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Rocket League Season 3 drops April 7, 2021! For more details visit:
Players, start your engines! Rocket League Season 3 is fueled up and ready to roll on April 7! Get ready for the most high-octane season yet, featuring a new Rocket Pass, Challenges, and content from NASCAR and Formula 1 coming in May!
Download and play Rocket League for free on Nintendo Switch:

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29 mrt. 2021




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Jimito Berrios
Jimito Berrios 7 uur geleden
What if rocket league added a dream car...That would be cool.
Goldie210 Dag geleden
And to think this was revealed in a Party Royale concert.
Jesus of Suburbia
Jesus of Suburbia 6 dagen geleden
Cannot wait for that mustang 😍
wisnhu ariestanto
wisnhu ariestanto 9 dagen geleden
there's an diddy kong diagonal right down arrow characters in here and mii diagonal right up arrow in here there's an kabuki dasher on the customize red b dasher and black b dasher forever
GT6SuzukaTimeTrials 10 dagen geleden
I used to play PS4 version until I became homeless. Now I have Switch version and it is BAD. Feels like 30 fps or something I don't know the technical details but I can tell it's a lot worse than the PS4 version. Still, it's all I have right now, so I'm stuck with it. Hope I can connect to some people when this drops.
Red Ninja steel
Red Ninja steel 11 dagen geleden
What I need is a f-zero game
nnasimok [name will change soon]
Bruh the trailer was so cat short
nnasimok [name will change soon]
DÆRK ÄŠH ÅMV XD 12 dagen geleden
0:33 Nothing strange, just Lighting McQueen and Francesco doing 1000 degrease turns 😅
Jon Carpenter-smith
Jon Carpenter-smith 13 dagen geleden
I thought they were adding a full on racing mode for a second
jkopguy 15 dagen geleden
I would make a f1 meme but I don’t understand it enough to make one
Terri Zandecki
Terri Zandecki 15 dagen geleden
Awesome nascar is going to be in the game I just love the game arts and the video trailer!!!!! NASCAR is awesome!!!!!!
Beyzanur Düğün
Beyzanur Düğün 15 dagen geleden
dear nintendo officials produce turkish ravioli edition for nintendo Switch
אלון כהן
אלון כהן 15 dagen geleden
give this comment a like if you want more Kirby games an nintendo switch
TheDankHeatGamer 15 dagen geleden
The 1st NASCAR Branded thing on the Nintendo Switch
Picklecicle 16 dagen geleden
I want forza on switch soo bad
Picklecicle 16 dagen geleden
I kinda want a racing mode now
PaltryShelf816 16 dagen geleden
F1 + nascar= SPEED
Juanmartín Martínez
Juanmartín Martínez 16 dagen geleden
I like the perfect representation of ball chasing and double commit
Alby Sunil
Alby Sunil 16 dagen geleden
lets gooo
Doodle D
Doodle D 16 dagen geleden
Maybe I will reinstall the game now This looks intresting The Only reason I had to Uninstall it was Because I was running out of Space on My Switch and When I got More space I just Havent Installed Other Games Back
Felipe Benko
Felipe Benko 16 dagen geleden
Its all fun and games until you are called the n word in the chat because you missed an open net
Gustav Rider
Gustav Rider 16 dagen geleden
We need Daytona USA Hornet!
Sjoerd Vandenboer
Sjoerd Vandenboer 16 dagen geleden
this is really just a comparison of how ballchasers play and see the game, thinking they're going superfast and stuff, and how their teammate and the rest of the world actually see them
Judge is meal
Judge is meal 16 dagen geleden
Will this update actually makes the switch version to be able to play local multiplayer?
Ben Kruger
Ben Kruger 16 dagen geleden
You can already do that on Switch, I do it all the time
Johnny Gibson Jr.
Johnny Gibson Jr. 16 dagen geleden
Vidja Games Yee Yee
Zarinblade 16 dagen geleden
Please don’t kill Mario
yogesh johari
yogesh johari 16 dagen geleden
hey i still having bugs in y among us please fix it tomorrow there is an update and if after update of airship i will have bugs so i would be complaint about it
jayquan gaming
jayquan gaming 16 dagen geleden
This is how much people want gta
tin zoric nikolic
tin zoric nikolic 16 dagen geleden
あーーす 16 dagen geleden
Bastyano 16 dagen geleden
ehm.. is this a new racing mode? please say yes!!
:ひや。 16 dagen geleden
George R.B.
George R.B. 16 dagen geleden
OPGX 16 dagen geleden
Make a texting thing on nintendo piz
Lucas Martinez
Lucas Martinez 16 dagen geleden
Para cuándo abren miiverse
the bread full of dread
the bread full of dread 16 dagen geleden
Cars 4 trailer (official)
Daniel Upsidedownhouse
Daniel Upsidedownhouse 16 dagen geleden
This game on the Wii U cool Plus the Wii U should get Minecraft storymode season 3 this year
Captain Harlock
Captain Harlock 16 dagen geleden
The Wii U is dead.
Louise w
Louise w 16 dagen geleden
Please make a remastered version of pain from 2006 PlayStation 3 for physical copy on Nintendo switch because you remastered a PlayStation game and it was crash bandacot trilogy for ps. Please a remastered of pain for the ps3 onto Nintendo switch and its rated M.
Iguana Studios
Iguana Studios 16 dagen geleden
It’s not from Rocket League... But it’s March 31st is coming so ya gotta hurry up
Francisco Mateo
Francisco Mateo 16 dagen geleden
Angel Lucio Sanchez
Angel Lucio Sanchez 16 dagen geleden
Is it just me or the photo of the video looks like a tesla logo on the car look at the yellow and red car logo???.
Super Bowser Mulkey
Super Bowser Mulkey 16 dagen geleden
Alexander Redhorse
Alexander Redhorse 16 dagen geleden
reporting switch users CraBapples and zach for blatant cheating, network manipulation, and unsportsmanlike conduct.
RW Thunder
RW Thunder 16 dagen geleden
Pathetic Spammer
Alexander Redhorse
Alexander Redhorse 16 dagen geleden
reporting switch user Domkey for blatant cheating and network manipulation.
RW Thunder
RW Thunder 16 dagen geleden
You are just a Pathetic Spammer
A Skylander Channel
A Skylander Channel 16 dagen geleden
Also the second I saw them fly past I was like? Lightning McQueen?
A Skylander Channel
A Skylander Channel 16 dagen geleden
I know there were only 2 wee wur sounds, but does anyone know the song
iceman 16 dagen geleden
Alexander Redhorse
Alexander Redhorse 16 dagen geleden
reporting switch user Ontos7152 for blatant cheating and network manipulation. fix this
Alexander Redhorse
Alexander Redhorse 16 dagen geleden
reporting switch user im high af for blatant cheating, network manipulation, and using rigged rulesets to gain an unfair advantage
Alexander Redhorse
Alexander Redhorse 16 dagen geleden
reporting switch user Bran for blatant cheating and network manipulation.
lilchorizo02 16 dagen geleden
Since Epic got RL, i now understand why Ford, F1, and Nascar are in there too. greddy b*tches
Noob Plays ty
Noob Plays ty 16 dagen geleden
Tomatron the One
Tomatron the One 16 dagen geleden
At first I though we would be getting racetracks that you could actually race other cars on, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Would be awesome though
Chalice Blade
Chalice Blade 16 dagen geleden
Genshin when?
John Martin
John Martin 16 dagen geleden
I need to get back into this game.
kish45 16 dagen geleden
Ok it is almost the end of March and Tunche is still not released.
typer meme
typer meme 16 dagen geleden
Video 5 of asking Nintendo for F-Zero on switch (Last one for today :) )
Derick Guillermo Gonzalez Martinez
Nintendo returns miiverse fornite on wii u puts it 7 April 2021 I hope that day ok please Nintendo I'm going to leave you a sad message you must take out miiverse again I know that sometimes we play Nintendo swich or wii u yes 7 April and forntnite 16 April wiishop free the game in 2021
ang3l921 17 dagen geleden
James Ford
James Ford 17 dagen geleden
"now add voicechat for switch"
Montana 17 dagen geleden
Definitely need that Mustang GT NASCAR 👌 hopefully we can customize them, I'm just imagining a 90's Rusty Wallace paint job on it
Terri Zandecki
Terri Zandecki 15 dagen geleden
That would be really awesome and amazing!!!!!
Asutari 17 dagen geleden
I hope when we boost the rear wing will go down for DRS
Marce y yo
Marce y yo 17 dagen geleden
Se viene lo chido
Pi 17 dagen geleden
This is gonna be good
R0AD_killer 17 dagen geleden
Llama-Rama to a new season? Cool!
Vergil Son of Sparda
Vergil Son of Sparda 17 dagen geleden
Gotta love Formula Racing cars
Drago The Gamer789
Drago The Gamer789 17 dagen geleden
so cool i beat get the pas
MATEO UCHIHA 17 dagen geleden
Proximamente kratos in super smah bros ultimate
Fatal error Sans
Fatal error Sans 17 dagen geleden
Nintendo what about the Wii you forgot about that Wii Consol people who still have that Wii can Play with different people because connections on the Wii are no longer available to be used no the Wii
Renzo Miku 69
Renzo Miku 69 17 dagen geleden
and P1 Sebastian P1
Renzo Miku 69
Renzo Miku 69 17 dagen geleden
No other Like my own skin
No other Like my own skin 17 dagen geleden
For Nintendo. Can you provide? Can you Call Next "Mario Kart". Can be Mario Kart Switch ? For Nintendo Switch Can you add? (8) They are Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, newest model looking Yoshi, Bowser, Donkey Kong Jr., Toad, Blue Toad from New Super Mario Bros. U. (3) They are Donkey Kong, Wario, & Princess Daisy. (12) They are Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Baby Princess Peach, "new" Baby Yoshi, Bubble Baby Yoshi from New Super Mario Bros. U., Balloons Baby Red Yoshis New Super Mario Bros. U., Baby Bowser, Baby Ganondorf, Baby Donkey Kong, Baby Wario, Baby Waluigi, and Baby Princess Daisy. (3) They are Diddy Kong, Bowser Jr., Waluigi. (1) Can you him? A new model of Lakitu... Can you add? More Characters (6) They are Metroid Prime 4 look of Samus, The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 look of Link with more tractable clothing choices, Princess Zelda plus with hoodie choice too, 2020 Look of Relax Tom Nook in Animal Crossing New Horizons Hawaii Freely Clothing, Super Mario Bros. 2 redesign Transgender Birdo, Captain Toad Treasure Tracker Switch Model of Toadette of clothing too. (2) They add The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 in look Ganondorf, 2020 Look of Relax Isabelle in Animal Crossing New Horizons Hawaii Easy going Freely Clothing Relax day at work. (1) Can make her? Upgrade one Pink one Villager Girl Mario Kart 8 Deluxe from 2020 Animal Crossing New Horizons. (1) This one is Yellow hair Ink Woman from Splatoon 3 with new hair. (4) They are King Boo, Dry Bones, Shy Guy, Dry Bowser, and Crown Bigger Boo. Can you provide? New ones I think Can you her? Pauline from Mario Odyssey. (2) They are New Update Design of Ghirahim & Fi Blue Women from The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword. (1) Their is one new Update Design of Dixie Kong from Donkey Kong Game Series. (3) They is Mii Character from Wii, Wii U, or Switch. Can you Remove? Coins on Road. For this game Zero Gravity. Can bring another Mario Game in Future. Can you provide online? Can you provide good about Mario 8 Deluxe is New Battle Mode returns? 30 New Level to play. Balloon Battle 30 New Level to play. Bob-omb Blast 30 New Level to play. Renegarde Roundup 30 New Level to play. Shine Theif All the new original track Basic 64 Nintendo games, GameCube Nintendo games, Wii U Nintendo games, and Nintendo Switch Nintendo games. Can add all all new racing track. 296 new Roads basic SNES, 64, Wii, & Switch. 1 Mushroom Cup 37 2 Flower Cup 37 3 Star Cup 37 4 Banana Cup 37 5 Leaf Cup 37 6 Lighting Cup 37 7 Bell Cup 37 8 Special Cup 37 Can you add? power-ups! Green Shell 1 to 3, Red Shell 1 to 3, Spiny Shell 1 to 3, Blooper, Lightning, Super Star, Fire Flowers, Ice Flower, Red Mix Flower, Blue Mix Flower 1-Up Mushroom 1 to 3, Golden Mushroom, Bullet Bill, Bloomerang Flower, Ice Iceberg for hand, Buzzy Shell, Cloud Flower, P-Wing, Dash Pepper, Ice Skate, Mega Mushroom, Mini Mushroom, Propeller Box, Propeller Mushroom, Flying Spiny Shell, cant move Statue Leaf, Browing, breaking the ground Super Hammer, fly in air Super Leaf, Fix ground Super Pickax, & more if need. Fresh Banana to garbage Banana Can you add power-ups box of all 2 or double on top or all 1 power-ups box? In the line of power-ups box Can you provide? New DLC Stuff Yearly Thank you.
Zach J
Zach J 17 dagen geleden
Oh boy, the Cars 4 trailer looks lit
Luis Ortiz
Luis Ortiz 17 dagen geleden
If I use Hamilton’s Mercedez does my team automatically win?
Nicolas Rodriguez
Nicolas Rodriguez 17 dagen geleden
Rocket league standard car be like, "Are they trying to get the ball or..."
Romi Bajwa
Romi Bajwa 17 dagen geleden
🚀 ⚽️ 🥅
dinodilidragon - Dalton
dinodilidragon - Dalton 17 dagen geleden
Abaixa o preço dos jogos, a realidade do Brasil é diferente, três jogos estão praticamente mil reais. 😥 pfvr Nintendo todos os brasileiros pedem (os lucros irão aumentar muito). E o Nintendo switch online tem muita pouca coisa 😥 😊😊 It lowers the price of games, the reality of Brazil is different, three games are practically a thousand reais. please Nintendo all Brazilians ask (profits will increase a lot). And the Nintendo switch online there is very little 😥😥😥 😊😊
Alyon Behr Productions
Alyon Behr Productions 17 dagen geleden
Did no one see the Tesla in the thumbnail?
Slop Tart
Slop Tart 17 dagen geleden
Games been trash since it became fortnite league
Noel López
Noel López 17 dagen geleden
Mario Strikers > Rocket League
David Campbell
David Campbell 17 dagen geleden
Will Splatoon come to the Nintendo switch some day
kamenDriver 5
kamenDriver 5 17 dagen geleden
How come there wasn’t already a racing theme
Wizzkidwas 17 dagen geleden
Oh huh Rocket league has F1 cars now? Nice
Howl Code123
Howl Code123 17 dagen geleden
Lessss gooooooooooo
Jacob Hamid
Jacob Hamid 17 dagen geleden
Can't wait to play season 3!!!
Tim Dickins
Tim Dickins 17 dagen geleden
How awesome and insane would it be for Nintendo to make a new Wii game exclusive that really goes all out on the wii controls? I would love it! Charge little more than a switch game and how many wiis are out there? It would be a Boss move!
The Snazzmaster
The Snazzmaster 17 dagen geleden
Car go fast
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment 17 dagen geleden
BN 17 dagen geleden
Say the line smash fans!
Phoenix craft
Phoenix craft 17 dagen geleden
Thanks to nintendo, im going to buy nintendo switch lite and buy super mario odissey, pokemon sword and minecraft! All the nintendo workers, thanks for giving me this chance
Captain Harlock
Captain Harlock 16 dagen geleden
"Thanks to this multibillionaire company for making me waste money in their products"
JackieFriday 17 dagen geleden
I thought this said rocket league x splatoon 3
Insane-ity YT
Insane-ity YT 17 dagen geleden
Finally a good racing game for Swi- Oh.
Brian 16 dagen geleden
@Insane-ity YT ?????
Insane-ity YT
Insane-ity YT 16 dagen geleden
@Brian Yeah sorry I only played the game for about 700 hours so I don't know much.
Brian 16 dagen geleden
wtf were you expecting??? It's Rocket League bruh
HeadBread 17 dagen geleden
Glad to know if I'm kicking off against someone in a williams I won't need to boost
7b's Development Proyects
7b's Development Proyects 17 dagen geleden
Hey, Epic services doesn't even work on switch version...
Ethan Johnson
Ethan Johnson 17 dagen geleden
They got Tesla though, I have to start playing again
Ethan Johnson
Ethan Johnson 17 dagen geleden
@Blue Toad That’s a big L on my note then, thanks for the info!
Blue Toad
Blue Toad 17 dagen geleden
That's actually a new rocket pass car called Tyranno, but the T on its front looks like tesla logo
MAX SOUZA 17 dagen geleden
Yes finally
oldmess 17 dagen geleden
Low-key game of the gen. The best gameplay, the best crossplay (super quick matchmaking) and cross progression, same level of fun after 10, 100 or 1000 hours!
Jesus Marcos
Jesus Marcos 17 dagen geleden
XQ Gaming
XQ Gaming 17 dagen geleden
Just got 3d all stars a few days ago... lovin it!
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