Neon White - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch 

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Uncover Heaven’s mysteries when Neon White by Ben Esposito, creator of Donut County, comes to Nintendo Switch this winter!
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18 feb. 2021




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TikiHutz 5 uur geleden
Gameplay and Music giving me Sonic vibes. Anyone else?
TRILLWAVE MISHA 6 dagen geleden
Im going to buy switch and This game only to listen to Machinegirls music
springyrook7 6 dagen geleden
Remember me kingdom hearts chain of memories
WinterAlf 7 dagen geleden
The gameplay seems like a rip off of karlson
DekuCake 8 dagen geleden
Honestly love this concept and style. All I ask that the bunny girl (and to a lesser extent the other characters featured) are playable characters
VayKayLand 8 dagen geleden
2 reasons why I'm getting this. First because I hear spike. Second this looks to be some of the most unique gameplay I've ever seen in any game. That's one of the reasons I still support Nintendo. Despite money changing them they know how to make and produce some damn good games. Every Nintendo game I have owned on my switch has been top tier or really good. I have maybe 14 ps4 games at max that I can say are top trier or really good
mastersomething 9 dagen geleden
Is that spike space cowboy?? bang??? cya space cowboy
Public Nameiac
Public Nameiac 9 dagen geleden
The music sounds like some cool flashgame like n+
Unlucky WNTR
Unlucky WNTR 9 dagen geleden
Anyone else get Joshua Graham vibes? Idk why but I thought I was gonna hear him say, “the time for talk has passed the lord’s work must be done.”
Pin 9 dagen geleden
ah yes, THOSE games. Those games that for some reason are played in the background of a NLblock video while someone is talking about something that is completely unrelated to it and are just putting it there because something needs to be onscreen for it to be a video and it looks nice. btw this is a joke
Daniel O'Rourke
Daniel O'Rourke 9 dagen geleden
I don't think I will buying this game. You are not shooting with a gun but instead cards.
HollowNxt 10 dagen geleden
That has to be Tank Dempsey.
FireBomberBassist 11 dagen geleden
Is that Spike’s voice? Okay, I’m buying this
DuBstepAnDa98 11 dagen geleden
Anime DOOM
まつり林 11 dagen geleden
Buying it on release
KolaticleHD 11 dagen geleden
Reminder: By the same people responsible for Sonic Dreams Collection. (Yes. THAT.)
Nick 12 dagen geleden
I simp for the one in the Fox mask C: Also I guess this is similar to Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories?
Kazu 12 dagen geleden
machine girl
CRUS q 12 dagen geleden
had to do a double take seeing the MG logo in an actual nintendo direct
betternamehere 12 dagen geleden
the publisher also published donut county so im excited to see how this game turns out
Mi crush
Mi crush 12 dagen geleden
No conocía ese estudio
Aaron Martin
Aaron Martin 12 dagen geleden
"As above so below?" What, are these the righteous pagans living comfortably in the outer rings? (reference, Dante's Inferno)
Paul Lee
Paul Lee 13 dagen geleden
looks like Bleach
Patito-Sama 13 dagen geleden
ay posibilidad de que salga para movil? porque no son muchos botones por lo que veo
Ricky Raymond
Ricky Raymond 14 dagen geleden
I was already sold on this game as soon as I heard Steve Blum's voice.
shrimp fry
shrimp fry 14 dagen geleden
is this a switch exclusive?
shrimp fry
shrimp fry 12 dagen geleden
@flvmpt ooh i didnt know thank u
TonyKanameKuran 12 dagen geleden
@flvmpt Thus... a console exclusive.
flvmpt 13 dagen geleden
its on steam
shellman1 yt
shellman1 yt 14 dagen geleden
Neon White is amazing
Jayden White
Jayden White 14 dagen geleden
Looks like an inversion of Sayonara Wild Hearts aesthetic.
B10 Productions
B10 Productions 14 dagen geleden
I think I might just give this game a try just because of Steve Blum.
manuman95 14 dagen geleden
I need this game already.
Xxmemesxx0 Meme
Xxmemesxx0 Meme 14 dagen geleden
ayo what about genshin impact
fiction arch
fiction arch 14 dagen geleden
Oh hey guilmon has taken up assassination work.
charlixcx_fan 15 dagen geleden
i love that machine girl is making the soundtrack for this game live their music
LordYggdrasill 15 dagen geleden
This doesn't look like anything divine. Just looks pretentious. Not sure how much they paid Steve Blum to voice on this, but that mighta been where most of the budget went.
TonyKanameKuran 12 dagen geleden
Jeremy Nicklas
Jeremy Nicklas 15 dagen geleden
At first I thought it was a toonamie streaming service for the switch and it sounds like toms game reviews
AegisMythra 15 dagen geleden
I like this gameplay
SideLineGames 15 dagen geleden
This game is just doom. People aren't creative anymore.
9 baka
9 baka 13 dagen geleden
This looks more like ghostrunner with cards
Ghostly 15 dagen geleden
People do be sleeping on this game
Transfromers guy Gaming
Transfromers guy Gaming 15 dagen geleden
How can there be demons in heaven?
5-0 Realm
5-0 Realm 15 dagen geleden
This was honestly the most hype announcement with pyra/mythra in a close second Am digging the red haired girl’s design
Dylan Bloomfield
Dylan Bloomfield 15 dagen geleden
Not gonna lie this game looks Amazing.
jdng86 15 dagen geleden
I'm glad Spike Spiegel made it to Heaven.
Elick Ashcroft
Elick Ashcroft 15 dagen geleden
Only on Toonami.
TonyKanameKuran 12 dagen geleden
...on [adult swim].
Rui Ribeiro
Rui Ribeiro 15 dagen geleden
Such an interesting concept, but then there's the gameplay... :(
IcyBlaze616 15 dagen geleden
Nintendo in the 90's: nOoooOOoooo you can't have anything with religion of any kind that's illegal! Nintendo in the 2020's: F it assassins with guns slaughtering demons in heaven we don't give a F
Arch angel
Arch angel 8 dagen geleden
don't forget the Oni masks
craftyvids 10 dagen geleden
But the neon genesis evangelion game was on the n64?
The Jesse
The Jesse 12 dagen geleden
But that never happened.......sooooo...........
Shape Shifter K
Shape Shifter K 15 dagen geleden
This looks way better than it has any right to be.
ZeroGravitY 15 dagen geleden
This is a awesome Speedrun Game
BlueDragon 15 dagen geleden
That looks like it would make a fun VR title.
Soulless leftover!
Soulless leftover! 15 dagen geleden
Looks interesting but playing fps of any kind on a controller is a mistake.
Falco Flare
Falco Flare 15 dagen geleden
Joycon drift.
Beo Wulf
Beo Wulf 15 dagen geleden
It didn't look bad, but I won't be buying it
clammaster4 15 dagen geleden
Has an interesting artstyle not even utilized in game, gameplay looks lackluster if not finished
Falco Flare
Falco Flare 15 dagen geleden
It's still in development. Give Annapura Interactive time to work on it.
Nathan Meowski
Nathan Meowski 15 dagen geleden
hhhhh buni girll
NotMazzey 15 dagen geleden
Ok but for real this was so underrated in the direct like this looks amazing! I love the idea of it being with cards. I’m definitely ordering this it looks amazing. It hasn’t even come out yet and my pfp is one of them.
NotMazzey 15 dagen geleden
@Falco Flare Yes same!
Falco Flare
Falco Flare 15 dagen geleden
Same here. I will be getting this day one, without a question.
Matthew Schneider
Matthew Schneider 15 dagen geleden
Doom, but an anime card game... amazing
Cooper Beckam
Cooper Beckam 15 dagen geleden
I'm not normally into FPS games but this game caught my attention during the Direct. I'll buy it if it's cheap enough.
TonyKanameKuran 10 dagen geleden
@Cooper Beckam Then you're a freaking joke... and thumbing up your butthurt comment ain't going to save the day.
Cooper Beckam
Cooper Beckam 10 dagen geleden
@TonyKanameKuran Nah. I don't really feel like it.
TonyKanameKuran 12 dagen geleden
Get a job.
Fluffyplayery 16 dagen geleden
This game just oozes style
Falco Flare
Falco Flare 15 dagen geleden
Not to mention Game of the Year 2021.
Daryl Talks Games
Daryl Talks Games 16 dagen geleden
Tom from Toonami gonna make me buy this game
Jacob Charest
Jacob Charest 2 dagen geleden
Met Steve Blum back in 2015. Coolest guy ever. :)
Silverfrost208 8 dagen geleden
I knew that voice sounded familiar.
HollowNxt 10 dagen geleden
Tank Dempsey!
OddOneOut665 14 dagen geleden
Can't wait to see him Review this Game. XD
TheMusicMan1012 15 dagen geleden
And Jack Cayman from MadWorld
Lit211 Nightcore AMV'S
Lit211 Nightcore AMV'S 16 dagen geleden
So it's a battle royale
captainpickle4 16 dagen geleden
This game looks insane
chlorineonroses 16 dagen geleden
I am SO excited for this
David Saade
David Saade 16 dagen geleden
Imo, the best game announced on the direct!
Falco Flare
Falco Flare 16 dagen geleden
To top it all off, the VO is a GOAT.
Dylan J
Dylan J 16 dagen geleden
Ok but that bunny girl is hot. Just saying
Snacks Green
Snacks Green 16 dagen geleden
A yo is that Tom from toonami
Jet Man
Jet Man 16 dagen geleden
Is it just me or does the gameplay remind you of cluster truck
Bat Cup
Bat Cup 16 dagen geleden
That intro really had me excited, Im clicking on cards....Ill pass.
Annus Forever
Annus Forever 11 dagen geleden
What's wrong with that
Falco Flare
Falco Flare 16 dagen geleden
Steve Blum is a legend. Toonami and now this.
Young Rosé
Young Rosé 16 dagen geleden
he sounds like the guy from toonami
Falco Flare
Falco Flare 16 dagen geleden
You are correct. He plays TOM.
Young Rosé
Young Rosé 16 dagen geleden
Tai Alle
Tai Alle 16 dagen geleden
I don't like the game or gameplay, but I LOVE the character designs
Jake Tucker
Jake Tucker 16 dagen geleden
I’m playing satan bite the dust by Carmen on repeat whenever I play this
Falco Flare
Falco Flare 16 dagen geleden
It also plays in Toonami.
ericbazinga 16 dagen geleden
That voiceover is definitely Steve Blum
Falco Flare
Falco Flare 16 dagen geleden
Agreed. I know Steve Blum as Tom from Toonami and Spike from Cowboy Bebop.
Marcelo 16 dagen geleden
Ok so it’s reverse DOOM
Marcelo 16 dagen geleden
you still kill demons though
Akira Kaneda
Akira Kaneda 16 dagen geleden
Ever heard of hellven
LycanLink 16 dagen geleden
I can't tell if this is an on-rails shooter game, or if it's a shooter with Borderlands maneuverability. If it's the latter, awesome, but if it's the former... weird.
LycanLink 11 dagen geleden
@ya boi Fish Or lack there of. 😅
ya boi Fish
ya boi Fish 11 dagen geleden
Borderlands maneuverability??
Cococrash11 16 dagen geleden
Awesome Neon White Announcement Trailer.
Falco Flare
Falco Flare 16 dagen geleden
Steve Blum made it better.
Quokka Waka
Quokka Waka 16 dagen geleden
I would love to play this on PC, but it doesn't really look like it would be that fun with Switch controls
Joey Ford
Joey Ford 16 dagen geleden
That red hair chick reminds me of Yoko Litter from Gurren Lagann. lol
Falco Flare
Falco Flare 16 dagen geleden
Same here for me as well. I used to watch Gurren Lagann.
TheQuincy 16 dagen geleden
It's unfortunate this isn't on other consoles. I like the concept but the execution is what I fear.
Ventus iOS
Ventus iOS 16 dagen geleden
It gives me a cluster truck superhot vibe and i love it
Gold Whip
Gold Whip 16 dagen geleden
this looks so cool omg
Twen Wt3K
Twen Wt3K 16 dagen geleden
Giochi brutti né ho visti, ma' questo fa' pena davvero...
cookieman320 16 dagen geleden
Why is this game like Doom
Doberman 64
Doberman 64 16 dagen geleden
This is the most underrated game from the direct im really hyped tho
Falco Flare
Falco Flare 16 dagen geleden
Game of The Year winner, calling it.
Tiger T
Tiger T 16 dagen geleden
96th video of 2021
Captain Toad
Captain Toad 16 dagen geleden
“It’s kill or be killed” My 0 iq Brain: iS tHaT A UnDeRtAlE REfErEnCe
Ruben Hernandez
Ruben Hernandez 6 dagen geleden
No its a suda 51 reference
まつり林 11 dagen geleden
Seife 16 dagen geleden
Gameplay looks like a lot of fun
Falco Flare
Falco Flare 16 dagen geleden
Agreed. I am considering first day buy for sure. VA sold me over.
Scary 16 dagen geleden
I really like the the music, character design, and style.
Kraken G
Kraken G 16 dagen geleden
Roboquest: chain of memories
Jaekization 16 dagen geleden
These character designs are wasted on this game. I was really hoping to see a third person ghost runner type thing with this.
LonelyG33k 16 dagen geleden
Really like how well the characters look with the white Japanese onii mask and make it to where they look like hit man yet still look somewhat holy
Justas 16 dagen geleden
Major Karlson and No More Heroes vibes!
Jake Tucker
Jake Tucker 16 dagen geleden
I do believe vivziepop is gonna sue Nintendo exterminator angels isn’t in any mythology I’ve heard of...
Kchewz 16 dagen geleden
This stuck out the most to me from the direct. Definitely buying
Falco Flare
Falco Flare 16 dagen geleden
Same here. I am deffently buying this day one.
Александр Ханейко
Bleach anime style)))
Gordon Chin
Gordon Chin 16 dagen geleden
FPS Parkour Card Collector Looter Shooter Roguelite Furry Cosplay. Looks fresh!
Daichi 16 dagen geleden
It looks a inspire killer 7
galaxykid0704 16 dagen geleden
This looks like a sick speed game
edi 16 dagen geleden
this reminds me a bit of the game ultrakill, in terms of how fast paced it is, and music wise it kind of does too. and the controls seem kinda similar (minus the card aspect ofc). i LOVE ultrakill, so this game will definitely be on my radar.
Furniture Dorito
Furniture Dorito 16 dagen geleden
This sounds like Johneawsome.
JGood 16 dagen geleden
It reminds me of bleach
JGood 16 dagen geleden
I can’t wait for this, it looks so different then all other games, something new thankfully
Nintendo Direct - 2.17.2021