Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Expansion Pass Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch 

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Expand your quest to save Hyrule with new DLC in the Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Expansion Pass. Get newly added characters, stages, and more when they release this year!
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17 feb. 2021




Bezig met laden.....

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Retro Revision
Retro Revision 7 uur geleden
The new weapon is gonna be the legendary Master Torch
Jewele jones
Jewele jones Dag geleden
"wave 2 expanded roster" Me who really wants to play as sooga yes yes yes
Stone Studios
Stone Studios Dag geleden
Does expanded roster mean more characters? And if so then.... TINGLE?!? :O
jimbodeek 2 dagen geleden
Please give Link the Master Cycle...
Israel Wilson
Israel Wilson 3 dagen geleden
I think online would work well with this game
jaden s
jaden s 3 dagen geleden
age of calamity for wii u when?????????
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds 3 dagen geleden
Mickey Mations
Mickey Mations 4 dagen geleden
Youngy 5 dagen geleden
can we PLEASE play as Purah
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds 3 dagen geleden
Most likely
candy8448 6 dagen geleden
Its getting a dlc arleady after 3 months after release
Andres The Cosmic Guardian
We'll all know that the Purchase Bonus is definitely gonna be the Ancient Armor & Sword for Link. For Wave 1 mentioning the Royal Ancient Lab that Purah & Robbie will be the first two DLC characters to be add in the roster. Wave 2 is not much for any clues, but with another "Expandable Roster", it'll possibly be that Astor, Sooga and Harbinger Ganon will be add them soon on November.
Elijah 7 dagen geleden
Ah yes, frame rate game.
Elijah 2 dagen geleden
@Seymor Onion I agree, I did get pretty accustomed to the FPS. Although, the performance is still horrendous in 2021 and on Nintendo's flagship console.
Seymor Onion
Seymor Onion 4 dagen geleden
How looow can it gooo? XD To be fair, with persistence, you can get used to the frame rate dips, and sometimes, even use the dips to your advantage.
A Human
A Human 8 dagen geleden
You know, one feature I hope they add in the DLC is to let you change the background music for a story mission or a challenge. That’s one thing you were apparently able to do in the original Hyrule Warriors (At least I think, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong because I’ve never played the original.) but for some reason can’t do in Age of Calamity.
Alexzander Harris
Alexzander Harris 8 dagen geleden
Wave 1 Come In June 30 2021 And Wave 2 Come In November 30 2021
Alexzander Harris
Alexzander Harris 8 dagen geleden
Purah and Robbie Come In Wave 1 And Sooga Astor And Harbinger Ganon Come In Wave 2
Kaito Momota Luminary of the Stars
I just want Astor to have back story! THATS ALL I WANT SNDMSMDKD
Franco Peralta
Franco Peralta 6 dagen geleden
I'd be down for that.
KarmaKubed 9 dagen geleden
They should probably focus on fixing the frame rate before adding more content
matthew collins
matthew collins 10 dagen geleden
alternate ending maybe?
christa pinder
christa pinder 10 dagen geleden
I'm so excited for this. Not that I've finished it yet lol
App 10 dagen geleden
Me when there was no BOTW2 announcement: 0:14
Seymor Onion
Seymor Onion 4 dagen geleden
Good catch! XD
Cosmic Storm
Cosmic Storm 7 dagen geleden
Dogi Avici
Dogi Avici 10 dagen geleden
Hey nintendo, how about fixing the framerate issues before demanding more money for an expansion pass? I want to play this game badly but i refuse to buy this game, when it's not even running smoothly..
Ryan’s Studios
Ryan’s Studios 10 dagen geleden
De Anton.
De Anton. 11 dagen geleden
Cruz Magallanes
Cruz Magallanes 11 dagen geleden
So are we getting more expansion pack
AA_Certified_Weirdo 11 dagen geleden
nintendo is going to make me poor in a few months
Ozy F.
Ozy F. 11 dagen geleden
I'm willing to bet there will be a level in Kakariko Village
Sofia mera
Sofia mera 11 dagen geleden
estoy a punto de completar el juego
StopLegoLord 11 dagen geleden
They better make Morshu a playable character. He would be unstoppable with his lamp oil, rope, and BOMBS!
Jagger Branch
Jagger Branch 11 dagen geleden
kass or i riot
VJ: IT'S TIME TO KICK IT! 11 dagen geleden
Hold my Sword and Shield expansion passes.
Oracle Sight
Oracle Sight 12 dagen geleden
Hm a bit of a let down compared to the DLCs of the first Hyrule Warriors, that's sad because that game got everything right beside that. Beside the content size.
vroom speed
vroom speed 12 dagen geleden
0:11 W I D E
Samuel S-E.
Samuel S-E. 12 dagen geleden
will it be compatable for the hyrule warriors game chip? idk how it all works :/
Michał Kowaleczko
Michał Kowaleczko 12 dagen geleden
Well I saw mipha in the opening shot guess I'm buying it
Alexzander Harris
Alexzander Harris 12 dagen geleden
Can't Forget Astor And Harbinger Ganon
Callum Archer
Callum Archer 12 dagen geleden
Sooga, Purrah, and Robbie would be cool, but what about some love for Kilton?
Braden Spendlove
Braden Spendlove 12 dagen geleden
Great, now if only we had the button mapping from the first game to make this playable
Seymor Onion
Seymor Onion 4 dagen geleden
I was of the same opinion at first, but after a couple of days, I was able to finally able to get the hang of it. Replaying the first-tier side missions, a number of times, with different characters, can help with that. Sure, you get a special Training Room area later on, but it's not (at least, for me) as effective as a learning tool, as actually going out into the field.
Shiven patel
Shiven patel 13 dagen geleden
Dang no new story content
Seymor Onion
Seymor Onion 4 dagen geleden
Under the "Wave 2" heading it says "New character vignettes". One of the definitions of *Vignette* is "a brief evocative description, account, or episode." Now, I can say for sure if they're going to go for that definition, or if they're going to go for the other one (a small illustration or photograph), but hey, there's still hope.
Eduardo Bustamante
Eduardo Bustamante 13 dagen geleden
Talking bout new stages, what places do u guys wanna visit in the AOC Hyrule?
Eduardo Bustamante
Eduardo Bustamante 13 dagen geleden
I wonder if this DLC will give us more future characters like Kass and Paya, and even some BOTW2 hint
Eduardo Bustamante
Eduardo Bustamante 13 dagen geleden
I wanted a BOTW timeline AOC story
Mr. Incredible
Mr. Incredible 13 dagen geleden
Nintendo charging for cut content for Age of Calamity.
Leimer Olozum
Leimer Olozum 13 dagen geleden
I like that there was an ezpansion pass but a terrible trailer
Jackson_3D 13 dagen geleden
They should make an expansion where it's actually a Prequel to BOTW instead of creating an alternate universe
Imam Najmi
Imam Najmi 13 dagen geleden
Nintendo doesn't care about the legend of Zelda's 35th birthday
VJ: IT'S TIME TO KICK IT! 11 dagen geleden
Calm down. Patience is virtue, after all. Besides, better late than never.
Gaviota Martínez Burgos
Gaviota Martínez Burgos 13 dagen geleden
My older keeps insisting that if the Yiga are bananas🍌, then the Sheikah are cookies🍪. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Diabolical D
Diabolical D 13 dagen geleden
BenthovenGaming 13 dagen geleden
My prediction: first wave would have Purah and Robbie added, and then the second wave would be Sooga and Astor
Mortis The creature of the night
Hey guys I know this is a little off topic but when will you guys restock on the hyrule warriors pannel Art?
Imam Najmi
Imam Najmi 13 dagen geleden
I hope BOTW 2 will be released soon,Happy 35th Anniversary To The Legend of Zelda
Imam Najmi
Imam Najmi 13 dagen geleden
Happy 35th birthday to The Legend of Zelda🤩
J Black panther
J Black panther 13 dagen geleden
This is the dumbest advertising ever
SniperGYS 13 dagen geleden
I can't wait... I want it already, need more resons to keep playing with my boy Revali and my girl Mipha
Uriel Septim
Uriel Septim 13 dagen geleden
Hope it will have more stories and probably a hidden message for the sequel.
Anthony 14 dagen geleden
So greedy. Making a $20 DLC for a game that should’ve been $20 itself.
Akin 13 dagen geleden
Smallbadusername 14 dagen geleden
ngl I want to see Volga added to the canon universe
Matthew St. Cyr
Matthew St. Cyr 14 dagen geleden
Was anyone else hoping the expansion would be an "original timeline" story that showed us what actually happened 100 years before Breath of the Wild? You know, like all the ads said the base game would do?
Alejandro E
Alejandro E 14 dagen geleden
What if you can ride horses and lead a cavalry charge 👀
Electric Logan 2020
Electric Logan 2020 14 dagen geleden
Theory: Wave 2 is where the downfall of Hyrule will be from what we saw at the BOTW backstory
VJ: IT'S TIME TO KICK IT! 11 dagen geleden
I hardly doubt it will happen.
Hunter Beaune
Hunter Beaune 14 dagen geleden
Wildcard predictions: -Robbie and Purah as a sort-of two-in-one character -Elemental Weapons for Link (working similar to Zelda's Memory parts except with the element rods), although I'd prefer the Master Cycle idea everyone's been proposing, I just wanted to give a new idea. Other ideas could include an updated Boomerang (one you can throw not just wield like a sword), Bows and Arrows as their own separate thing, Korok Leaf(?) and the One-Hit Obliterator that would give you a quarter heart but do INSANE damage. -Young BotW Link as a separate character with bow/slingshot as his weapon (maybe Astor tried travelling back in time to take him out when he was young but it backfired?) -PLAY AS BEEDLE!!! I don't necessarily THINK any of these are going to happen, but I just wanted to share some ideas :)
Brayton Welch
Brayton Welch 14 dagen geleden
Let's go!!!!!!!!!!
Dylan Ash
Dylan Ash 14 dagen geleden
Hopefully there's a wave Creator
Spicy_Ramen_ 14 dagen geleden
Can we pls see Zelda's mother?
Imam Najmi
Imam Najmi 14 dagen geleden
Is today the birthday of the legend Zelda? 🤔
Den Ro
Den Ro 14 dagen geleden
Can someone explain what they mean by character vignettes?
Den Ro
Den Ro 11 dagen geleden
@Iphao Thank you that makes sense!
Iphao 11 dagen geleden
The German trailer calls them "character episodes" so probably some kind of character focused side stories.
OliverOFilms 14 dagen geleden
I need to see an official Toon Link in the champions tunic in my life
Andrew Pritchard
Andrew Pritchard 14 dagen geleden
I am almost positive the new characters will be Sooga, Purah, and Robbie.
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds 14 dagen geleden
Plus Astor
TheStormrage 14 dagen geleden
Astor plsss
copy paste
copy paste 14 dagen geleden
I didn't like the demo much. Am I missing out on something? Never played a Warrior series game. But I thing I do not like to just slay hordes.
Kelly's corner
Kelly's corner 14 dagen geleden
You can play for the story. Hack & slash/musou games may be repetitive but their stories are great.
DarknessGuard 14 dagen geleden
So, from what I see here, we only get more characters and weapons. Well, I was expecting some story DLC involving the three Dragons getting infected with malice/the Calamity because I couldn't imagine anything else but this is rather disappointing and I was starting to find back into this kind of game after overcoming a hate I developed about 15 years ago. If that is all, I can skip this DLC effortless, it was annoying enough to get the lvl 50+ challenges done initially. The should rather have given us a release day for BotW 2. Well, maybe around E3 time we get that.
Ethan Lundeen
Ethan Lundeen 14 dagen geleden
This is cool and all but where is botw 2
Ethan Lundeen
Ethan Lundeen 14 dagen geleden
@Jacob Reynolds Makes sense
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds 14 dagen geleden
In development
Dylan J
Dylan J 14 dagen geleden
Ok...but what is it nintendo
Vivi Aguyoh
Vivi Aguyoh 14 dagen geleden
All I want from this game is skull kid. I hope they release him.
Kelly's corner
Kelly's corner 14 dagen geleden
They won't. I don't know which species Skull kid blonged but if they didn't appear in BotW they won't here.
PhillyPhil201 14 dagen geleden
Purah 😍😍😍😍😍😍
TimeSpace123 14 dagen geleden
So for the most part we know it’s Purah, Robbie, Sooga, and Astor. The question is it two sets of two, or is it all of them at once. If it’s of them at once then who are the new characters. Because there will be more characters I hope is Paya and Kass, But the question is the other two Really all four of them but. I don’t know. (To be honest I would settle for a skin Paya over Imp) And as is tradition This comment before ever disappear into the sea of comments so if you have a find this Yahaha.... you found me.
YoungLink.10 14 dagen geleden
I'm gonna call it........ An Extra Story Chapter where the champions fail to defeat Calamity Ganon.
HylianJayAppears 15 dagen geleden
Hopefully Roster Expansion 1 is Purah, Robbie, Astor and Sooga. Cause Im hoping Roster Expansion 2 is Linkle, Kass, Cia, Lana and Groose
Derrick Matthews
Derrick Matthews 15 dagen geleden
A warriors game adding a new stage???
Hajilee 15 dagen geleden
Top 10 most underwhelming reveals ever. PS also Nintendo please just finish the game before selling it to us.
Kelly's corner
Kelly's corner 14 dagen geleden
The game was already finished. We wanted the DLC and the wish got granted.
Itay_ 14 dagen geleden
the game was more than finished... people wanted dlc so we got some dlc...
Lord Debbie the fabulous
Lord Debbie the fabulous 15 dagen geleden
Lord Debbie the fabulous
Lord Debbie the fabulous 15 dagen geleden
The game was fun until the blights kept appearing
ZeroStarOcean 15 dagen geleden
Hunters Pride
Hunters Pride 15 dagen geleden
was really disappointed in this games performance (low fps) as hyrule warriors ran decently
Alex Central
Alex Central 15 dagen geleden
I have a feeling Purah and Robbie join the game’s roster
Tomás MMNZS 15 dagen geleden
I hope Purah,Robbie,Sooga and Astor all become Playable. They really need to be.
Diego Angulo
Diego Angulo 15 dagen geleden
I’m not done with the main game and this comes out
Sunflower-chan UwU
Sunflower-chan UwU 15 dagen geleden
WAT I guess I’m getting bonus on June 7 on my bday then ✌️
Max Richey
Max Richey 15 dagen geleden
I honestly hope the DLC will give at least more stories of Astor (secondary villain) about his past life whether he was canon or not P.S. I think he really is “The” Fortune teller from Zelda BOTW
Emely y Max
Emely y Max 15 dagen geleden
Can't wait
lrm345 15 dagen geleden
This is cool, but where is botw 2 Nintendo?
Connor Jackson
Connor Jackson 15 dagen geleden
Let's go!
The Real Tamatoa
The Real Tamatoa 15 dagen geleden
I don't have AoC, but imagine we play as the dragons and Kilton
Nobody :3
Nobody :3 15 dagen geleden
When you didn’t even get the game yet
Harry Markey
Harry Markey 15 dagen geleden
Big boy returns
Raptor Dave
Raptor Dave 15 dagen geleden
I finally get to play as Robbie Rotten.
Mr. G 717
Mr. G 717 15 dagen geleden
I have how AoC is a thing
TBH I’m Just Here to Vibe.
I’m now realizing there’s a possibility of Kass.
Kelly's corner
Kelly's corner 14 dagen geleden
He was just a help to get the sanctuaries, he didn't do nothing in the story. Probebly we'll see his master
Sintax837 15 dagen geleden
Whats that theme called?
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds 15 dagen geleden
‘War Chronicles’
Lex 15 dagen geleden
Here's hoping by "expanded roster" they mean multiple characters per wave. Like Wave 1 could be Astor, Purah, Robbie, Sooga and maybe Kass, then Wave 2 are other characters
CostilerAphid18 15 dagen geleden
Is it me, or the New Stages might be the Original Ending? Meaning that it ends with the events leading to Breath Of The Wild. 🤔
KiKi 7 dagen geleden
I don't think they can recreate the whole new(original) story with just DLC.
Matthew St. Cyr
Matthew St. Cyr 11 dagen geleden
I doubt it, as that would mean acknowledging that they falsely-advertised the main game.
Pikachu Master
Pikachu Master 15 dagen geleden
Idk if they really needed more content, but ok.
Muffin 15 dagen geleden
Speaking of this DLC I need to go finish my Very Hard save file
first game with MY SKIN
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