NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch 

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Revel in the intensity of the critically acclaimed NINJA GAIDEN series when NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection comes to Nintendo Switch June 10.
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17 feb. 2021




Bezig met laden.....

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WyrmHeroBlade YeAh
WyrmHeroBlade YeAh Dag geleden
Pc version is better than switch one... It owns [fps doug]
PikachuDeSinaloa c
PikachuDeSinaloa c 2 dagen geleden
Hopefully we can get DOA in the future on the switch
Taker369 20 uur geleden
No thank you they ruined the series with their dlc practices
S 3 dagen geleden
Tell me why I just searched this game for the switch and here this announcement is .. Oh yeah Im deff getting this 😎
King_Prickar d
King_Prickar d 4 dagen geleden
Mellenials: dark souls is the hardest game ever Boomers: laughs in Inazuna drop
Patrick 5 dagen geleden
Boruto been real quiet after this.
Crazy Xicor
Crazy Xicor 6 dagen geleden
Sigma sucks
Crazy Xicor
Crazy Xicor 8 uur geleden
@GTNima to people who have still have the original consoles that they first released on it dosnt matter
GTNima 3 dagen geleden
Be grateful we are at least getting ninja gaiden on current consoles
jayl3gend 6 dagen geleden
Ninja Gaiden master collection pn 3 different consoles please Team ninja better use this profit for Ninja Gaiden 4. Everyone and their Grandma will be this collection.
KING DAVE 7 dagen geleden
Playing this game on the go I got the 2nd one on vita
Sting Urameshi
Sting Urameshi 8 dagen geleden
MosesChristus 8 dagen geleden
Completed Black an 2 on Master Ninja on XBox. Happy to get my hands on Sigma1 and Sigma2 too. And I'll ignore the utter trash that's NG3.
Kyle Healey
Kyle Healey 8 dagen geleden
Ryu hayabusa entering the world of nintendo, now he just need to join the fight in smash.
Lourdino Lopez
Lourdino Lopez 8 dagen geleden
They should also include Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z
GTNima 8 dagen geleden
We dont talk about that
AGMC Room 237
AGMC Room 237 9 dagen geleden
Let me guess 1 game on the cart and the other 2 you have to download loli
Ninja Prime
Ninja Prime 9 dagen geleden
That date is my birthday
carmine-james guglielmucci
I am more excited for this than all the other games in the direct
Alejandro Nieto
Alejandro Nieto 9 dagen geleden
Anyone knows the title of the background song that starts in 0:31 ?
Brutal Justin
Brutal Justin 10 dagen geleden
Wait, no Ninja Gaiden Black? No thanks.
Brutal Justin
Brutal Justin 8 dagen geleden
@GTNima I think its more to do with the original director of Black and his fallout with Tecmo. That's probably why they disregard the non-Sigma games.
GTNima 9 dagen geleden
i believe Microsoft holds those rights
Yahia Kgjgh
Yahia Kgjgh 11 dagen geleden
I hope yuzu goes better in june :)
Rtyert Rt
Rtyert Rt 11 dagen geleden
Hopefully this means Kasumi will be in Smash
Burlyfoil 11 dagen geleden
Thanks watchmojo, you made me recognise a track without me playing the actual game! Good job. You actually did something neat for once
Ashadelo李世杰 11 dagen geleden
KOEI, Please, please, please use the xbox 360 version. The PS3 version removed most blood and gore The PS3 version runs at 30 fps vs xbox 360 60 fps The PS3 version has less enemies on screen as opposed to the xbox version The PS3 has been toned down in difficultly. Please KOEI if you are going to release the sigma games go with the xbox versions and just add in the filler content. Do NOT go with the kiddy Sigma 2. It is a disgrace to all hardcore Ninja Gaiden fans. Why would any xbox player buy this? Especially if they own an xbox one or series x/s? Ninja Gaiden Black > Ninja Gaiden Sigma Ninja Gaiden II > Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, especially if you own an xbox one x, xbox series s or x than Ninja Gaiden 2 whips the floor with Sigma 2. I was so pumped when I heard about this collection. But knowing that it is Sigma 1 and 2 and being an xbox own I have to pass, as the Sigma games was just not as good and almost feel like totally different inferior games.
GTNima 11 dagen geleden
They cannot put the xbox versions because microsoft owns those i believe
George Lowe
George Lowe 12 dagen geleden
I'm so hype for this collection and I get the feeling that Ryu Hayabusa is gonna make it in to smash.
masterofbread 12 dagen geleden
Here's hoping they fix the inverted camera in the first game
Rtyert Rt
Rtyert Rt 11 dagen geleden
Here's hoping this means Kasumi is coming to smash
Jaylon Jones
Jaylon Jones 12 dagen geleden
Let's hope Sigma and Sigma 2 are based on their Sigma Plus ports.
Ryu primeus
Ryu primeus 12 dagen geleden
Jektor Wolf
Jektor Wolf 12 dagen geleden
Ninja Gaiden 2 is much better than Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 in terms of graphics and gameplay.
Cloud 12 dagen geleden
Nintendo *N I N J A*
Frankie Jaeger
Frankie Jaeger 12 dagen geleden
now give us Metal Gear Solid Collection
Balboa Baggins
Balboa Baggins 12 dagen geleden
Rtyert Rt
Rtyert Rt 11 dagen geleden
😭😭😭 Nintendo just shut up and take all my money
Robert Mitchell
Robert Mitchell 12 dagen geleden
Will all the games be in one physical cartridge?
John Schroeder
John Schroeder 12 dagen geleden
The Nintendo switch is really on 🔥. The ninja gaiden sigma games that graced the ps vita and ninja gaiden 3 ps3 , xbox 360 and wii u . I know ninja gaiden debuted on Xbox back in 2004 and ps3 back in 2007. This summer will be awesome.
Kieranhc 13 dagen geleden
I loved playing 3 as Kasumi on the Wii U.
bofollo 13 dagen geleden
probably going to be digital but I'm hoping for physical
InsatiableEdges 13 dagen geleden
I knew the Nintendo Ninjas was real.
plague under the virus
plague under the virus 13 dagen geleden
Now that ninja gaiden is on the switch he got a better chance for being in super smash bros
Mr. Tangle VS The World
Mr. Tangle VS The World 13 dagen geleden
I've never been a fan of the 3D Ninja Gaiden games. I've only liked the NES games. I'd love to see either a remaster, or a side scrolling reimagining of the NES or even Sega Master System Ninja Gaiden games.
DIO 13 dagen geleden
Ghost of Tsushima rip-off. Sony will be suing Koei Tecmo for stealing ideas.
DIO 12 dagen geleden
@GTNima It's a joke!
GTNima 12 dagen geleden
You honestly need to do some research. These came out way before ghost of tsushima. They arent even that alike anyways
x TheBlackDevil
x TheBlackDevil 12 dagen geleden
What ?
Mr. Incredible
Mr. Incredible 13 dagen geleden
One of the only good things to come from the recent Direct. Better than DC Super Girls: The Baby Game.
Kumazo Sakuya
Kumazo Sakuya 13 dagen geleden
Años esperando a que lo saquen en PC y los japos son muy cuadrados y cobardes para hacerlo
Matane 13 dagen geleden
Anybody know if this collection will include the 3 nes games and the arcade game since I know certain versions of these games included them as unlockables.
Tubeless 13 dagen geleden
Bought them on the xbox, xbox 360, PS3 and psvita..buying it again..
Fabulous the BOSS
Fabulous the BOSS 13 dagen geleden
So what’s the difference between ninja garden 2 sigma and ninja garden 2??? I want to play this series should i get this collection?
lo ko
lo ko 10 dagen geleden
NGS2 is easier, but idk what this switch version will be like
Marshal Wagner
Marshal Wagner 13 dagen geleden
"OMFG PUT HIM IN SMASH" -Braindead idiot casuals
Ken Denison
Ken Denison 13 dagen geleden
Will Ninja gaiden sigma contain chs 18-20 that was only available for pre order and I never got it... it was on xbox ngblack but I only have ps
Gamer Heart
Gamer Heart 14 dagen geleden
I'm excited about the games coming out but a little disappointed since it's the sigma version. This is less gory than the other one.
GTNima 12 dagen geleden
They prolly cant put the originals because those are microsofts
Gamer Heart
Gamer Heart 14 dagen geleden
@what no but I don't know what they are.
what 14 dagen geleden
Is that the only difference? Just curious
Patrik 14 dagen geleden
Ryu Hayabusa for Smash! Death to that lanky loser Waluigi!
ShaunStehpen777 14 dagen geleden
Now I need to chose which console to play the ninja gaiden collection. PS4, or Nintendo switch? I DONT KNOW 😭
vash01251 14 dagen geleden
If this were to have the originals too that would put this collection over the top
vash01251 14 dagen geleden
June 10th is a long time to wait. I want this now
vash01251 12 dagen geleden
@GTNima yeah i would think those games would be releasing early March
GTNima 12 dagen geleden
Especially for ports
KUSH 14 dagen geleden
I LOVE NINJA GAIDEN. specally the nes version
Connor Quinn-Ray
Connor Quinn-Ray 14 dagen geleden
I was getting greedy with Sora and dante, but hayabusa should have really made it over pyra, come on now
daniel hilgeman
daniel hilgeman 14 dagen geleden
This is amazing I love these games and I can't wait to play them again
LOEK 14 dagen geleden
I'm new to Ninja Gaiden. What's the music used in this trailer?
LOEK 11 dagen geleden
@Izzy Thanks a lot
Izzy 11 dagen geleden
Alma Awakening
Timo Waselewski
Timo Waselewski 14 dagen geleden
Dark Souls, Cuphead, Ninja Gaiden Nintendo really wants us to break our switch
Carlo Nassar
Carlo Nassar 14 dagen geleden
@Timo Waselewski You're saying that Nintendo wanted them on the Switch?
Timo Waselewski
Timo Waselewski 14 dagen geleden
@Carlo Nassar not really. Wasnt their idea to port it to the switch
Carlo Nassar
Carlo Nassar 14 dagen geleden
You mean the devs behind those three games.
Miss Cloud
Miss Cloud 14 dagen geleden
It’s not age restricted
GTNima 14 dagen geleden
Theres not much in this trailer to be considered age restricted
H Y Z E 14 dagen geleden
Don't worry about this game kids, leave this game to us the big boys.
Tortoise200 14 dagen geleden
Ryu for smash
Macabre Ducet
Macabre Ducet 14 dagen geleden
So it's just all three games in one? Okay never mind that's just boring I thought it was a remaster
Jovan Jeffery
Jovan Jeffery 14 dagen geleden
Happiness man alive. I appreciate this!
al alex D2
al alex D2 14 dagen geleden
This collection will destroy your joy-cons...get ready to spend your a** off on joy-cons or just get a third party controller for this game
John Hess
John Hess 14 dagen geleden
please physical
Abraham Lupis
Abraham Lupis 14 dagen geleden
Now one for Zero Uncensored, understood Nintendo?
JIN KAZAMA 14 dagen geleden
and GTA 😃
Splash Forces
Splash Forces 14 dagen geleden
GTNima 15 dagen geleden
Wonder if i can shake the joycons in sigma 2 to get the jiggles...
Lian Acosta
Lian Acosta 15 dagen geleden
Devil third.
Abraham Lupis
Abraham Lupis 14 dagen geleden
@The Funk waste of time
The Funk
The Funk 15 dagen geleden
Terrible game
Lonnie Seeling
Lonnie Seeling 15 dagen geleden
Im excited for this
J L A 15 dagen geleden
it looks like 480p...
francizco soto
francizco soto 15 dagen geleden
Hayabusa x Kasumi Hayasumi 😍😍😍😍😍 Ninja Gaiden x SMASH
Shaun Stephen
Shaun Stephen 15 dagen geleden
Awesome! I had no idea this was coming to switch! Instabuy 👍
Zidane B.
Zidane B. 15 dagen geleden
I remembered play ninja Gaiden sigma 3 when I was like younger and not knowing crap how to play it lmao couldn't get past through the first stage
GTNima 15 dagen geleden
There is no sigma 3
Tope Chulo
Tope Chulo 15 dagen geleden
Using the Sigma version of 2 killed my hype.
jblue88 hood gamer
jblue88 hood gamer 15 dagen geleden
I beat 1 and 2 on the PS3 an X box just never played the first one.
ORBIT EARTH 15 dagen geleden
Ok nintendo n tecmo nicely done. Now where is my fatal frame 4 and 5 fro switch?
Insane to Outsane
Insane to Outsane 15 dagen geleden
Ninja Gaiden, Mario Golf and Crash Bandicoot 4. 2021 is looking a lot better than the garbage Nintendo put out last year.
cabron1984 15 dagen geleden
This garbage, we want Zelda
GTNima 15 dagen geleden
1. Dont click on videos to complain, nintendo will most likely not see this comment. 2. You are getting skyward sword hd and im sure nintendo has a zelda game in the making. 3.dont hate on a game that you havent played.
Trey Gibson
Trey Gibson 15 dagen geleden
There better be a physical release.
John S
John S 15 dagen geleden
Not a "Master Collection" without the NES games. Also, Ryu Hayabusa for Smash! Time for Tecmo to get some representation.
D Baldwin
D Baldwin 15 dagen geleden
We want Ninja Gaiden Black in this collection; the community considers it the best version.
Aaron Downing
Aaron Downing 15 dagen geleden
Prepare for Joy-con drift.
ETRdav1d 15 dagen geleden
Hey Nintendo what if we could.... port the DOA series next ? 👀 *slips a 1 dollar bill *
what 15 dagen geleden
My body is ready to Ninja Dog every level
CLASSIC 15 dagen geleden
Сергей GREY
Сергей GREY 15 dagen geleden
Ждал этот сборник! 😏
Golden Fenrir
Golden Fenrir 15 dagen geleden
"Team up with other super ninjas to fulfill your destiny" You mean "team up with big booby ladies to fulfill the fanservice"
yonne 4
yonne 4 15 dagen geleden
Lettt gooo
tcr333 15 dagen geleden
I remember playing the first ninja gaiden on the first Xbox. I also remember the years and still have pstd now. Probably the hardest game I've ever played even on easy.
Jejaka Handsome
Jejaka Handsome 15 dagen geleden
0:50 its that you Kasumi?
Rtyert Rt
Rtyert Rt 11 dagen geleden
Yep and hopefully this means she's joining smash
楠井清溪 15 dagen geleden
Gaiden----the worst ninja ever!!!
Aaron Cooper
Aaron Cooper 15 dagen geleden
Can't wait for this!!!
Harry indeed
Harry indeed 15 dagen geleden
Ryu Hayabusa for Smash would have been such a cooler Smash announcement than anime booby sword girl
Level 857
Level 857 15 dagen geleden
Please please please announce him for Smash the same month! Ryu Hayabusa is THE Ninja in video games.
jr dm
jr dm 15 dagen geleden
This game rised the sells of xbox controllers
Pedro Pinilla
Pedro Pinilla 15 dagen geleden
Alma... here we go again
Solo Nepeon
Solo Nepeon 15 dagen geleden
Anyone still playing the WiiU ver online trials?
Shadownin 15 dagen geleden
Which of those 3 is the best ? ? I was never able to play "Ninja Gaiden" before, but now it will be possible 😁
Rtyert Rt
Rtyert Rt 11 dagen geleden
It all depends on what you consider best stuck on the second level for eternity stuck on the second level for eternity 2 stuck on the second level for eternity 3
GTNima 15 dagen geleden
Just play all of them its a collection although 3 is the worst of them
Solo Nepeon
Solo Nepeon 15 dagen geleden
The combat in RE is the best.
24masks 15 dagen geleden
people think dark souls is hard xD
Mr. Marvel
Mr. Marvel 15 dagen geleden
Bad Direct
Kyle Warner
Kyle Warner 15 dagen geleden
I hope Ryu Hayabusa joins Smash
Alexis Arriaga
Alexis Arriaga 15 dagen geleden
Oh my f$×/ing god yeeessss!!!!!
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Nintendo Direct - 2.17.2021
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