Mission 3 perhaps? DO IT!!!
Shocko aumlm
Shocko aumlm 15 dagen geleden
I hope we get a physical release!
TonyKanameKuran 14 dagen geleden
eShop only.
Arcadenblog 15 dagen geleden
Every Squenix remaster brings us closer and closer to Chrono Trigger.
Nick Claro
Nick Claro 15 dagen geleden
we need remaster hd of golden sun!!!!
kirin347 15 dagen geleden
Hope the gold trading glitch still works.
B Belman
B Belman 15 dagen geleden
HD remaster of chrono cross so I can play it. Ps1 version looks like pixel puke.
༺ཱྀ༼Mitsuki༽ཱི༻ 은 미나
Hope this games are just 5.99 or 9.99 > _ < I mean there old games haha
༺ཱྀ༼Mitsuki༽ཱི༻ 은 미나
@Poison Ohh
Poison 15 dagen geleden
Krobelux 15 dagen geleden
This is great! Now I'm starting to want a breath of fire remaster collection.
Krobelux 15 dagen geleden
@Anton Lowe Don't gatekeep.
Anton Lowe
Anton Lowe 15 dagen geleden
That's only starting? I've wanted that since I graduated college ... Don't ask how long ago that was.
Bluerasperries111 15 dagen geleden
Chrono Trigger remake, anyone? anyone? 😕
Xale00 15 dagen geleden
Chrono Cross please.
edrez1 15 dagen geleden
I loved the combo system from this game back in the day, I always wondered why it wasnt implemented on another JRPG it was so good, dunno now how it would feel, but we'll see
Matthew Giron
Matthew Giron 15 dagen geleden
Ff9 remake
Aamir Sahil
Aamir Sahil 15 dagen geleden
Nintendo please buy Xenogears IP and let monolith remake and complete it
TonyKanameKuran 11 dagen geleden
@Aamir Sahil I respect your comment.
Aamir Sahil
Aamir Sahil 11 dagen geleden
@TonyKanameKuran thats the point, if monolith doesnt complete that game, no one else should, it just wouldnt be the same
TonyKanameKuran 14 dagen geleden
Not happening. Xenogears belongs to Square Enix.
TheHokkaidogaijin 15 dagen geleden
Yes Please
Just-Infinite Gaming
Just-Infinite Gaming 15 dagen geleden
Big YES!!!
Gsage 15 dagen geleden
I thought it said Soulja Frontier lol
libatako 16 dagen geleden
Just remember.... farm 8000 credits...then gold ingot glitch=Hyper blasters, power armor, and zero swords.
Joncliff McKinley
Joncliff McKinley 3 dagen geleden
Plot twist - thats patched out ☠
Landfantasia 16 dagen geleden
The artwork in this game is mind melting beautiful
NabrinaBlue 16 dagen geleden
I never expected this game to get a remaster! I'm looking forward to it!
Psydkik 16 dagen geleden
Argh, please say this won't remains Switch exclusive forever!
Hex 15 dagen geleden
It'll come to PS4 and PC as well. Mobile devices, too.
Jonathan Difo
Jonathan Difo 16 dagen geleden
Xenogears next please!!!
Yukkuri Mima
Yukkuri Mima 16 dagen geleden
[ithy] 16 dagen geleden
Finally a way to play this again. My brother accidentally broke my copy when he was moving his entertainment center to clean/reset his room.
Ignis Solus
Ignis Solus 16 dagen geleden
I will try again in PSX, i tried 6 months ago ... couldnt leave the starting area.. didnt even find a single npc to ask,... it was a character in some kind of tower with rooms filled with flowers or something.. i wandered the rooms and towers up and down.. got bored and quit.. will try again on PSX
Ignis Solus
Ignis Solus 15 dagen geleden
@Ryuseii ty Will do
Ryuseii 15 dagen geleden
Sounds like you picked Asellus first, its not as beginner friendly as someone like Red, you may wanna try him first.
KimonoDragon 16 dagen geleden
Chrono trigger has gotta be next amiright? ....please?
Poison 15 dagen geleden
No! Final Fantasy Tactics!
Ignis Solus
Ignis Solus 16 dagen geleden
the legend of Dragoon pls
The Senate
The Senate 16 dagen geleden
Imagine if you swapped your phone batteries for ds batteries that thing will last for 6 years
C REX 16 dagen geleden
Lets hope they finish this version of the game
Poison 15 dagen geleden
The originals cut content has been restored for this remaster.
Keri 16 dagen geleden
I CANNOT wait. This is a day one purchase for me! My favorite game!
ArmyofTodd 16 dagen geleden
Frickin finally!
Jwilly 512
Jwilly 512 16 dagen geleden
I like how among us video is the only one with the comments off
Weergaven 42K
Weergaven 42K