Diablo II: Resurrected - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch 

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Arise, Diablo, Lord of Terror.
Diablo II: Resurrected beckons you back into the flames with remastered graphics, cross-progression and the same classic gameplay. Coming to Nintendo Switch in 2021!
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19 feb. 2021




Bezig met laden.....

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WallyGX 8 uur geleden
I am really excited for this! I always heard my older brother talk about Diablo 2 growing up, seeing the game's PC case in his room, and I quickly jumped on getting Diablo 3 to play co-op on Switch. Good memories created and can't wait to play part 2 for the first time! Consider me hyped!
Ge Du
Ge Du 16 uur geleden
Diablo in smash, wut
Preston Schaden
Preston Schaden Dag geleden
Omg yes
Alex 5 dagen geleden
cant wait for them to add the frist one
Felixtepetitlan HistuRIy.furunal
Kamil Lisowski
Kamil Lisowski 6 dagen geleden
I Hope its will be boxed version not Like last doom just from eshop.....
cid2mizar 7 dagen geleden
Blizzard f*ed War3 remastered. What makes you think they can succeed here? It's pretty pathetic that Blizzard is now incapable of making anything new.
cid2mizar 4 dagen geleden
@Lemmegetuhh it's not the competence of individuals that make a successful game, it's whether the management is willing to let them finish it or not. War3 remastered was rushed, the result is because devs didn't know their job, it's because timelines were impossible. I wouldn't be surprised if Crash and vicarious visions were handled by a completely reporting line than Diablo. I hope not, but so far, no way I am preordering anything from Blizzard ever again.
Lemmegetuhh 4 dagen geleden
cause its being developed by Vicarious Visions who have done the THPS and Crash remasters so they're competent
Abraham Lupis
Abraham Lupis 6 dagen geleden
Activision Blizzard
Bane 7 dagen geleden
Better have the bovine level.
Joyman Talaga
Joyman Talaga 7 dagen geleden
good... but it would be better Diablo 4 here!! =)
Anmol Yadav
Anmol Yadav 7 dagen geleden
They : now remastered for new generation Me : what is the change
Monster2000 8 dagen geleden
I’m in love already
orlando bustos
orlando bustos 8 dagen geleden
J2 digital
J2 digital 8 dagen geleden
gostterra 8 dagen geleden
Diablo for smash
자메스 8 dagen geleden
The real question is.. would it have a better graphics on switch than Diablo3
Eldent 8 dagen geleden
How about Diablo Immortal ? I don't have a phone
Avianna Mejia
Avianna Mejia 9 dagen geleden
Genshin Impact needs to be a game thanks!
PiMacleod 9 dagen geleden
I see jokes about a D1 remake.... ...but i'd buy that in an instant. The atmosphere was untouchable. No fear like the fog of war, and the looming fear that a swarm of spitters or succubi were right around a corner or behind a door. ....just... Remaster the classes so that all 3 are viable, some QoL changes, and itd be perfect. ;)
Takara Hayashi
Takara Hayashi 9 dagen geleden
fun fact - the reason why diablo 1 hadn't been remastered is because they lost the source code, if they want to remaster it, they'd have to reverse engineer the game and rebuild from the ground up.
Takara Hayashi
Takara Hayashi Dag geleden
@I H that's what i mean from reverse engineering. Just letting you know, though compiled code isn't the same as raw source code.
I H Dag geleden
They lost the source code? Why can't they just rip the data they need from a game disc?
william barrett
william barrett 9 dagen geleden
Will this have a hard copy ?
StubenhockerElite 9 dagen geleden
Don't trust Blizzard
Randy Flores
Randy Flores 9 dagen geleden
❤️🙏thank you Blizzard and thank you Nintendo for taking third parties seriously.
0ddMonk3y 10 dagen geleden
Diablo 3 was so damn fun. Hopefully this lives up to it. (Weird way of saying it, I know)
bradly christmas
bradly christmas 10 dagen geleden
Cow level Cow level Cow level Cow level
di+ma 10 dagen geleden
D2 switch? Amazing.
7DSCYS 10 dagen geleden
wtf IV nintendo! IV!
CAPstickytreeco 10 dagen geleden
My childhood lets go
Drop_Dead_Freddy-B 10 dagen geleden
Oh my oh my... chills throughout the entirety of this clip. I can’t wait
A Buff Squirrel
A Buff Squirrel 10 dagen geleden
So, how much are we betting on Blizzard ruining this like they did with Warcraft III?
I H Dag geleden
If you did some research you'd find out that they aren't changing anything about the original. It's the same formulas, the same loot, the same everything as the original. In fact, you can even change to the original game's visuals if you want.
Nick 10 dagen geleden
I'm happy to see the Diablos show up on Switch :D
Zach 11 dagen geleden
Should bring this to mobile. 👇
Alexander Redhorse
Alexander Redhorse 11 dagen geleden
reporting switch user Rouge-pp for blatant cheating, network manipulation, and unsportsmanlike conduct.
Kiss the chef
Kiss the chef 11 dagen geleden
Esto es raro verlo en nintendo
felix velazquez
felix velazquez 11 dagen geleden
Will there be a Diablo 1 remake? I hope!
Henzy Malone
Henzy Malone 11 dagen geleden
I was kinda hoping for Diablo 4...
Aldrin Ferrer
Aldrin Ferrer 11 dagen geleden
I just hope that the switch can handle this game well and not get downgraded so much for it to just work. I want to play it badly on switch but if the game is botched down just to get it to work on switch then I'll be buying diablo 4 on PS4 instead.
Kid chaor
Kid chaor 11 dagen geleden
Slick Perspective
Slick Perspective 11 dagen geleden
Day one for me and this will definitely be on Nintendo Switch for me, so I can play on the go. D3 release before was awesome on Switch. Played tons and tons of hours on it.
Starlight Gaming
Starlight Gaming 11 dagen geleden
Back when Blizzard had heart and cared about their fans.
Cinder TheDemonKing
Cinder TheDemonKing 11 dagen geleden
When is realese tho
Lucas Do Prado
Lucas Do Prado 12 dagen geleden
omg Diablo II
She doesn't Luv u She never will.
Please sell me a physical edition for the switch I would pay more for it if the cartridge cost is what is holding you back! This is a classic of a game it deserves it's own cartridge.
Marie Rose
Marie Rose 12 dagen geleden
Garbage 🗑
JohnDoe 1
JohnDoe 1 12 dagen geleden
Your brain 🧠 is garbage
Az's Last Brain Cell
Az's Last Brain Cell 12 dagen geleden
This looks good, but then again, so did Warcraft 3 Reforged and it turned out to be a pile of lies, gliches/bugs, and disappointment. I advise to wait until the game is actually released before buying it.
Balboa Baggins
Balboa Baggins 12 dagen geleden
Brian 12 dagen geleden
I've been dreaming of this since I was a child. Portable diablo 2, best game ever made. Wonder is there is going to be a physical edition
Wan Fu VS Earthquake
Wan Fu VS Earthquake 12 dagen geleden
En el nombre de nuestro señor Cristo cambien el nombre
Javi Tv
Javi Tv 12 dagen geleden
Jajaj no mams
Phoenix Ikki
Phoenix Ikki 12 dagen geleden
Oh great. I'm too tired of playing Diablo III. Can't wait to play D2 again. TAKE MY MONEY !!! TAKE MY MONEEEEEEEYYYYYY !!!
Oscar Paredes
Oscar Paredes 12 dagen geleden
I bet it’s going to sell like CRAZY on the Switch. Diablo 2 on the go? What else do you want.
Revived Saiyan
Revived Saiyan 11 dagen geleden
If Nintendo wanted to one up their 4k system, 70fps or 80fps. If they pulled that off it they have the best system
Revived Saiyan
Revived Saiyan 11 dagen geleden
Exactly. Phone vs possible new 4k switch with diablo on the go. Im waiting for the next system with 4k
HKgaming 12 dagen geleden
As an honest Nintendo Fan, I am jealous of Playstation, I wish my console had Last of Us, Knack, Killzone, Sackboy and God of War Yamauchi should never have sold Rare and Silicon Knights to Microsoft
Blue Dragon Media
Blue Dragon Media 12 dagen geleden
It's even harder to resist buying a switch now
ShinAlive 12 dagen geleden
Hearing Moo Moo Moo while on the toilet is going to be worth it.
Gustav Rider
Gustav Rider 12 dagen geleden
Blizzard will mess this up like they did wc3 but the prospect of Doom Guy and Diablo in Smash is so good I could overlook the loooong list of dumb things blizzard had done.
FellowAxe 12 dagen geleden
We need Super Mario Galaxy 3.
the magnificent Captian woot woot
Can’t wait to dive back into this, this game is a masterpiece,and able to toggle the graphics from old to new is sweet definitely will try this on old graphics first
Luis Andres Alfaro Rojas
Luis Andres Alfaro Rojas 12 dagen geleden
Let's hope this redeems Blizzard.
Nintendo Gamer
Nintendo Gamer 12 dagen geleden
Let's hope Blizzard doesn't screw this up like they did Warcraft 3 Reforged.
Cinder TheDemonKing
Cinder TheDemonKing 12 dagen geleden
Is diablo II couch co-op or single player only
Karime Velazquez Martinez
Karime Velazquez Martinez 12 dagen geleden
Yeah this tocks
Montse Saucedo
Montse Saucedo 13 dagen geleden
Pongan al chavo del 8 en smash bros
XxEmileeXx XxwolfXx
XxEmileeXx XxwolfXx 13 dagen geleden
I came from Sml am mad that you made them have to stop using there plushes and I’m sorry to sml but am offended by you I’m not buying no plushies😡😡😡😡😡🥰🥰🥰😡
Gabriel Gandi Goesantoso
Gabriel Gandi Goesantoso 13 dagen geleden
Cross progression 🤩🤩🤩
Nocturnimancer 13 dagen geleden
I'd like to be hype for this but I don't want a cent of my money going to Blizzard until they renounce the CCP, all Chinese business dealings, and support Hong Kong. I'm sick of companies betraying basic humanity and decency.
Moreno Feliz
Moreno Feliz 13 dagen geleden
Qué pasa mis panas
schlaepferAA 13 dagen geleden
mmmmm,,,, not sure if I would like to play this with a controller lol, always played Diablo on my pc with mouse and keyboard
Alyxandir 13 dagen geleden
On the one hand, I really want to re-live a small piece of my childhood. On the other hand, Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our times
MaGo TRaFalGaLaW
MaGo TRaFalGaLaW 13 dagen geleden
Switch definitely getting one now
Matt Torres
Matt Torres 13 dagen geleden
Un residente para el suitch?
ain't stain
ain't stain 13 dagen geleden
Voi pojat!
Paleiko0630 13 dagen geleden
Shut up and take my money 😂😂
Rancio 13 dagen geleden
Bueno pues yo comentaré lo siguiente
JackOfen 13 dagen geleden
Hey Blizzard, it's not a remaster when you remake all in-Game models, graphics, cutscenes and use a newer engine. It's a Remake.
JackOfen Dag geleden
@I H A 1-to-1 remake is still a remake. Just like how in movies there are shot-for-shot remakes.
I H Dag geleden
Despite that, I think they're considering it a remaster rather than a remake because they're remaining faithful to the original aesthetic and not reinventing any aspect of the game.
Purple Dank Lady
Purple Dank Lady 13 dagen geleden
VideoGamePhenom 13 dagen geleden
What if the expansion pack, Lord of Destruction was included in the Resurrection remaster?
Stauche zjo
Stauche zjo 13 dagen geleden
Love to play in handheld
Superpan21 13 dagen geleden
Please Blizzard... Don't mess this up!
Luis Perez
Luis Perez 13 dagen geleden
Clan TC lol who remembers the clans?
Piss Off
Piss Off 13 dagen geleden
You know you want it handheld
JENOVA 13 dagen geleden
I love this game me and my brother used to play it on the PC back in ze day
Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee 13 dagen geleden
All i wanna see is them cows in HD
Hans Gruber
Hans Gruber 13 dagen geleden
im new to the franchise, did the females always look like men or is it a current year thing?
DreamsComeBlue 13 dagen geleden
do you guys don't have switch?
Rendell Draw
Rendell Draw 13 dagen geleden
Another reason to disappear in one's bed.
Tom A.
Tom A. 13 dagen geleden
Ok there's only one thing left to ask: WHO is porting this? If it's the guys that ported Diablo 3 to Switch, I'm sold on the Switch version - the D3 port was a masterclass (and runs better than some first party Nintendo games). If it's some random Blizzard devision, we would have to wait and see how it performs since there are too many games that should run well on Switch but don't because the devs have no idea how to optimize for the console (the best example is the latest Hyrule Warriors which could run soooo much better if they just knew what they were doing).
Marcirez 13 dagen geleden
Kblaze195 13 dagen geleden
oh no. you wont trick me again blizz not again. not after warcraft 3.
minova 70
minova 70 13 dagen geleden
I want Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered and Persona 5 R on Nintendo Switch too :(
I H Dag geleden
Ooh, the Mass Effect trilogy on the Switch would be awesome! :o
ThatDeusExGuy Again
ThatDeusExGuy Again 13 dagen geleden
Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!
Heyitz Calvin!
Heyitz Calvin! 14 dagen geleden
Alright so we ready for Minecraft Dungeons II?
Rodrigo Bueno
Rodrigo Bueno 14 dagen geleden
The important question no one is doing is: It is going be a good port/update, or is wc3 all over again?
Gamer Friends
Gamer Friends 14 dagen geleden
bluedrakken 14 dagen geleden
i wish blizzard made a new ip
Fonando Ozmando
Fonando Ozmando 14 dagen geleden
This alone is better than the entire direct, plus, while it may be a remake like 50% of the switch library, this isn't being sold fully priced at 60 USD
MissingDjinn 14 dagen geleden
Hope this is not “Refunded: The Sequel.”
Wolfendoom 3D
Wolfendoom 3D 13 dagen geleden
Seriously, hopefully they don't screw it up like they did with Warcraft 3: Reforged
Cp0 Cp9
Cp0 Cp9 14 dagen geleden
This was the game that taught me how to ignore all my friends for months. I hope my wife and children will still be here when I'm done playing this game.
Joshua Deakins
Joshua Deakins 6 dagen geleden
@George Prime I mean its a very open ended game. The story has a definite end but most people continue playing long past that
shakir malang
shakir malang 7 dagen geleden
George Prime
George Prime 9 dagen geleden
Game is that long????
ChrisCa1601 14 dagen geleden
Nice. I loved the first one on PC.
Lelandi Assis
Lelandi Assis 14 dagen geleden
Ignacio Ceconi
Ignacio Ceconi 14 dagen geleden
Eu quero, eu quero, eu quero muito isso!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BaleshNTP 14 dagen geleden
Hopefully diablo 4 is coming to switch too
Ardent Drops
Ardent Drops 14 dagen geleden
Weird how the background music is chopped up like that. Like, the meters are all odd and it sounds like it's skipping around.
Sandra Guerra
Sandra Guerra 14 dagen geleden
Sandra Guerra
Sandra Guerra 14 dagen geleden
09107 doew no ure ousa ncxou fox
Nintendo Direct - 2.17.2021