Outer Wilds - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch 

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Venture into a hand-crafted solar system and unravel the mysteries of the universe 22 minutes at a time when the critically acclaimed Outer Wilds comes to Nintendo Switch this summer!
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17 feb. 2021




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Viri Cepeda
Viri Cepeda 6 uur geleden
Estan chavos chavos
chipzey Man
chipzey Man 14 uur geleden
“ *you have 22 minutes until the solar system is destroyed* “ *WAIT WH-* **explosion**
aaa aaa
aaa aaa 14 uur geleden
MisterPikol Dag geleden
HONESLT One of the best games I have played in my life, it was a very unique and unforgetable experience.
Petey Dag geleden
This game is an absolute masterpiece, on the same level as Breath of the Wild, arguably even better. 100% recommend for anyone interested in exploration games
Jack Stanford
Jack Stanford 3 dagen geleden
One of the best of the decade, a must play
EchoTheShadow 5 dagen geleden
This trailer does alot of disservice to how good this game is.
BlackPuma 5 dagen geleden
This promotion really should been handled better. It outright spoils and ruins one of the most powerful moments of the first half hour, from the intro blurb onward. The whole game is about investigating and figuring things out, surely the type of person that enjoys this would be convinced be promoting some of the more mysterious and investigative aspects of the game.
Nordin Reecendo
Nordin Reecendo 5 dagen geleden
I know everyone is saying this game is by far one of the best experiences in gaming, and it's true, but it's more than that. Outer Wilds was awarded #3 on Eurogamer's most influential games of the 2010s list, only beaten by Bloodborne and Breath of The Wild. The fact that an indie game with little more than true passion and hard work put into it is able to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with AAA giants such as Bloodborne and Breath of The Wild truly speaks volumes for the experience held in this game. Outer Wilds was the first game to get me to cry in so long, and everyone I have bought this game for has thanked me for it.
QuarryBee 6 dagen geleden
we finna die in 22 minutes
Minsc 007
Minsc 007 6 dagen geleden
First thought: Major's Mask Second thought: Myst
Kelvin X
Kelvin X 6 dagen geleden
Really hope this port will do this game justice, it doesn’t run well on my ps4 pro with little stuttering now and then,
Hiojios 8 dagen geleden
this is my only reason to buy a switch, even though I do have it on my xbox one s, there are better games on the switch, damm this game good
letooce 8 dagen geleden
seriously, this game is an absolute masterpiece and one of my favourites of all time. if you were in way intrigued by the trailer, pick it up, you wont regret it.
PichuCrazy 8 dagen geleden
if you think this game looks good, please get it. you wont regret
Mixmore 8 dagen geleden
where is the legend of zelda 35 anniversity direct
Ampharob 9 dagen geleden
You have twenty-two minutes before the solar system is destroyed.
Edwin Gavin
Edwin Gavin 10 dagen geleden
This game is a masterpiece.
Little Bee
Little Bee 10 dagen geleden
Awesome game Buzzzz I'm a 🐝
Keone 10 dagen geleden
A word of advice: DEFINITELY DON'T PLAY THIS GAME ! You will be frustrated ! Frustrated to have played one, if not the best video game of your life. All other games will seem bland and uninspiring after you finish Outer Wilds. And you will spend the rest of your days looking for a new game to beat it. In vain.
Luzurper 10 dagen geleden
*me who bought the game on pc Literally like 4 days ago* welp, guess imma save up for a portable version
Turtle? Turtle
Turtle? Turtle 10 dagen geleden
Don't let this distract you over the fact *_you have 22 minutes before the solar system is destroyed._*
metaKnightSpamer777 10 dagen geleden
'How can You prevent The Sun from exploding?' Someone missed the point
Christopher Doman
Christopher Doman 11 dagen geleden
I don't know how they are going to optimize the game to run on the switch...
Mrcookie 11 dagen geleden
I think the narration guy revealed to much. In fact. The whole purpose of the game.
Thomas Davis
Thomas Davis 11 dagen geleden
So hyped for this, easily in my top 3 of all time. I don't think it has half the recognition it deserves. This will make for the third time im buying it, its that damn good.
starlosout online
starlosout online 12 dagen geleden
Yay... Can't wait for the Dark Bramble... I... absolutely... can't wait... Jokes aside, amazing game, 10/10, would play again!
The Justice Show
The Justice Show 12 dagen geleden
Finally a space game on switch
Chainsaw105 13 dagen geleden
bro how are you just gonna spoil the whole twist of the game
Arysta 12 dagen geleden
It's not a "spoiler".
MicoDreams 13 dagen geleden
Really happy to see this game coming to new platforms, but damn they're spoiling by just straight out saying the sun explodes, that was not necessary at all. The best part of this game is experiencing things for yourself for the first time, without knowing what is going on beforehand.
MicoDreams 12 dagen geleden
@Arysta I know it's not a heavy spoiler, but it still kinda spoils that first encounter. I think somehow it would just be better to leave it at "solar system in an endless time loop", that would be vague and intriguing enough to be a good selling point, but just flat out saying "22 minutes until the sun explodes" is just a bit too specific.
Arysta 12 dagen geleden
It's not an important "spoiler".
ImJustACat 13 dagen geleden
Majora’s mask in space
deltablaziken33 13 dagen geleden
If you have money to burn on a video game, this is the one to do it on. Easily one of the best games I’ve ever played. The soundtrack is beautiful. The visuals are beautiful. Good GOD the soundtrack is beautiful. The premise is so well executed. The ideas are flawless. The gameplay is absolutely enthralling. Buy this damn game. It’s unequivocally perfect.
Temporal 14 dagen geleden
Oh no we all gonna die
Tyler Campbell
Tyler Campbell 14 dagen geleden
Amazing game spoiled for anyone on Nintendo
Rosalba Hernandez
Rosalba Hernandez 14 dagen geleden
Plz give outer wilds a chance to play it is the best game I ever played and you might like it
Ash 14 dagen geleden
This is the best game I've ever played. So happy it's coming to Switch.
socks 14 dagen geleden
You have 22 before the solar system is destroyed!
Hydro Mech
Hydro Mech 14 dagen geleden
This game is actually a masterpiece
Alien X
Alien X 14 dagen geleden
Best game ever made, life-changing
Magada Da Skolin
Magada Da Skolin 14 dagen geleden
Great game. BUT WTF THE SPOILERS??! Ffs nintendo
Micah 14 dagen geleden
0:01 why did that sound so menacing
Dominick Chandler
Dominick Chandler 14 dagen geleden
0:00 Nintendo is trying to warn us
Agustin Lopez Santuario
Agustin Lopez Santuario 14 dagen geleden
This games is a truly masterpiece, and a master class of game design.
TicoMachi 14 dagen geleden
Kind of a bummer that they spoil the Groundhog Day aspect of the game. My first time playing I had no idea, and suddenly I hear a noise and look to see the sun exploding. Blew my mind.
Whiskey-420 14 dagen geleden
Spoils (Spoilers) “How can you prevent the sun from exploding”? Yeah... about that
anchuto 14 dagen geleden
Interesting... I’ve been wanting to get this one on my ps4 for quite some time now, but now I think I might get it for my Switch. I already used my Switch a lot for quick, 20 minutes game sessions, and this looks like it’d work perfectly for that.
Julenlele 15 dagen geleden
Nintendo switch player are lucky.
Hailey Jeon
Hailey Jeon 15 dagen geleden
Is this like Majora’s Mask?
The5LOLS 14 dagen geleden
Definitely get it though, I really love both games.
The5LOLS 14 dagen geleden
You could say that, however the progression in Majora’s Mask is based on getting new equipment, Outer Wilds progression is based on new knowledge. It’s more of a thinker than Majora’s Mask.
Arthur Ferreira
Arthur Ferreira 15 dagen geleden
Finally the masterpiece is here
bruh moment. inc
bruh moment. inc 15 dagen geleden
Way too much spoilers People should head in not knowing the sun is going to explode and that it resets imo
Dash & Mash
Dash & Mash 15 dagen geleden
Kotaku had this on #1 of the most important games of the last decade. So don't watch trailers or reviews, don't get spoiled. The less you know about this game when launching it, the better. I didn't watch a video, didn't read that much and it turned out to be the most immersive and somehow personal experience I ever had with any videogame. This is a freaking masterpiece. I mean one thing you should know: you should like adventure games. That's it.
Brock Whiting
Brock Whiting 15 dagen geleden
Are you serious nintendo? Why dont you show the ash twin project or the center too guys? Unbelievable. You ruined this game for people who have not played it yet. What a backwardass dumb trailer.
Gamola 15 dagen geleden
In all fairness this game is really hard to market. I'm just glad they didn't spoil more than what they did, honestly.
Wes Alm
Wes Alm 15 dagen geleden
One of the best games ever made. Better late than never. Seriously, why did this port take so long?
Rice 15 dagen geleden
The nintendo direct announcers had enough
Amirul Ashraf
Amirul Ashraf 15 dagen geleden
Majora Mask, but it is the sun instead the moon
Mara Louise
Mara Louise 15 dagen geleden
play this game you guys. one of my favorite games of all time 💙🙌🏽
Dapar 15 dagen geleden
This game is like a breath of fresh air, absolutely unique and magnificent
RantKid 15 dagen geleden
Pretty sure it's gonna run at like 20 fps
TOMYSSHADOW 15 dagen geleden
Am I the only one concerned about how well this will run on the Switch? It's a pretty processor intense game...
Sean Onraet
Sean Onraet 16 dagen geleden
I'm definitely getting this is the port runs well
Gekido 16 dagen geleden
This game is a masterpiece, wish I could wipe my memory of it just to play it again from the beginning.
Gekido 16 dagen geleden
I am so glad I read nothing about this game before I got it literally saw cover and was like "hey I like space travel".
fishiesnchippies 16 dagen geleden
Watching all the 2 year old typing "DeAd GaMe dEaD gAmE" on their mom's ipad when this came up on the live stream. Brought so much pain to me.
TOMYSSHADOW 15 dagen geleden
They were probably referring to the Fall Guys trailer right before. There's a delay between the stream and chat messages.
Tim Carlos
Tim Carlos 16 dagen geleden
Seriously one of the finest, most intricately designed, most emotionally engaging games ever made. And it's perfect for handheld. Pick it up if you've never played it, it's more than worth it!
McTrixter 16 dagen geleden
10/10 please buy it it’s an insane roller coaster of emotions and the ending is completely worth it
Tiger T
Tiger T 16 dagen geleden
91st video of 2021
Aegix Drakan
Aegix Drakan 16 dagen geleden
I am so happy to see the comment section filled with praise for this game. Because WOW does it deserve it. It's an incredible experience.
All gamers need to be eradicated
Switch is the perfect platform for this game
Pocketninja _
Pocketninja _ 16 dagen geleden
This announcement saved the direct
The5LOLS 14 dagen geleden
That and the physical Hades announcement
Fajita Cat
Fajita Cat 16 dagen geleden
so glad more people will be able to play this game.
Toastird 16 dagen geleden
icecrmpntjb 16 dagen geleden
Amazing game one of my favorites of all time
Tricolorllama095 16 dagen geleden
Play. This. Game.
Kat Johnson
Kat Johnson 16 dagen geleden
TravisTheSonicFan 16 dagen geleden
To anyone who hasn't yet played this game you should try to go in as blind as possible because there is nothing like experiencing this for the first time
Losszu 16 dagen geleden
Oliver Onorato
Oliver Onorato 16 dagen geleden
Such a good game... Too bad this trailer is kinds spoilery playing the game totally blind is soooo much fun watching the sun explode without me knowing it was going to was amazing!!
EnragedTerrier 16 dagen geleden
Outer wilds is fantastic. Pick it up if you haven't
Bailey Roca
Bailey Roca 16 dagen geleden
This is my favorite game ever, please give it a shot
mhayes86 16 dagen geleden
This game is incredible. I wish it was on the Switch when I first played it, but I think I'll double dip since it's just so interesting and fun to explore!
dGladiator 16 dagen geleden
How are we going to control the ship without analog triggers?
chiffmonkey 16 dagen geleden
If you like Majora's Mask, you'll love this game.
chobopanda 16 dagen geleden
You guys are IN FOR A TREAT!!! I bought this on PS4 a few months ago because it wasn't on Switch and it is one of the best games and most memorable experiences in gaming
Kurton Harrison III
Kurton Harrison III 16 dagen geleden
This games is already on my list of what to get!
Gianluca Canfora
Gianluca Canfora 16 dagen geleden
Please buy this masterpiece of a game if you like any type of adventure but the trailer is a bit spoily so don't see it ahah
L Jay
L Jay 16 dagen geleden
One of my favourite games ever played. Try and avoid looking anything up! Just play
Storageheater 16 dagen geleden
I was genuinely put off by how highly rated game this is, because quite often that means it's really not my cup of tea, I don't know why, I don't even mean overrated. Anyway EVENTUALLY I gave in and tried it, and yeah it's really that good, lol. That said, it does demand a certain level of curiosity about what it's doing, and I have seen people play the first hour or so and conclude that all the praise is mistaken. The music still makes me cry. Props to the terrible voiceover guy making it sound like an advert for soda aimed at children though
Kruemo 16 dagen geleden
While this game being an 11/10, this trailer makes it look like a little gimmicky game. The trailer itself is borderline cringe too. I know that Nintendo wants to explain the games they offer to their audience etc. but that just does not work for this game. :/
The iLLUSIONIST 16 dagen geleden
Artemiy Berezhnoy
Artemiy Berezhnoy 16 dagen geleden
"22 Minutes Remain Until the Solar System is Destroyed"
stobe187 16 dagen geleden
One of the best games to come out in the past couple of years...but holy moly is this trailer/announcement misguided: it spoils WAY too much.
Bensteyn 16 dagen geleden
don't miss this; but play it without spoiling you!
Moshugaani 16 dagen geleden
This was a great announcement!
BasedDamnSkippyEnjoyer 16 dagen geleden
I love Outer Wilds but this trailer kind of spoils the central mechanic that is better discovered.
The King of Antarctica
The King of Antarctica 16 dagen geleden
All the little kids in chat saying "lame" and "skip" are missing out.
SeamusTheHunter 16 dagen geleden
ResidentSleeper spam in Twitch respectively
MisterPikol 16 dagen geleden
This game is a game of a generation for me, nothing came close to it. It needs more attention from gamers. The pursuit of the unknown in in the game becomes almost maddening in it. Get it.
Garrison Morton
Garrison Morton 16 dagen geleden
This REALLY looks a lot like Spore to me. Anyone else?
Garrison Morton
Garrison Morton 16 dagen geleden
@The_Peasant_Almighty I just meant the art style. The small planets and stuff.
The_Peasant_Almighty 16 dagen geleden
Outer Wilds is about as not spore as a game can get.
Szaku90 16 dagen geleden
Best game I ever played. Surely I going to buy copy on Nintendo Switch too.
FlyingTurtle 16 dagen geleden
If you love adventuring on your own and also love godlike soundtracks... Buy it. Twice.
Adam Eve
Adam Eve 16 dagen geleden
No man sky 2