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Leap through the pages of Izzy’s journal and explore the beautiful land of Estoria in Lost Words: Beyond the Page, available now Nintendo Switch! Available Now:
Lost Words: Beyond the Page tells a heart wrenching story about grief and coming of age. When Izzy is faced with an earth-shattering change in her life, she turns to her journal to cope. Players will solve puzzles using words through the pages of her diary and in the fantasy world of Estoria she created.
The title has earned a wealth of awards during its lifetime, including ‘Best Indie Game’ at Game Connection Paris, ‘Excellence in Narrative’ at DevGAMM, ‘Best Audio Design’ from TIGA, ‘Special Selection Indie Award’ at Reboot Develop and ‘Best Story’ at Game Connection USA
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6 apr. 2021




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Jodi Sanders
Jodi Sanders Dag geleden
A way to deal with grief & loss... Just played through the game and it is beautiful. The narrator and voices are perfect and the way the story unfolds with you are choosing means you can play again with different options. I have been playing games that deal with grief and loss (who knew that was even a thing!) as I have recently lost both my parents and I have two young children dealing with their loss of their grandparents. This game is sympathetic and guiding to young players. Explaining and giving words to those feelings. Of guilt, loss and confusion. Spiritfarer and The Last Campfire deal with the idea of loss/grief/depression. But this game deal directly with clear imagery about the loss of her Gran. It talks about it directly, being in hospital and her funeral and all the confusing feelings in between. Not only good for my children for myself as well. Plus the artwork and music is stunning!
Luther DePapier
Luther DePapier 3 dagen geleden
Another one of these games launching with an accolades trailer that nobody is going to remember. If you need reviews for people to care, there's a full graveyard of games to tell you you're doing it wrong.
Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo
Very good
wacman13 7 dagen geleden
Wow this look awesome i'm gonna buy it ! ... on Steam ... since i have Joy-con drift -_-
No other Like my own skin
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Kate 8 dagen geleden
This looks great! Defo want to play this!
Kασɾυ Uƚσɳιυɱ
Kασɾυ Uƚσɳιυɱ 8 dagen geleden
After waiting for years, - since its release, i am glad to see it finally coming out 😭😭💜💜💜 trust me, do try out the game -, i wanna play it myself, when i can i will get it.
C Desp
C Desp 8 dagen geleden
I have played this game, it's so beautiful and sad! I kinda got Ori and the Willl of the Wisps feelings (game I love btw). Music is great, Art is even better. Worths every cent I paid for. Thank you developers.
Maxi mini
Maxi mini 8 dagen geleden
So this is a mix between child of light and typoman, interesting.
Sarah White
Sarah White 8 dagen geleden
You could have played this a year ago on Stadia... Not that anyone gave it the time of day back then. In fact there were droves of console fans, on the Stadia Subreddit, hating on it ... saying what pile of junk it looked (it is not) and how it was all Stadia could manage... Here we are now and everyone's full of praises... Damn hypocrites. This is a great game. Heart warming and full of surprises. Also written by Rhianna Pratchett.
MelecieDiancie 8 dagen geleden
i think the hate this game got is just fallout from the general hate on stadia (and the unfamillarity with most indie games) back then, and now that it's in more platforms people are seeing it as its own thing
Mr Zee Gaming
Mr Zee Gaming 8 dagen geleden
This trailer quickly escalated into something amazing. First few seconds gave the impression of just word puzzles, but then it grew into so much more and I'm really excited for this now!
odeplugged 8 dagen geleden
Kinda like Child of Light
SkywardPrimeGalaxy 8 dagen geleden
She straight-up looks like Viridi
Nathaniel Chen 1
Nathaniel Chen 1 8 dagen geleden
Should've been called Lost for Words cause that's what I am. The music is amazing and the game looks pretty good too.
ang3l921 9 dagen geleden
Woomy ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ
yay finally a good game :)
X Gabiholo
X Gabiholo 9 dagen geleden
Nice 👍👌👌👌
Jo Jojoma
Jo Jojoma 9 dagen geleden
Is it just me or do indie and mobile game titles all sound like they're generated by some AI algorithm?
I am a Piranha plant
I am a Piranha plant 9 dagen geleden
Ori vibes
Brendan Abolivier
Brendan Abolivier 9 dagen geleden
Never heard of this game before, instantly bought it after watching this trailer. I've only played through a bit under 3h of it so far but I already love it.
Mark 9 dagen geleden
Please tell me I'm not the only one who read the title as Lost Woords at first.
darthboxOriginal 9 dagen geleden
By Rihanna Pratchett? I'm instantly interested.
Frostare 9 dagen geleden
"Dear Journal, today I received an invitation for Smash!" *Isabelle Barbara Cooke writes her way in!*
CMONCMON007 9 dagen geleden
Natalie Fonsi
Natalie Fonsi 9 dagen geleden
I thought her name was robin? They changed it :(
Sidonie Maria
Sidonie Maria 9 dagen geleden
You can choose it yourself, from Grace, Robyn or Georgia! :D
Rick Something
Rick Something 9 dagen geleden
What is the gameplay even like?
ALAN ˆ ̆ˆ
ALAN ˆ ̆ˆ 9 dagen geleden
The video cool 👍
Âdil K
Âdil K 9 dagen geleden
Looks so whimsical
cozy horizons
cozy horizons 9 dagen geleden
i love the voice acting so much! seems to give me the same vibes as spiritfarer 🥰 can't wait to play it!
nowonmetube 9 dagen geleden
I don't get what this game's about, after the trailer.
Xmanant 03
Xmanant 03 9 dagen geleden
I like the structure of this game it’s quite interesting looks really fun
ColdLookingGlass 9 dagen geleden
Reminds me of Typoman (actually it looks like it stole some of its puzzles)
RuddyPastLives 9 dagen geleden
Oh Yeah! This Is Happening
iZePlayz 9 dagen geleden
MelecieDiancie 8 dagen geleden
-i think she's going to rewrite mario in her journal-
chechechannel 9 dagen geleden
the art style is so beautiful! looking forward to this one!
Preston Fowler
Preston Fowler 9 dagen geleden
What's the name of the other game like this? I think it was black and white and you could change the environment with changing the words.
Sidonie Maria
Sidonie Maria 8 dagen geleden
Clone26 9 dagen geleden
Interesting concept
Jadduck 9 dagen geleden
This indie game looks like every other indie game. I love how when people say they "like indie games" they are saying "I like the same video game but just done with a slightly different art style every time".
MelecieDiancie 8 dagen geleden
and if they say "i like aaa games" they're basically saying "i like the same video game but done with a slightly different rendering engine every time" tl;dr every game is just pong all over again
Flávio Henrique
Flávio Henrique 9 dagen geleden
Child Of Light is similar.
Jadduck 9 dagen geleden
"Lost Words: Beyond the Page is a MASTERPIECE! 9.5/10 " - some tumblr blog you've never heard of "An amazing journey.. and an impressive visual style!" - an IGN clone with 3 game reviews "The Climax of this game was SUBLIME!!!" - EuroGameReview (or some generic video game outlet with no credibility and/or reputation) "A Beautiful, Intelligent, masterpiece made by extremely talented folk!" - The director of the game (but don't tell anybody)
Roy Veldboom
Roy Veldboom 9 dagen geleden
Who peed in your cheerios?
PunchyDonk 9 dagen geleden
Reimu lookin’ different
Extra Memes
Extra Memes 9 dagen geleden
1:15 what is that noise
emberchord 9 dagen geleden
This is giving me Ori energy.
Sasori Pras
Sasori Pras 9 dagen geleden
I think.......
Ian Hsieh
Ian Hsieh 9 dagen geleden
This is such a beautiful game that I lost my words...
Luan Carvalho
Luan Carvalho 9 dagen geleden
This feels... *EPIC*
Nintendo Gamer
Nintendo Gamer 9 dagen geleden
I want a new Lost Winds personally....T_T
Nintendo Best
Nintendo Best 9 dagen geleden
SPProduction02 9 dagen geleden
This looks a lot like gris (and I mean it in a positive way) :)
M&M 9 dagen geleden
It looks amazing the girls voice gives me PBS childrens show vibes tho. Otherwise amazing
Coarel 9 dagen geleden
dang this looks way too good to not be in a nintendo direct
Crazy Old Skool
Crazy Old Skool 9 dagen geleden
Wish the game was 60fps and not 30
Qeisama 9 dagen geleden
Is Rhianna Pratchett related to Sir Terry Pratchett?
Lamepop 9 dagen geleden
This looks crazy, i would play it also adorable the art is amazing
Pikachu 9 dagen geleden
Lower the price of Minecraft
nolzルビ kansloos
nolzルビ kansloos 8 dagen geleden
Calli K
Calli K 9 dagen geleden
The trailer already has me crying, I'm sure the game will have me in emotional ruins
Gigi’s Worlds
Gigi’s Worlds 9 dagen geleden
Karolina Borowik
Karolina Borowik 9 dagen geleden
Me too..
Aaron Cipta Efendy 1506033
When my birth im gonna buy it look so cool so fun so hard thx nintendo
toprak kara
toprak kara 9 dagen geleden
Super mario maker 3d love
ZeeManCan 9 dagen geleden
This is why I buy indie games. You know when there’s a Nintendo direct and they show an indie game and the whole chat is like “boring” “next” “L” I’m the one who’s like “ this game looks amazing , can’t wait” I have literally over 500 games on my switch and most of them are indies
SkyTheImaginer Dag geleden
And they’re usually so affordable I can’t stop getting them.
MelecieDiancie 8 dagen geleden
people tend to not care about indie games until the giant reviewers say it's a 10/10 game, otherwise it'll just go under the radar of everyone. quite unlike aaa games, which everyone knows and hypes for when it starts development
A Bagel
A Bagel 9 dagen geleden
Yeah, I mean, sure they aren’t Nintendo games, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t good! Some of the most popular video games in the world, like Undertale for example, are indie games! I mean, even if you don’t like them you still have to admire the amount of work that is put into games like these, especially since they are usually made by smaller companies!
aigne palooza
aigne palooza 9 dagen geleden
Same. I still think the $15, I spent on SDV was the best bang for my buck for 5 years now (also holy cow I can't believe it's been so long and the Concerned Ape is still giving us free updates and encourages mods!)
Black Xithus Vera
Black Xithus Vera 9 dagen geleden
This gives me child of light vibes, can't wait to play
AnjimPlays 9 dagen geleden
This game is a heartwarmer I am going to buy this one
Dangitjeff - Quads&Paws
Dangitjeff - Quads&Paws 9 dagen geleden
This looks like a must buy. Loving the art style! Voice acting is great too.
Taiku Xie
Taiku Xie 9 dagen geleden
WOW, that was incredible trailer game from lost words beyond the page, this is awesome.
Original Recipe
Original Recipe 9 dagen geleden
I thought this said Lost World and got excited but nope
Nobody 9 dagen geleden
For a second there, I thought this was Sonic Lost World
tyler Kelly
tyler Kelly 9 dagen geleden
Nintendo, you have explaining to do on smg2 for the switch, you're gonna talk, or else.
Trami Nguyen
Trami Nguyen 9 dagen geleden
I love this channel!
Coffee Bean
Coffee Bean 9 dagen geleden
This reminds of edith finch
Shinobu Sensui
Shinobu Sensui 9 dagen geleden
Is this Fiora's voice from Xenoblade?
Sidonie Maria
Sidonie Maria 9 dagen geleden
Nope, it’s mine! 🙂
Sting Urameshi
Sting Urameshi 9 dagen geleden
New Scribblenauts looking heat 😩
HydroKnight 9 dagen geleden
Castle crashers for smash
Phroggy !
Phroggy ! 9 dagen geleden
This actually looks really cool
Tanner Eustace
Tanner Eustace 9 dagen geleden
I thought it said Lost Woods at first hahaha I guess Zelda has brainwashed me
Cool Breeeze
Cool Breeeze 9 dagen geleden
I'm down to try👍👍
Mateo Colegial
Mateo Colegial 9 dagen geleden
Midnightabyss 9 dagen geleden
FYI: There is nothing but a case & code for physical everyone 😢
Delvin Bassett
Delvin Bassett 9 dagen geleden
MJ Project
MJ Project 9 dagen geleden
Seriously tho, the game looks amazing
GamerKid 9 dagen geleden
*Too bad I can't read*
Tomás Santos
Tomás Santos 9 dagen geleden
That look awesome, it was genuinely impressive to me
Forward Smash
Forward Smash 9 dagen geleden
I thought that was Vanellope von Schweetz in the thumbnail
Spirit 9 dagen geleden
I read the title as Lost Worlds so I thought this was an announcement for Sonic Lost World on Nintendo Switch...
Todayn'ts News
Todayn'ts News 9 dagen geleden
Mad-libs never looked this fun!
Switchplay 9 dagen geleden
It's nice, but where is a BotW2 Trailer?
Rater rate
Rater rate 9 dagen geleden
That’s a great Whale Shark drawing.
Malachi Smith
Malachi Smith 9 dagen geleden
Lost Woods: Beyond the skull kid.
Paige M
Paige M 9 dagen geleden
Alexa 9 dagen geleden
Lmao 😆
Bruno Lima Dias
Bruno Lima Dias 9 dagen geleden
Lost Woods? New Zelda? 👀
Alexa 9 dagen geleden
Lol hey fellow Zelda fan
phi latio17
phi latio17 9 dagen geleden
lmao what
dapoochboys 9 dagen geleden
Hm lost words... Kinda makes me think of lost woods. But I doubt Nintendo remembers what game that is from, seeing as how they don't acknowledge Zelda exists.
phi latio17
phi latio17 9 dagen geleden
Bro, you’re acting as if Zelda, one of their biggest and most acclaimed series, does5 get highlighted. (when the literal last direct dedicated an entire portion of it). Just because no new games have come out, doesn’t mean nintendo doesn’t give it attention like they do with franchises like Star Fox, Metroid and F-Zero.
Givemeyourbells 9 dagen geleden
Anyone else’s e shop down
Tim 9 dagen geleden
Yeah server maintenance currently.
Ricardo Purnell
Ricardo Purnell 9 dagen geleden
Anaximenes Andrianakis
Anaximenes Andrianakis 9 dagen geleden
Sobble Wobble
Sobble Wobble 9 dagen geleden
Reminds me of Child of Light
phi latio17
phi latio17 9 dagen geleden
Yeah, it gives off similar vibes
Luckypewpewbee galaxy
Luckypewpewbee galaxy 9 dagen geleden
This game doesn't look bad but I probably won't play it
phi latio17
phi latio17 9 dagen geleden
fair enough
Graffitiou 9 dagen geleden
huh cant play any pokemon
Gaming With Sh3ail
Gaming With Sh3ail 9 dagen geleden
"Lost words" Every time I'm trying to explain something to someone...
Meme Time
Meme Time 9 dagen geleden
@Gaming With Sh3ail pp
Meme Time
Meme Time 9 dagen geleden
Did you know, p-..... did you know p-...... pp go-......
Jared Quick
Jared Quick 9 dagen geleden
It's time for gta collection on the switch
Midnightabyss 9 dagen geleden
👍👍👍👍👍👍 rdr too 😢
phi latio17
phi latio17 9 dagen geleden
I support this, even if we don’t get gta V
bad dude
bad dude 9 dagen geleden
Heck yeah
Sailor_Guardians 202
Sailor_Guardians 202 9 dagen geleden
All I care about is Trails 4.
Bad Wolf
Bad Wolf 9 dagen geleden
The game looks good
Kats 9 dagen geleden
Never even heard of this, but I love it.
Piotrek Szuber
Piotrek Szuber 9 dagen geleden
exacly what I had in mind when I saw this.
EmFi 9 dagen geleden
i love these random trailers.
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