Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville Complete Edition - Reveal Trailer - Nintendo Switch 

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Ready the Juice Cannons and prepare for battle when Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville Complete Edition comes to Nintendo Switch on March 19!
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17 feb. 2021




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Samantha Olvd
Samantha Olvd 13 uur geleden
Woow ?pvz3¿ X Nintendo
Oreo-brawl stars
Oreo-brawl stars 13 uur geleden
Will it be 1080p 30fps?
Pollo y Bistec
Pollo y Bistec Dag geleden
Pea shooter for smash
Pollo y Bistec
Pollo y Bistec Dag geleden
Please sakurai
GuevaMar YT
GuevaMar YT Dag geleden
we got possibility to see peashoter in smash like 5% to see it but its not 0
Carlos Delgado
Carlos Delgado Dag geleden
yes pvz
Jakari Grogan
Jakari Grogan Dag geleden
“Play to unlock characters “? What does that mean
Jakari Grogan
Jakari Grogan 20 uur geleden
I knew it
V. Va
V. Va 20 uur geleden
@Jakari Grogan I think there are 3 characters to unlock.
Jakari Grogan
Jakari Grogan 20 uur geleden
I’m mean how mean characters?
V. Va
V. Va 20 uur geleden
It means play to Unlock characters.
Aiden Drake
Aiden Drake 2 dagen geleden
This actually sounds like a better version of the game, There may be only be 8v8 but it sounds more manigable from what i have seen online, you can play offline not needing internet witch is great for the switch, there are no rainbow stars, getting all 12 prize maps and motion controlers (for you sick twisted people out there) yes it may be worse then gw2 but I don't care beacuse i haven't played a GW game scence the first. I know this comment won't be read by anyone but for the few sould that do IM HAPPY (and thanks for reading)
Sergio Aguilar
Sergio Aguilar 2 dagen geleden
FINALLY!!!!! Been waiting for the Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare/Battle for Neighborville franchise to join Nintendo since it was first announced back in 2013, so more people can get to know and enjoy these amazing and really fun games. The Garden Warfare Franchise is a really good franchise with so much potential. But they should have added crossplay so the community would be a bigger, unified one. And, in that way, the games would have been even more popular since they could connect people from any console or PC, making the interactions more accesible to anyone, and thus, forming a more solid player base. Another thing they should have added to the Switch version is the Split-Screen mode in the entirety of the game. Split-screen mode is one of the most fun features to have on any multiplayer game. Tackling online (as well as local offline mode) in split-screen with a friend or a sibling in your house is one of the most enjoyable and fun experiences ever.
Shirley Catubigan
Shirley Catubigan 2 dagen geleden
Does this have split scree
Gay Mommy
Gay Mommy 2 dagen geleden
Bruh i don't like this I want the game to be the same from other consoles
Alvin Ng
Alvin Ng 3 dagen geleden
Minecraft Creeper
Minecraft Creeper 3 dagen geleden
cool, guess ima buy a nintendo
Autism And Gaming
Autism And Gaming 3 dagen geleden
This id definitely EA/Popcap 's last hurrah with the game; They cancelled all updates knowing it was less profitable than GW(2) & are releasing this port as a final send off to this game. A send off that a franchise like PVZ deserves (& when I say that I'm referring to this game not PVZ as a whole)
StarLordG 3 dagen geleden
what is the song called?
whiter 2.5
whiter 2.5 3 dagen geleden
Jon Kukaj
Jon Kukaj 3 dagen geleden
People should really respect how hard they worked to port this onto the switch. Plus the fact its all PLAY TO WIN. Thats suprising for a company like EA
279 ft
279 ft 3 dagen geleden
I’m hyped for this game
Yawshi 3 dagen geleden
Being a HUGE pvz fan, this was like one of the best parts of the direct.
Pvz-MDshooters 3 dagen geleden
Darksoul09 Darkclan
Darksoul09 Darkclan 3 dagen geleden
Yeah same
Michael Pantoja
Michael Pantoja 4 dagen geleden
SewerynZablotny 4 dagen geleden
Play to unlock its made by ea it should probably be pay to unlock
Clayton Rupe
Clayton Rupe 4 dagen geleden
im gonna buy the game again just to show ea that i want more pvz. god i hope they dont kill the franchise
Yeah_man20 4 dagen geleden
screw you xbox! now i have my nintendo switch to play plants vs zombies!
George Vasquez
George Vasquez 5 dagen geleden
This game is dead
DARIKYE DRAGONS 5 dagen geleden
el simurHD
el simurHD 5 dagen geleden
Sonikelerizo Gamer
Sonikelerizo Gamer 5 dagen geleden
Mario Enzo Takatani Games
I Have Nintendo Switch Can't Wait To Play😊
NORMA L NAVARRO 5 dagen geleden
Nintendo podrias meter el modo pantalla dividida por fa para que podamos jugar en local poorrfffaaaaaaa
NORMA L NAVARRO 5 dagen geleden
Ferdie1027 Aka CuisCopper and Blue Gumball
sorry not sorry, but im not getting this game since i have it on another console.
Nite Spike
Nite Spike 5 dagen geleden
Aw man, everyone is saying this game is dead and the last update was a year ago :/ did people legit stop playing this or what? I wouldn't be surprised if finding matches are very slow or something. I'm honestly starting to have second thoughts now about buying this.... disappointing for a PVZ fan like me. However, I'll probably be buying Apex Legends tho, so not all bad.
Barack Obama
Barack Obama 5 dagen geleden
The last update was 4 months ago. The player base isn't dead it's alive just that they don't update the game. This one will have an active player base though cause in the start of a new game there's always an active player base, maybe after a few years it would be hard.
S. Townsend
S. Townsend 6 dagen geleden
And this sets up new dlc character from plants vs zombies
Liam McKenna
Liam McKenna 6 dagen geleden
is it just me or does this trailer thing remind anyone of Fortnite? lol I showed my parents this and they said that
Maximus Not Live
Maximus Not Live 6 dagen geleden
If u could turn the graphics down on switch that would be amazing. Although I do love this games visuals better frames is a better option for me and also, micro transactions=gone
Cassidy Mark
Cassidy Mark 7 dagen geleden
Sunflower vs Pirahna Plant, only on Smash Bros.
Toro Gaming
Toro Gaming 7 dagen geleden
Do I need online membership to play pvz online? Plz say no or I will be sad
Toro Gaming
Toro Gaming 7 dagen geleden
BASH PARTY 8 dagen geleden
Mackeur 8 dagen geleden
Omg the best game come in nintendo switch nice :)
CoolJeremy Animations
CoolJeremy Animations 8 dagen geleden
Let’s be honest here PVZ Garden Warfare 2 was better anyway. Still cool that this game is gonna come out for Switch but Garden Warfare 2 was better.
Pancitopro 8 dagen geleden
A gastar
InkPea_1069 8 dagen geleden
"I wish all people who think they stole the fortnite design a very pleasant evening" -Bugs Bunny
Syden69 8 dagen geleden
I guess this will be crossplay im so excited for this
Tyler Lehmann
Tyler Lehmann 8 dagen geleden
Is this game free?
shadow king
shadow king 8 dagen geleden
Felix Real
Felix Real 9 dagen geleden
pls Make th first Game for Switch would be really cool
Master of all Cephalopods: Comrade Zulaski Kaitzo
Meanwhile in Game Freak: 'I have an idea: How about our next Game is in Luxembourg and we reduce the pokedex to 10 Pokemon! And we could introduce that wakey new gimmick, where once per Game, you can make your Pokémon stronger WITHOUT ANY VISUAL EFFECTS OR WHATSOEVER. And the whole plot will be about finding the secret of that gimmick!'
Latviaball 9 dagen geleden
Complete Edition should not get added. It's so unfair and Switch players will just flex and laugh at those Steam, Xbox and PS players. They should cancel this idea of "Complete Edition".
Oliver Bolstridge
Oliver Bolstridge 7 dagen geleden
Salty much?
Elijah Padilla
Elijah Padilla 9 dagen geleden
ink man studios
ink man studios 9 dagen geleden
Bobby 811
Bobby 811 10 dagen geleden
I feel confused here do we play multiplayer for free in this game or pay it?
Austin Kniga-Bartlett
Austin Kniga-Bartlett 10 dagen geleden
What's the music, please?
M8 PLANT 10 dagen geleden
Is time to shoot some plants or zombies plants vs zombies battle for neighborville on the nintendo pre order now
The Slayer 7w7
The Slayer 7w7 10 dagen geleden
alfin pvz en switch
Jack Cutter
Jack Cutter 10 dagen geleden
Finally an offline and bots mode! Literally EVERYONE asked for that from the start. It's no GW2 but I'm still gonna get it for on the go action
SilverSecure 4 dagen geleden
Yeah honestly i think i'll give this version a shot it seems really cool with the offline mode and lack of micro transactions!
Sebastián López
Sebastián López 8 dagen geleden
Yes, I always wanted to play the story mode without an internet connection, and now it will be possible here
The PlasmabroYT
The PlasmabroYT 10 dagen geleden
Coming to Nintendo switch!? That's amazing I'm impressed!😃👍 if there could be any other way to revive bfn though 😕
DedrickSwing 306
DedrickSwing 306 10 dagen geleden
What the song called!!!
La 10 dagen geleden
Tons of reactors of the trailer said “I wish PVZ would stop focusing on shooters and focus on the original” and not know the truth of what happened to this game
V. Va
V. Va 20 uur geleden
Even though PVZ2 still gets updated regularly.
Shiny Mudkip *Riley* the king
Ea: usually pay to win Ea now: play to win
Calvicie Calviciante
Calvicie Calviciante 5 dagen geleden
i read pay to win in the second
GilGil 10 dagen geleden
Search for Everybody Get Up - Yes Yes No Maybe to find this song 👌
slugterra slug it out 2
slugterra slug it out 2 10 dagen geleden
Killegal 10 dagen geleden
Overwatch: PvZ edition
CoolJeremy Animations
CoolJeremy Animations 8 dagen geleden
Purple crew
Purple crew 10 dagen geleden
Oswaldo Padilla
Oswaldo Padilla 10 dagen geleden
I love nintendo so much
heal weed
heal weed 10 dagen geleden
EA: Mabye I don't want to be the bad guy anymore
Gerardo Higareda
Gerardo Higareda 10 dagen geleden
Is this game gonna release physical or online only?
DanFire Flare
DanFire Flare 11 dagen geleden
A bit odd since it won’t being receiving updates :/ but I hope people can find enjoyment
Aifang Fu
Aifang Fu 11 dagen geleden
Does anyone know the game play for the switch. I mean I don't think it will be like XBOX where it's first person shooter style or is it. I can't aim, shoot, run all at the same time. My fingers and thumb don't work that way. 😆🤣😂 Just wondering if anyone the style is.
Maxan Tube Gaming
Maxan Tube Gaming 11 dagen geleden
OH COME ON. I just bought the game for PC like a week ago and now I haft to buy it again if I want the definitive edition that most people will play on.
Kai long
Kai long 11 dagen geleden
I wish they also added the first and the second game of the trilogy of games
Chris Does Things
Chris Does Things 11 dagen geleden
Wait, EA made a game WITHOUT micro-transactions!?
shaolinskunks88 11 dagen geleden
But will lobbies be dead? Pun intended ? Looks fun 🤩
Paboteh 11 dagen geleden
cheesey boi
cheesey boi 11 dagen geleden
If there is plants vs zombies, then... *ITS TIME!*
Rhys Higgon
Rhys Higgon 11 dagen geleden
Differences on the Switch: No Micro-Transactions - On other consoles, you needed to buy 'Rainbow Stars' with real currency if you wanted certain cosmetics, but on Switch every single item can be bought with coins that you earn by playing the game. All Prize Maps - On other consoles, Prize Maps (Basically Free Battle Passes) would go through a 12-month cycle, meaning that you could only get items from a prize map in the month it was available, but on Switch you can scroll between all 12 prize maps no matter what month it is. Offline Play - On other consoles, an internet connection was required for every part of the game, but on Switch, you can play the single-player story mode by yourself without internet.
Chema Aguilar
Chema Aguilar 11 dagen geleden
Alguien sabe si el juego vendrá en formato físico, o será un código de descarga?
José Castro
José Castro 11 dagen geleden
I already reserved the game. I like the franchise even if some games are hated because of EA's bad decitions and null supporting. 🌻🧟🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️
scribble knight
scribble knight 11 dagen geleden
No Im not getting my hopes up for this disapointment again
Dustin Rifardi
Dustin Rifardi 11 dagen geleden
i dont get why people hate this i mean yea no variants i mean they kinda bring variants but if you people support it instead hating on it who knows maybe they will be great to bring the game back (small chance)
Tomas Oberwandling
Tomas Oberwandling 12 dagen geleden
Too late ⏰
BJD TV 12 dagen geleden
I was so hyped to see this when it was live
axel torreiro
axel torreiro 12 dagen geleden
Question, does anyone you know FPS will have in Switch?, because I don't want to buy it if it goes to 3 FPS
Sajad Pir Ahmadian
Sajad Pir Ahmadian 12 dagen geleden
주택 혜택 법
All Cruz
All Cruz 12 dagen geleden
Archival A
Archival A 12 dagen geleden
I was thinking a few days ago “what if they transported this game to switch?” Say no more. If only garden warfare got transported
Dark Gaming
Dark Gaming 13 uur geleden
AngelFire550 10 dagen geleden
El Warrior398
El Warrior398 12 dagen geleden
Alvaro Luis Alegria Rodriguez
Un sueño hecho realidad... Gracias EA y Pop cap
GilGil 12 dagen geleden
Can someone tell me the name of the song on this trailer
GilGil 10 dagen geleden
Bees 10 dagen geleden
Everybody Get Up - Yes Yes No Maybe
Inutted 12 dagen geleden
Does anybody know if there’s actually going to be a physical edition of this game?
SilverSecure 4 dagen geleden
Not sure either but i think there will be since this is a huge game.
Sharky's Random Channel
Sharky's Random Channel 12 dagen geleden
What's the song at 0:24?
Fortegreen Crewmate
Fortegreen Crewmate 12 dagen geleden
Netflix: are you still watching? someone’s daughter: 0:01
Juanita Ruvalcaba
Juanita Ruvalcaba 12 dagen geleden
The best game😌
BotTele2 ᨆ
BotTele2 ᨆ 12 dagen geleden
Wait wat Unlock all characters just play? Maybe EA finally get so much money
Octol1ing Plant3r
Octol1ing Plant3r 12 dagen geleden
Garden warfare 1 and 2 on switch when? Also Popcap and EA really needs to stop milking BFN to death
Apples and Cream
Apples and Cream 12 dagen geleden
Still can't find what makes this port "complete" It has no add ons or exclusive features, Its just BFN but on Switch..
death trooper 648 wasssp
death trooper 648 wasssp 12 dagen geleden
When I got jurassic world evolution complete edition I got everything so ya you unlock everything in bfn
death trooper 648 wasssp
death trooper 648 wasssp 12 dagen geleden
Like exclusive stuff
death trooper 648 wasssp
death trooper 648 wasssp 12 dagen geleden
No you get everything in the game
Alien 12 dagen geleden
Let's go!
Joseph Beck
Joseph Beck 13 dagen geleden
Thank goodness I can play offline my wifi is awful
Joseph Beck
Joseph Beck 13 dagen geleden
Yeah I can't even play it on pc without an ea account stupid thank goodness. I have a nintendo switch but don't have a xbox or ps4
Atari Mii
Atari Mii 13 dagen geleden
Reject smash Return to Neighborville
the penguin with a gun
the penguin with a gun 13 dagen geleden
Play to unlock WAIT that meams i bought a complete edition even though i dont get any character Cool
Phoenix 13 dagen geleden
Does anyone know when the next pvz game will be released I was gonna buy pvz bfn but I dont wanna buy it if a new one is coming out
death trooper 648 wasssp
death trooper 648 wasssp 13 dagen geleden
I don't think so?
death trooper 648 wasssp
death trooper 648 wasssp 13 dagen geleden
I don't think so?
Penguin God
Penguin God 13 dagen geleden
Now we just need the original for Nintendo Just wait...
Jose Frescas
Jose Frescas 13 dagen geleden
We can rsvicw this game :D if we all try it then MAYBE they can do updates.
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