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Team up and duke it out with rival Crews in Knockout City, where epic dodgeball battles settle the score in team-based multiplayer matches. Throw, catch, pass, dodge, and tackle your way to dodgeball dominance - it ain’t dodgeball it’s dodgeBRAWL! Knockout City launches May 21 on Nintendo Switch!
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17 feb. 2021




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Greedo 3 uur geleden
Wait, the characters that were interviewed are not going to be in the game? 0/10
Digital Unity
Digital Unity 11 uur geleden
Hm... Not what I expected from the other videos I've seen about the trailer... I'll wait for the reviews to roll in on this one, maybe I'm just blinded by no funny princess
H.RuizForever543 SSBU
i cannot believe there's rule 34 of princes charm
Chante Johnson
Chante Johnson Dag geleden
I'm Jaden!
I'm Jaden! Dag geleden
i know they took 4 years to make this game but the results are bad
JustinTime1213 4 dagen geleden
I thought this was rsl on switch and I was about to dislike the direct cause the ogre
Bagimations 5 dagen geleden
Dissapointed the Pixelated Fairy doesn’t actually look the same in game
* Feather . Fluff *
* Feather . Fluff * 7 dagen geleden
This game is amazing. Even the characters are amazing.
Phoenix Barriger
Phoenix Barriger 8 dagen geleden
Talk about false advertising in a matter of 3 minutes
dj is bad
dj is bad 8 dagen geleden
this is like drawn together except they’re parodying video games instead of cartoons and mocking the main aspect of games like mario/zelda, league/dota, and csgo/six siege
felipe bello
felipe bello 9 dagen geleden
This trailer is like travelling to an amusement park, with your parents telling you how fun it will be, but then you finally arrive, it was a lie! A Dentist place is all you can see outside.
raichuian 9 dagen geleden
the game is better than the initial trailer led you to believe
Adamatronamus 9 dagen geleden
When you see EA games, it let's you know that things won't be good.
LXGAMING 9 dagen geleden
hey a ea game that everyone is gonna forget about i the first 2 weeks its out like rocket arena
_YoshiVolts_ 115
_YoshiVolts_ 115 9 dagen geleden
George Wilson
George Wilson 10 dagen geleden
The promo characters were great.
Turtle? Turtle
Turtle? Turtle 10 dagen geleden
Dang, maybe even if it was the same gameplay but with avatars like the characters in the trailer and an artistic direction that made it feel natural more people would still be interested on this. A shame because this actually looks fun.
LXGAMING 10 dagen geleden
knockout city text is the same as jet set radio
Javier Vale
Javier Vale 10 dagen geleden
*fortnite as a sport.*
Benjamin Schmitt
Benjamin Schmitt 12 dagen geleden
1:26 Why isn’t anybody talking about this?
_YoshiVolts_ 115
_YoshiVolts_ 115 10 dagen geleden
A lot of people were
PhantomSlay5612 12 dagen geleden
This trailer is weird. Not bad. Just........I don't get.
Luke Urbanski
Luke Urbanski 12 dagen geleden
I am convinced that is a World of Warcraft Orc and I thought maybe that was a Counter Terrorist officer from Counter Strike. I got excited expecting some cross over game and then nothing.
Zaperator 44
Zaperator 44 12 dagen geleden
Look cool, no plus.
Zaperator 44
Zaperator 44 12 dagen geleden
Would be interresting, later for EA. They used the actual characters in the promo but make it an actual cast of Valve games characters, each will different battle style in a battle royale and a coop.
Mega X Sonic 18
Mega X Sonic 18 12 dagen geleden
It's funny how the character designs are more interesting than the gameplay.
David C
David C 13 dagen geleden
Sigh, looks like another game to skip altogether. Nintendo should put all eggs into franchising Nintendo World.
craftedbythemoon 13 dagen geleden
Is this f2p?
India Irby
India Irby 13 dagen geleden
1:30 Here we go again if you don't want to know what I mean search up pearl temp chat Oct expansion make sure to turn the volume down
DIO 13 dagen geleden
Nice PS2 graphics, EA.
H.RuizForever543 SSBU
Yar yar days...
Mr. Incredible
Mr. Incredible 13 dagen geleden
Me: This game looks fun. *EA Originals logo pops up* Me: That's more than enough to make me refuse to buy the game.
Mr. Incredible
Mr. Incredible 10 dagen geleden
@_YoshiVolts_ 115 You mean what Rocket Arena's price should've been?
_YoshiVolts_ 115
_YoshiVolts_ 115 10 dagen geleden
It's probably free ngl
K S.
K S. 13 dagen geleden
So games will be made but no fantasy life 🤔 why?🤷🏻‍♀️
Rustled Jimmies
Rustled Jimmies 13 dagen geleden
>cool crossover concept >shitty game
Robotsnake20 13 dagen geleden
This some false advertisement....
ButtonMasher 13 dagen geleden
"So, how do we advertise our generic ball game?" "Hmm... how about we make a trailer featuring characters that are far more interesting than what we're advertising?"
John Martinsson
John Martinsson 13 dagen geleden
Corgon looks like a Raid Shadow Legends character...
SwedishKuriboh 13 dagen geleden
1:40 The moment I lost interest in the game... I liked the characters being interviewed, I wanted a game starring them... =/
Sandbag 13 dagen geleden
I feel so bad for the devs lol people are dismissing the game since it’s EA and the characters in the trailer looks better than the game itself. I played open beta and it doesn’t seem p2w at all. You get currency for playing the game and its based on your reaction time and skill. If they do change anything about the game to make it p2w then laugh at me. But so far, this game is good.
fishfriend 13 dagen geleden
Just... just imagine working on a game for 4 years. 4 years. And your completely unrelated trailer outshines your game.
fishfriend 13 dagen geleden
This trailer is so frustrating. Not because it's bad, it's okay. Most of the humor didn't land but the trailer was setting something up that was actually interesting, like a Drawn Together slash Matt Hazard combo. Instead we got... dodgeball? Promote your lead marketer then fire them
fishfriend 13 dagen geleden
"We hope this will be the game you never knew you wanted until now." Well... not in the way you hoped, Velan.
Emilio Run
Emilio Run 13 dagen geleden
With this crown, I'm gonna lead my team to victory and kick some serious a#$! I just died
stanley deakin
stanley deakin 14 dagen geleden
Has anyone complaining actually played the demo it's so addictive
TheBang Sisley A.K.A Inkirby
@stanley deakin I see
stanley deakin
stanley deakin 13 dagen geleden
@TheBang Sisley A.K.A Inkirby theres a steam demo for this weekend
TheBang Sisley A.K.A Inkirby
I don't see a demo on the e-shop?
Memilicious 14 dagen geleden
Bro, you've been working on this for 4 years?
_YoshiVolts_ 115
_YoshiVolts_ 115 10 dagen geleden
Games take a long time to make
Te amo karen
Te amo karen 14 dagen geleden
Te amo nintemdp
Mini Pekka
Mini Pekka 14 dagen geleden
Quienes son ellos
Who are you? Please
Who are you? Please 14 dagen geleden
Velan ,no los conocía
Matt Television
Matt Television 14 dagen geleden
this is like one of those pictures where there is so much stuff, but you can't tell what any of it is.
J. W
J. W 14 dagen geleden
Sooo... I see that we don't get to play with the interviewed characters...? Sad... I wanted to play with the pixel princess :D
Matt sucks
Matt sucks 14 dagen geleden
This game is literally a more realistic Ninjala.
WalkInToBrickWalls ForDays
Looks like a raid shadow legends spin off
Grzegorz Dziedzic
Grzegorz Dziedzic 14 dagen geleden
No. just No.
H.RuizForever543 SSBU
@_YoshiVolts_ 115 MONOLITHSOFT moment
_YoshiVolts_ 115
_YoshiVolts_ 115 14 dagen geleden
Hilda Fan
Hilda Fan 14 dagen geleden
Just one question : why the trailer for Switch have lot of dislike but the trailer for Xbox have mor likes and less dislikes ? I realy dont Understand the Nintendo's community....
Decker22 14 dagen geleden
More like Cringe City.
H.RuizForever543 SSBU
H.RuizForever543 SSBU 20 uur geleden
_YoshiVolts_ 115
_YoshiVolts_ 115 Dag geleden
@H.RuizForever543 SSBU is this a social experiment?
H.RuizForever543 SSBU
_YoshiVolts_ 115
_YoshiVolts_ 115 Dag geleden
@H.RuizForever543 SSBU I dont like xenoblade Chronicles, I've never played it. What are u talking about
H.RuizForever543 SSBU
@_YoshiVolts_ 115 Says the one that likes Xenoblade Chronicles 2
COCOTHEECOCO 14 dagen geleden
Looks like ninjala
Ink Calamity
Ink Calamity 14 dagen geleden
You’ve got 2 options: Take down all trailers with the interviewed characters, so people would forget about that AMAZING concept. Or reuse them for their own game
Dr. Awe
Dr. Awe 15 dagen geleden
A tip for advertising games in the future guys, don't have a more interesting concept for the trailer rather than the actual game.
YakuzaDiscoMan 15 dagen geleden
Kyrese 15 dagen geleden
1:30: werid and different
Wayne Buffin
Wayne Buffin 15 dagen geleden
Looks similar to a fort nite theme
NathanistheBoyo Shut up
NathanistheBoyo Shut up 15 dagen geleden
Stfu EA give princess charm her own game
Sooth 15 dagen geleden
I honestly hoped for the characters they had in the interview, but it might be ok
BeeboBeam 15 dagen geleden
Not really liking the look of the new lethal league
DJAyt69 15 dagen geleden
First Ea copied CSGO then they copied DOTA series after they copied Mario and now they are copying Ninjala like seriously Ea stop copying other games and selling them for higher prices then the original game
Rylon The super saiyan
Rylon The super saiyan 15 dagen geleden
So dodgeball on crack then... Acceptable
_YoshiVolts_ 115
_YoshiVolts_ 115 14 dagen geleden
I feel the same way
schrodingersDipshit 15 dagen geleden
dang, i can't say i've ever seen a game that had a more charming and appealing trailer than gameplay. game looks pretty good of course, kinda reminiscent of splatoon, but like. they accidentally did so good with the marketing that people are more interested in the marketing than the game, which is honestly a bit funny lol. but yea, with the way this reveal trailer was goin, it almost seemed like this was gonna be a wreck-it-ralph mixed genre dealie, which would've been a fantastic breath of fresh air. instead the game is just a splatoon-like about dodgeball. sure it looks like it might be fun, but we also already have a third splatoon game otw, and i feel like that'll draw a lot of attention away from this game because it doesn't stand out enough. if i had to give one piece of advice to velan studios, it's to lean into what you did with the reveal trailer. get a lil silly with it n make a game that really stands out from the crowd
schrodingersDipshit 11 dagen geleden
@_YoshiVolts_ 115 lol it's all good!
_YoshiVolts_ 115
_YoshiVolts_ 115 12 dagen geleden
@schrodingersDipshit oh, sorry, it's just a saying but now that I think about it, it's not as gender neutral as I thought it was
schrodingersDipshit 12 dagen geleden
imma girl, but thx lmao
_YoshiVolts_ 115
_YoshiVolts_ 115 14 dagen geleden
Finally, a man who knows what he's talking about
JPlay45 15 dagen geleden
I don’t hate what I’m seeing so far. I’m just very confused with the marketing involving the CG characters from different genres. Who was that for? They clearly have zero to do with the actual game and nothing about the knockout city announcement would be any different without them.
Juni12 15 dagen geleden
When do we get a game starring the characters made for the trailer? That seems more interesting than Fortnite Dodgeball.
Nocturne 15 dagen geleden
I’d honestly rather look at cabbage than play this game.
Rad Dykal
Rad Dykal 15 dagen geleden
The ad company that made this trailer sold me on *their characters, and not the actual game.* Splatoon gracefully avoided this with the entire squid aesthetic, but this game just falls right into the trap of trying to make something generic that appeals to everyone. Like, imagine someone asked you to describe the actual game, but you couldn't link the video, what would you say? "Yeah it's dodgeball but with platforming. Yeah they're all humans with cosmetics."
Luxero 15 dagen geleden
I want to play with characters, with charm and charisma. Not bland avatars with no personality. even all-stars destruction got it right and its pretty much dead already, you think you will do better than them like this?
Corporate Gunner
Corporate Gunner 15 dagen geleden
Oh man, I'm disappointed right now. I thought it was gonna be a unique game with characters from different video game genres.
Suffer More
Suffer More 15 dagen geleden
Misleading trailer, cool game. Would be good if I didn't notice the EA ORIGINALS IN THE CORNER.
coolssh3 15 dagen geleden
"We partnered with EA Originals," You see, _that_ was your first mistake. I don't think I have to explain how EA is a universally detested company. The second? Making this advertisement an interview of characters from a variety of genres. Would it not've been awesome to see the characters in the interview be a part of the game? That 16-bit princess in particular had my interest piqued. Overall, the game looks bland whereas the advertising is frustratingly good as well as just plain frustrating.
Super Epic Miner
Super Epic Miner 15 dagen geleden
This game could be so much cooler if we had characters from several different game genres all playing like they would in their game worlds, in a big free for all arena. Such a missed opportunity...
Super Epic Miner
Super Epic Miner 15 dagen geleden
Such a missed opportunity to have a game with all of these cool looking characters, instead we get dodgeball with a bunch of generic avatars
Robert Alexander
Robert Alexander 15 dagen geleden
It has been stated that there would be map and character updates after launch so who says the characters in the ad aren't going to be playable later on
Agnes Williams
Agnes Williams 15 dagen geleden
Hear me out: Y’all have too high of expectations to think this game ain’t gonna be good when it drops. I agree that the interviews were much more interesting and caught my eye, but glory to God almighty that this wasn’t an ad for Raid: Shadow Legends because that’s what I thought it was, initially.
Onat 15 dagen geleden
i really wish those character they interviewed where the one we get to play as. :(
SuperCJK333 15 dagen geleden
As long as this game is not like ninjala then this time it will be good. But then i saw EA logo and now i am not sure if the game will be free after all
Tyler Hunt
Tyler Hunt 15 dagen geleden
Alex Jackson- Call of Duty Corgon- World of Warcraft Princess Charm- Super Mario Captain Wrangler- Halo Max Splints- Madden NFL
Jonah Abenhaim
Jonah Abenhaim Dag geleden
@Stal, ᓭד ̣ ᔑꖎ Captain wrangler, is from overwatch
Stal, ᓭד ̣ ᔑꖎ
Stal, ᓭד ̣ ᔑꖎ 15 dagen geleden
Cap Wrang is from Super Metroid and Alex Jackson is from CS:GO
Lopous 15 dagen geleden
Still got baited and is sad about it. These characters will never be forgotten. Mostly Princess Charm for me and mostly many other people.
AwkwardAngel 15 dagen geleden
It's so good to know I wasn't the only one who thought this was gonna be a game where all the characters are parodies of other game genres just to immediately see what the game actually was. The game itself isn't even that bad it's just the trailer is so misleading. I originally thought this was gonna be like Overwatch with those characters but nope!
Death Heart
Death Heart 15 dagen geleden
I like princess charm.... That's why i'm here.
Brendo Roi
Brendo Roi 15 dagen geleden
We at Velan Studios want to make games that are like magic, which is why we're making a generic team based multiplayer dodgeball game
NorEasterReaper 15 dagen geleden
Personally, I think if people keep making a stink about it, they'll follow up this game with one where you properly play as the characters from the interviews (On the condition people buy /this/ game of course).
CoCoComa 15 dagen geleden
For a moment a thought this was gonna be a funny RPG. The big orc wants to be a healer Soldier wants to be rogue/ninja And the princess dishes out the damage
Vincent St.Germaine
Vincent St.Germaine 15 dagen geleden
I really wish Nintendo eshop didn't have a limit on the wishlist, I want this and I'm afraid I might forget it.
Geekster 15 dagen geleden
I don’t know why people keep hating on this game. Honestly it boils down to game preference but I would love to play this game. Even though the ad did seem misleading with the characters they showed, I think it’s better doing it the way presented in game. I don’t think you could get the customizable options you could right know because of these characters. I feel like people also keep forgetting games can be changed and updated. I’m gonna buy this game on launch and see how it is, but I just hope it is fun enough to keep playing.
Giran 0
Giran 0 15 dagen geleden
Princess charm looks fun
YOMA gaming
YOMA gaming 15 dagen geleden
That looks fun i'll get if it under R100
Timmy Reobed
Timmy Reobed 15 dagen geleden
This felt like one of those Lords Mobile ads in the worst way possible.
WesleyTRV // Wesley Vianen
*"If you don't like it, don't buy it."*
Meta Bro
Meta Bro 15 dagen geleden
That didn’t pick Vince Young, well Scott’s mad
cellophanezebra 15 dagen geleden
The characters that they interviewed look like a RPG cast
josh 15 dagen geleden
Is this free when it comes out
Djanea Chaseateau
Djanea Chaseateau 15 dagen geleden
I keep thinking these 3 video game characters from different genres of video games are going to be a trio and go on some wacky adventure that had some single player/co-op gameplay. These characters and their appearances relating to their respective mediums are giving me SERIOUS Wreck It Ralph vibes. Too bad these 3 characters are used ONLY to advertise a boring, run of the mill, shooter. Whelp, That's the gaming industry for ya. I'm just going to keep watching this trailer to only watch these 3 characters cause we are NOT going to see them again after this.
Stal, ᓭד ̣ ᔑꖎ
Stal, ᓭד ̣ ᔑꖎ 15 dagen geleden
It's been 3 days and I can't stop thinking about that
Jordan Loux
Jordan Loux 15 dagen geleden
Like, imagine having RPG elements in platformer! It would be so fun to mix and match game mechanics.
Takara Hayashi
Takara Hayashi 15 dagen geleden
such a low blow to use iconic characters to sell a game that they're not in.
Jokester 16 dagen geleden
I was interested until I saw the gameplay
College Slam
College Slam 16 dagen geleden
Will this game be free?
TheRealHax 16 dagen geleden
1:09 anyone simping yet?
AgSkywalker Garcia
AgSkywalker Garcia 16 dagen geleden
1:40 - 1:51 I love this part of this trailer
Waggsmith YTP
Waggsmith YTP 16 dagen geleden
Great job, Velan, Now you made me want a game starring Princess Charm