Legend of Mana - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch 

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Legend of Mana, featuring remastered HD graphics, rearranged music and additional features is coming to Nintendo Switch on June 24!
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18 feb. 2021




Bezig met laden.....

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Lyle 84'
Lyle 84' 13 uur geleden
Nice with Swedish lyrics :)
Angelo Aragon
Angelo Aragon Dag geleden
aww yay i loved this game.
Emmanuel Ortega
Emmanuel Ortega Dag geleden
don't screw me ... I shed a tear knowing that I could play this jewel of a video game again and remastered ... I got to have it on my PS1 I even have it in an emulator on my smartphone it was one of the first action- RPG that I had the good fortune to play ... but undoubtedly I will have to acquire it as soon as it comes out ... great game in all the extension of the word ...
Gielian Tv
Gielian Tv 2 dagen geleden
Omg i miss this game... I love playing this is the ps1.
Yana Nut
Yana Nut 3 dagen geleden
dude i love it but at 1:08 take a look at Female MC face.....
Blaziken Knight
Blaziken Knight 3 dagen geleden
Never played a mana game but this looks really pretty. Probably will check it out
lHotlHotlPwns 3 dagen geleden
this and azure dreams were my two favorite ps1 games
J VII 4 dagen geleden
This game along with saga frontier from PlayStation one days… So much nostalgia. Must buys. Honestly they should be played together, true testament of the time.
Jethro Altarejos
Jethro Altarejos 4 dagen geleden
My freakin' childhood just flashed before my eyes. NOSTALGIA to the MAX! I love this game.
Cinnamon 5 dagen geleden
OMG! Finally it's coming back!! I've been waiting for this game to be release again for ages! Nintendo take my money now!
WumboWeinie 5 dagen geleden
This use to be one of my favorite games!
Saber XFencer
Saber XFencer 5 dagen geleden
The best mana game! Hoping for remake like trial but remastered is ok.
Mark R
Mark R 5 dagen geleden
I loved this game, I hope they add new content and Vagrant story next
azura chan91
azura chan91 6 dagen geleden
Ok, now I really want Nintendo Switch 😭
Shadowsim Architect
Shadowsim Architect 6 dagen geleden
I dont know why this kind of reminds me of that gooftroop game on snes
BorrawinRPG 6 dagen geleden
OMG I am STOKED that this is a thing! I have been waiting for this FOR YEEAARRSS. THANK YOU SO MUCH! One of my favorite games of ALL TIME!
Gita 6 dagen geleden
Bring my childhood backkkk!
botol berair
botol berair 7 dagen geleden
Im feel young
Jose Angelo Infante
Jose Angelo Infante 7 dagen geleden
ali burch
ali burch 7 dagen geleden
I just about LOST IT seeing this announcement!! Legen of Mana was one of my favorite games growing up, I was so sad when our PS3 wasn't compatible with it... so I'm OVERJOYED I'll be able to get an HD remastered version of it on my switch!! I wonder if the original storylines etc will be in the remastering? The Jumi storyline, the underworld stuff, the monster rearing o: AAAHHHH I can't wait for this to be released!!!
KAIDZ 7 dagen geleden
How many hours of play time can we juice in this for average gamer?
Amyrika Legacy
Amyrika Legacy 7 dagen geleden
Can't wait. I've waited for someone to put this on their system. Love it!
Bad Taste Media
Bad Taste Media 7 dagen geleden
This is CRAZY!!!! All the games I planned on playing this year is coming out for the freaking switch. THANK GOD I GOT THE SWITCH!!!! Grandia, Saga Frontier and Legend of Mana!!! WHAT1111 I"M SOOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU NINTENDO SWITCH!!!!!
Beatrice Sal
Beatrice Sal 7 dagen geleden
I miss my childhood so much omg😭😭 I still have my notebook full of dudbear language translations😭
pepe7777777 7 dagen geleden
The song in this video (from the game) is in Swedish, wierdly enough :p this game is very underrated imo , back in the day I used to love playing it on my psx :)
fatima garcia
fatima garcia 7 dagen geleden
Que maravilla! Amo ese juego, es la mejor noticia 😍
fatima garcia
fatima garcia 7 dagen geleden
El Establo del Valc
El Establo del Valc 7 dagen geleden
My favorite game ever.
enedi lopecarvalho
enedi lopecarvalho 8 dagen geleden
MISSED PS2 Longplay - Longplay of Secret of Evermore
enedi lopecarvalho
enedi lopecarvalho 8 dagen geleden
MISSED PS2 Longplay - Longplay of Secret of Evermore
enedi lopecarvalho
enedi lopecarvalho 8 dagen geleden
MISSED PS2 Longplay - Dawn of Mana HD
8-BITE 8 dagen geleden
Mystic Quest was the best part of the Series. Since 1993 I played it a lot and saved the Manatree many times.
Jess Masker
Jess Masker 9 dagen geleden
I'm so excited!!!! This is my favorite game of all time, I'm so happy to see it getting some love
red is me
red is me 9 dagen geleden
Hopefully I can get this console this year due to great games it has been made so far. Corona really broke me 😩
icebat 512
icebat 512 9 dagen geleden
Wow never do this game existed when I was a kid I'm not missing my chance to play it now
Mya LDeZaNH 9 dagen geleden
OMG Thank you!!!!
davi andrade
davi andrade 9 dagen geleden
o jogo vai ser de graça ne? pois cobrar por relançamento sem ter feito nada significativo no jogo é uma piada
Leanzadoodles 9 dagen geleden
Cesar Perez
Cesar Perez 9 dagen geleden
I predict Legend of Mana character on Smash.
CrnchyToast 9 dagen geleden
Nice, Can't wait to revisit this one! Will we ever see a remake/remaster of Sword of Mana? (I know it was actually a remake itself, but I LOVED that game!)
sgrantle 9 dagen geleden
Aprende algo Nintendo
Svart fra Sør
Svart fra Sør 10 dagen geleden
Give it a million strikes!
elegraphy 10 dagen geleden
This game looks fantastic, just like in the '90s! We also need the Super Mario RPG remastered as well!
Billy Bob
Billy Bob 10 dagen geleden
they really bringing back the mana series
Kamil Czuba
Kamil Czuba 10 dagen geleden
Cool, now im waiting for Xenogears HD, Chrono Cross HD and Xenosaga HD ;)
Abraham Lupis
Abraham Lupis 6 dagen geleden
Xenosaga is from Bandai Namco
Daniel Rodríguez
Daniel Rodríguez 10 dagen geleden
Chrono Triggeeer!! How long will u ignore us!!
达奇 10 dagen geleden
Giorgos Stefanidis
Giorgos Stefanidis 10 dagen geleden
Let's hope it's not 60$
whilboy88 11 dagen geleden
when ps doestn care with their old games, nintendo:welcome
Sou Y. M.
Sou Y. M. 8 dagen geleden
@Michael Pittman and steam too
Michael Pittman
Michael Pittman 9 dagen geleden
You do realize this is also coming out on PS4, right?
J.Rdot 11 dagen geleden
I honestly think you need a full ff7 like remake if you want a big hit. Thanks though nostalgia is addictive.
rinatosai 11 dagen geleden
Dubababababa Dub
N G 9 dagen geleden
arvinz hinaniban
arvinz hinaniban 11 dagen geleden
Golden sun pls. 🙏
DullahanKnight 11 dagen geleden
24 June 2021 i will be waiting to play
Louis DellaLucca
Louis DellaLucca 11 dagen geleden
I wonder if they'll add the content that was locked behind certain Save Files. Chocobo Racing and SaGa Frontier 2 unlocked special map pieces.
Jesus Alessio
Jesus Alessio 11 dagen geleden
This game has a exclusive physical release in Japan with an art book, soundtrack, & plushy
Denson 11 dagen geleden
Varför sjunger hon på svenska?
miniG 11 dagen geleden
so when will they remake that scrapped Moogle Racing game 😑
spector969 11 dagen geleden
I don't get it, what's with the pixelated characters on top of high-res backdrops? For me the clashing styles are very off-putting.
TheSilvershadow91 11 dagen geleden
Awesome, now we just need a full blown remake like trials and sword of mana, right nintendo? right?
partybarge 11 dagen geleden
can't wait to relive that unforgettable summer of diving head first into this game and never wanting it to end
Aldo 11 dagen geleden
Now for Children of Man pls guys(or a sequel)... that was my childhood
Zefanya Lt
Zefanya Lt 11 dagen geleden
Sevir 12 dagen geleden
The song which is in Swedish.. still cringe me as a swede
Jocobus Witte
Jocobus Witte 12 dagen geleden
No no no, nintendo I think you're a little confused. What you meant was Legend of ZELDA direct. It's ok, we all make mistakes
Neelav 12 dagen geleden
Chrono trigger next please
Flegan777 12 dagen geleden
It's 2000's summer of adventure in 2021. Legend of Mana has always been a fantastic title for me, and I will gladly play it all over again. I had over 500 hours logged in on my PS1 copy, so that tells you all you need to know about my love for it.
rsd 163
rsd 163 12 dagen geleden
Top tier game and soundtrack right here.
fevvy 12 dagen geleden
Im so exited for this! I've never played it but I love the style of it and everything in general about it I'm so gonna play it!!
Neil Adrian Orilla
Neil Adrian Orilla 12 dagen geleden
I was hoping they would do a remake with changes... why didnt they?
Elizabeth Lewis
Elizabeth Lewis 12 dagen geleden
I had literal tears in my eyes when this came up during the direct. I love this game.
Юрий Жемаркин
Юрий Жемаркин 12 dagen geleden
We need star ocean second!
Jace Young
Jace Young 12 dagen geleden
My brother never let me play the Final Fantasy games on the PS1 but he let me play this. So this is quite literally my childhood. So excited for this!
Amaurii 12 dagen geleden
I love the song!!
ricardo martinez
ricardo martinez 12 dagen geleden
Only english subs??
Stormlight50 12 dagen geleden
Ah yes hours of crafting weapons...
Ndhaha Hahaha
Ndhaha Hahaha 12 dagen geleden
I miss this game
diegowolf89 13 dagen geleden
Hometown Domina awaits us bois!
Cynthia M. Borges
Cynthia M. Borges 13 dagen geleden
Omg, this game is MAGICAL! It’s my favourite entry on the Mana series & it’s heartwarming to see it make a comeback. A physical release it’s a MUST. 🥰 P.S. - Bring back Chrono Cross too, please!! 💙
Bryan Yachimetz
Bryan Yachimetz 13 dagen geleden
I loved playing this game back in the day. I still have my original PS1 copy and players guide. So happy its comming back.
Eonix Blitz
Eonix Blitz 13 dagen geleden
I'm waiting for chrono cross and legend of legaia next.
Zetsu Ken
Zetsu Ken 13 dagen geleden
Hey How about Golden Sun do something, many players waiting for ages for remaster or part 4
Annoying Commentator
Annoying Commentator 13 dagen geleden
You can preorder on steam but not even wishlist on switch. Uhm, why?
Vugtis Mindog
Vugtis Mindog 13 dagen geleden
Now how do we access the chocobos now??
wololo. net
wololo. net 13 dagen geleden
Cant wait to customize my golemn.
Mochizuki 13 dagen geleden
what a generic terrible trailer for a great game lol
XeruEXE 13 dagen geleden
Well my only compliant is WHY CAN'T THEY RELEASE THIS SOONER?!?!?!?!? Are you telling me I have to wait four more months?!?!?!?!?! I'm so hyped up about this I'm using more exclamation points and questions marks to the point of getting silly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!
theredpriest 13 dagen geleden
Are they not updating the sprites the way they have for SaGa Frontier? Sprites still look grainy???
Robert Harp
Robert Harp 13 dagen geleden
I was so heart broken when the other mana games got remakes and this one didnt, Im so gonna 100% this game again
Deni Rogosic
Deni Rogosic 13 dagen geleden
😄wow 👍
Rangga Rangga
Rangga Rangga 13 dagen geleden
This game from Playstation classic
Bagaielo 14 dagen geleden
Meudeusdoceu vou ficar louco
BradPete1 14 dagen geleden
good to see more ps1 games on Nintendo 😁
Jag2045 14 dagen geleden
hope this get a physical copy
Marc June Pailmao
Marc June Pailmao 14 dagen geleden
92JinKazama 14 dagen geleden
Bridget Johnston
Bridget Johnston 14 dagen geleden
I’m getting a switch because of this game. Childhood classic!
Slaumir 14 dagen geleden
Now i just need legend of kartia
Michael Muni
Michael Muni 14 dagen geleden
Will this get a physical english release ?
magic_windsock 14 dagen geleden
kameoka’s art style is literally a gift that keeps on giving :,) legend /sword of mana, magical vacation, egglia. it’s so perfect
Gustavo Raiol
Gustavo Raiol 14 dagen geleden
I waited 20 years for this remastering! 🤩
Justin Bieber - Hold On
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Justin Bieber - Hold On
Weergaven 8 mln.
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first game with MY SKIN
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