Project TRIANGLE STRATEGY - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch 

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Project TRIANGLE STRATEGY, launching for Nintendo Switch in 2022, continues SQUARE-ENIX’s legacy of tactical RPGs. Featuring deep gameplay full of choices and consequences, strategically survey the battlefield to gain the upper hand.
Demo available now
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17 feb. 2021




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Barnacle Crucifix
Barnacle Crucifix 16 uur geleden
yea that title requires some changes
msu7777 Dag geleden
Can we get FF1-6 and FFTs on switch with HD?
p dub
p dub Dag geleden
Take my money plz
Jose Telles
Jose Telles Dag geleden
OMG!!!!!!! I need this!!!
Adnan Rhafif
Adnan Rhafif Dag geleden
turn based done, strategy rpg check, next make an action rpg with the same style👍
Keith B
Keith B 2 dagen geleden
Looks good but that very last voice over was terrible lol
Harry Mcrorie
Harry Mcrorie 2 dagen geleden
Octopath tactics
Ceejay 2391
Ceejay 2391 2 dagen geleden
Ngl, the game looks good. It’s just that title. I hope it’s not the final name of the game. I wasn’t too fond of Octopath Traveler either.
Cypher Fox
Cypher Fox 2 dagen geleden
Yes I will be buying a copy on it's first day.
CatchUp 2 dagen geleden
I will espouse the ideal of probably sinking one hundred hours into this.
JXKER 3 dagen geleden
Usually the demo for a game is released weeks before said game comes out, not a year before... It should be labeled a beta test not a demo. Other than that this game could be really good, just a little iffy about the 3 factions thing, but choices are always welcomed.
JXKER Dag geleden
@Jessee Thanks for blessing me with your wisdom Mr. High & Mighty, so they'll get feedback from a demo, which is intended to be the sample of an already complete game. To me this is a beta test, to you this is a demo, different opinions I respect that.
Jessee 2 dagen geleden
@JXKER Yet they aren't beta tests. Learn what they are and be enlightened. Right now you sound like the idiotic GOP
JXKER 2 dagen geleden
@Jessee I know that demos are normal, but its something that's meant to be played before the games official release, now these are called Beta tests, which are for players testing the game.
Jessee 2 dagen geleden
They do these demos as a way to get feedback to know what they need to change. They did it with Octopath and Bravely Default 2. Also I seem to remember a demo of a now canceled game that was released without knowing when the game comes out. Not to mention they did demos the same way back in the early PS1 days. Final Fantasy 7 had a demo released on September 30th, 1996 in the US. The game itself didn't come out until September 7th, 1997 in the US. (Nearly a year later)
Schneeeule 02
Schneeeule 02 3 dagen geleden
Since I played the demo it's an absolutely must have for me😍
haflelife 2
haflelife 2 3 dagen geleden
YES! finally a new GOOD tactical RPG! now i'll buy a switch
Mike G
Mike G 5 dagen geleden
In my mind it’s octopath 2 idc
Starchie Halo
Starchie Halo 5 dagen geleden
Someone had lots of fun with their thesaurus, except when it came to the title lol
Schoko Mit Nüssen
Schoko Mit Nüssen 5 dagen geleden
I love Games like this. What i loved about FF Tactics was that u can recruite a whole team and the job system. Hopefully this Games has this.
Why 5 dagen geleden
JRPGs are no longer made by humans, people take a survey about what they like about anime and RPGs and that information is fed into a computer that generates the game. Thank you Dunkey for opening my eyes.
Doutor Manhattan
Doutor Manhattan 6 dagen geleden
Stella Deus, FFT, Suikoden tactics CRISPR
Sulls2Cold 6 dagen geleden
Finally a follow up to one of the greatest 2d RPGs, FFTactics.
Rob 7 dagen geleden
100% buying
Gregimus 7 dagen geleden
One other thing please bring metroid prime trilogy to the switch please, oh and final fantasy tactics!!!!! We will be forever grateful 🙏
Gregimus 7 dagen geleden
Wow. The only thing that I can think of that the battle/field graphics could be better, and more detailed. Love the character artwork, soundtrack, game mechanics and display (HUD). Cmon guys make this the superior strategy tactics game ever! I mean cmon your square enix for heavens sake! Yall are the masters at RPGs! We have high expectations from you guys!
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper 8 dagen geleden
Can't wait to play this but man that's a long wait
Dystnine 9 dagen geleden
Beautiful music amd graphics. Wanna see more
Meeb 9 dagen geleden
This actually looks really good
NP gear
NP gear 9 dagen geleden
overprice for sure.
Lee Xiong
Lee Xiong 9 dagen geleden
Who else played twice? Giving up roland and protecting roland?
Alfred Carmona
Alfred Carmona 9 dagen geleden
2022... stills so far😪
지구의주인고양이 9 dagen geleden
재밋어 보이는데 PC 는 안나오려나
Ascende 9 dagen geleden
Fire Fantasy Traveler
Pouglas 9 dagen geleden
Oh man this gives me FF:TA and Octopath Traveler vibes.
Sam Chak
Sam Chak 10 dagen geleden
00:57 Wow! That's clearly the incredible Jump action ability used by the Dragoon job. 🤻
Daedalos 10 dagen geleden
Tactics Ogre: "Finally a worthy opponent"
kenjinsakura 10 dagen geleden
And I thought Octopath Traveller was a bad title.
DwayneHicks426 10 dagen geleden
I hope they make a Front Mission game with the same style.
Jude The Dude
Jude The Dude 10 dagen geleden
I dont care about this game so much that I care about how uncaring it makes me.
Umbruhh 11 dagen geleden
It looks like its the FF Tactics version of what Bravely Default was for Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light
InvaderDust 11 dagen geleden
Feels like a new FF Tactics?! Oh man, please allow this to be on other platforms. . . .(playstation cough cough)
Jessee 2 dagen geleden
Highly doubt it. The most you'll get is a PC release
Stickupkids 11 dagen geleden
Hopefully this isn't coming to just the switch, I'd rather not support that scummy company any longer.
Jessee 2 dagen geleden
So you'd rather support scummy companies like Sony. Nice to know
Chris Playz Too
Chris Playz Too 11 dagen geleden
I came here for the music at the beginning😩
Richard Lee
Richard Lee 11 dagen geleden
This game looks insanely amazing! Please take your time on this game.
nickostrife 11 dagen geleden
2022? Well I have been waiting for 15 years since war of the lions launch tho..
Nocvius 11 dagen geleden
0:33 YOOOOOOOO this reminds me of FFT where Ramza visited his dying father at Igros Castle alongside Alma, Dycedarg, Zalbaag!
Jonathan Guerrier
Jonathan Guerrier 11 dagen geleden
I really love HD 2D art style!
Catherine Hintz
Catherine Hintz 11 dagen geleden
I wish this had better graphics and was not in 2D
The humble narcissist
The humble narcissist 12 dagen geleden
I shat on this game while watching the direct for it's obvious Three Houses inspiration, but damn I actually really liked the demo.
Hi hi hi hi hi
Hi hi hi hi hi 6 dagen geleden
I disagree sorry
Lizzy The Cutie
Lizzy The Cutie 12 dagen geleden
Everyone's saying this is like Fire Emblem- lmao no. Fire Emblem's great, but this is more if Final Fantasy Tactics, Octopath Traveler, and Tactics Ogre had a baby, not Fire Emblem
ken84 2 dagen geleden
Matt Gould
Matt Gould 12 dagen geleden
The voices suck, otherwise looks good.
ANIMAL 12 dagen geleden
Un saludo a la mimosa
narcissistnerd 12 dagen geleden
Please just name it Scales of Conviction instead of Triangle Strategy
Edgar P
Edgar P 12 dagen geleden
When i saw this i thought it was a sequel to octopath. Ive played the demo and didnt really care for it that much. So after reading about it. I saw its not a sequel. So im pretty glad. The game doesnt have the beautiful graphics of OT. Which is where all the charm was.
Leon 12 dagen geleden
there's NO WAY they are going to actually end up calling it triangle strategy. Looks fire though
Tiger Lily
Tiger Lily 12 dagen geleden
This makes me hunger for OG Final Fantasy Tactics!!!!! *PLEASE BRING IT TO THE NINTENDO SWITCH*
Z Xiong
Z Xiong 12 dagen geleden
Three characters, one for virtue, one for liberty and one for utility? This is exactly FE3H
Ruby Doobie
Ruby Doobie 12 dagen geleden
Love the look, I'm sure I'd love the story but I much rather they followed FIre Emblems' example instead of FF Tactics when it comes to gameplay. Having everyone go one after the other doesn't lend itself to being tactical at all, it plays out like a turn-based RPG where you have to move around, having a player phase followed by the enemy phase gives you a chance to attack and set up a defensive position at the same time, as it is moving an archer up leaves them vulnerable because I can't move a tanking unit up to protect them until after they've been attacked.
Kylee Faren
Kylee Faren 12 dagen geleden
Octopath was final fantasy. Triangle is FF tactics. This is perfect
Kylee Faren
Kylee Faren 12 dagen geleden
THIS. This is what we were waiting for. It's like Nintendo listened and gave us a chance to fund this genre again
波奇 12 dagen geleden
great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
R0b_b_b _b
R0b_b_b _b 13 dagen geleden
Instant pre purchase for me.
Txawjhlub Lao
Txawjhlub Lao 13 dagen geleden
Bring this to ps4. I dont wanna buy a switch
Braxdon johnson
Braxdon johnson 13 dagen geleden
I remember before the direct started. All the possibilities. Zeldas anniversery, Metroids anniversery, Pokemons anniversery. BOTW 2, Metroid Prime 4, Mario Kart 9, Bayonetta 3, Diamond and Pearl Remakes, and I think I speak for everyone when I say that Octopath Traveler 2 is exactly what everyone wanted
Mousse Half
Mousse Half 13 dagen geleden
Just want two things to fix the moviment control is too heavy and the range squares are so transparents sometime i cant see it all the rest is very nice! (Personal request put more pixels in characters faces ) =)
aj supreme
aj supreme 13 dagen geleden
The gameplay and Art style look awesome. The Name of the game however is horrible and I hope the story doesn't seem as boring as it sounds.
Daniel Flood
Daniel Flood 13 dagen geleden
Day one but for me. This looks amazing!
TheSporehacker 13 dagen geleden
This game is so on the wishlist
Rocky Sal
Rocky Sal 13 dagen geleden
I am sooooo excited for this!
CRADLE619 13 dagen geleden
Too slow for me
shellman1 yt
shellman1 yt 13 dagen geleden
Project Triangle Strategy is coming very soon
mateusv 13 dagen geleden
pyramid scheme
Danni Revs
Danni Revs 13 dagen geleden
Dislike the name, love the concept. It's like if FF Tactics got the HD-2D treatment. Love it.
Pete K
Pete K 13 dagen geleden
Absolutely perfect
Kopokopu Kochan
Kopokopu Kochan 13 dagen geleden
If somewhere in there I heard a line like “kill every last one of them” I’ll giggle like kid who just got candies.🤣 On more series note I hope the story is comparable to FFT. We need more protagonist like Ramza!🙏
Orpheusftw 13 dagen geleden
So excited for this one, even if it has one of the worst titles I've heard in a while.
Mik Mak
Mik Mak 13 dagen geleden
My only problem is that the hd 2d is not as crisp in details. Specially on the character models. It's blurry. Just like in octopath
Dinho Aguiar
Dinho Aguiar 14 dagen geleden
Quero muito esse jogo
Ahmxt Sxnjuu
Ahmxt Sxnjuu 14 dagen geleden
I REAAAALLY Hope that 2D-HD becomes a new Standard in Game Graphics/Art Style
Dai 大
Dai 大 14 dagen geleden
PLEAAAASE don't be a f*cking disappointment
G. Jackdaw
G. Jackdaw 14 dagen geleden
Imagine pokemon in this animation style. I feel like this should have been the next step after platinum, instead of jumping into the 3D mediocrity that they are currently stuck in.
G. Jackdaw
G. Jackdaw 14 dagen geleden
Tried the demo. It's challenging, very visually pleasing, and got an interesting multi-layered story. Looking forward to this game.
killeing 14 dagen geleden
You know what i hate? Seeing an awesome game set to release the next year- ESPECIALLY WHEN THE CURRENT YEAR JUST STARTED >XO!!!
Gintama Fanboy
Gintama Fanboy 14 dagen geleden
Cant wait for it looks so fire
Ramza 14 dagen geleden
Finaly final fantsy tactics 2
Stefan Dešić
Stefan Dešić 14 dagen geleden
Really good game, really can't wait for the release
TazTheYellow 14 dagen geleden
The one thing from the Direct that made me squeal for joy.
Random Duck
Random Duck 14 dagen geleden
I hope the main character uses his signature move, Hyper Hypotenuse Hadouken.
R. 14 dagen geleden
Games like this are best made for the switch
Snow Chan
Snow Chan 14 dagen geleden
Is it bad to buy a game for the voice acting alone? These are surprisingly good
Bethany Heppner
Bethany Heppner 13 dagen geleden
It amazes me how, even to this day, competent voice acting is so rare in video games.
Snow Chan
Snow Chan 13 dagen geleden
@Alexander I posted this before I knew there was a demo available haha. Well, it's variable in terms of quality, but I was expecting absolute trash like how the Bravely Default trailer was.
Alexander 13 dagen geleden
The voice acting in the demo is pretty shaky.
Iekk55 Ippo
Iekk55 Ippo 14 dagen geleden
"I can finally play other games from my library!" **square releases 500+ hour game** "...but...but i just was able to play my other's not fair..."
Shape Shifter K
Shape Shifter K 14 dagen geleden
This is good, don't get me wrong, I love that more is happening, but the working title this time around does have to change this time. The gameplay is fun, as is the elemental play.
Angel Egel
Angel Egel 14 dagen geleden
Who is the director of this game?
Cole Cuts
Cole Cuts 14 dagen geleden
Fire Emblem Three House 2: Electric Boogaloo
Ezra 14 dagen geleden
Nothing makes a gamer more excited than NOT ACTUAL GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE lol
Eric Hayato
Eric Hayato 14 dagen geleden
Anas Coolcat
Anas Coolcat 14 dagen geleden
Triangle Strategy? What's next? Circle Adventure? Crossed Paths? Square Enix?
Ziro Zi
Ziro Zi 14 dagen geleden
love it bravely universe hahaha
SergioBalbás_D 14 dagen geleden
The melody at the beginning sounds like "World of Scattering Flowers" from Bravely Default : ^)
JezusChris 14 dagen geleden
Am I the only one not seeing anything from fire emblem saga? It's more like fft, ogre tactics and such, no things like that simple triangle strat (other than the provvisory name), don't get me wrong, this would be a must have game, i just don't understand what fire emblem inheritance other people are seeing
Headphonemike 14 dagen geleden
Good to know Percy from critical role is finally getting to be in a video game
Scrummy64 14 dagen geleden
Please, please, _please_ have the same composer from Octopath Traveler
Micro Sunny
Micro Sunny 14 dagen geleden
Tactics Ogre Advanced
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