Capcom Arcade Stadium - Available Now! - Nintendo Switch 

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Capcom Arcade Stadium includes 32 of Capcom’s arcade classics and is available now on Nintendo Switch! Get 1943 - The Battle of Midway for free and purchase additional packs, as well as the Ghosts 'n Goblins stand-alone add-on
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17 feb. 2021




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MB 81
MB 81 10 uur geleden
Looks good. Now only if Capcom can do a streaming game network like Disney Plus where you can play all sorts of Capcom games (from all generations) on demand,like the classics in this video and other games like.... Strider 2,all 3 Rival Schools games Red Earth,Star Gladiator,of course The Street Fighter, Megaman and Resident Evil games. Straight to NES and SNES games like Code named Viper,Dream Masters,Mighty Final Fight, Final Fight 2&3. Media and Comic Book Based Games (used with permission) like The Marvel VS Series, Aliens vs Predator, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs,Dungeons and Dragons and so forth. For..... $9.99 per month on most platforms like PS4 & PS5, The XBOX ONE & S Series, Nintendo Switch, Steam etc.... Just a thought 😁😁😁
l keaisixu
l keaisixu Dag geleden
christopher hayes
christopher hayes 2 dagen geleden
snes and nes online repeats if not now they soon will but yerr i just got me the full pack
CamuchinsUwU 3 dagen geleden
Sadly you have to pay for the 31 games ☹️
Mike 24met
Mike 24met 3 dagen geleden
Saturday night slam masters???
Man Comic
Man Comic 4 dagen geleden
this those not show us why we should be interesting in it! all you show was a trailer! you need to show real footage of the games within it and some gameplay in real time! no cut scenes, no trailer non sense, no overlay songs or other effects! just the games and features of this item! trailers don't tell you anything anymore! they can be misdirecting you as to what you think this may contain! I would not buy anything unless I know what I'm buying even if I had the millions to spend it! it's about principles here! and I never pay full price for digital content! it can rot for all I care even if they are the best games! any and all digital games can start at $40 your make your money and your make more faster! so you got no excuse to keep the same prices of a full game that is digital it makes no sense to buy a digital game at full $60 dollars when there no shipping involved or packaging or the actual hard cover! this marketing scheme needs to change!
Geo The Leo
Geo The Leo 6 dagen geleden
Why are 80% of the games not available??
Geo The Leo
Geo The Leo 6 dagen geleden
@RW Thunder ok
RW Thunder
RW Thunder 6 dagen geleden
The games are sold in 3 packs. Each pack is $15, or buy all 3 for $40.
RIATARI videojuegos & cultura geek
CAPCOM SPORTS CLUB PLEASE!!!! - I waiting this game for more than 15 years!!! 😢‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️
Noah Griffin
Noah Griffin 9 dagen geleden
14.99 each set of collection? No thank.....
el_Joker 10 dagen geleden
Tou Her
Tou Her 10 dagen geleden
Now bring back all the gamecube games!
chan po lok
chan po lok 10 dagen geleden
what is the name of this song
TechBassUP RPG
TechBassUP RPG 10 dagen geleden
That Romance of the three kingdoms arcade game, used to play in between classes, during my Polytechnic school days. One of my favorites is from Bandai, Macross Super fortress... Shoot'em all
Demond Scott
Demond Scott 10 dagen geleden
Hey! Where’s aliens vs predator? C’mon capcom! Still I saw several games I never seen in arcades or got to play I’m definitely getting this game!
Aline Piroutek
Aline Piroutek 10 dagen geleden
The song is dope
Kaiser S
Kaiser S 11 dagen geleden
This song is amazing man 👌
Will Vasquez
Will Vasquez 11 dagen geleden
This isn't too bad a collection, but it's still not the Mega Man Legends series or Power Stone. :/
Der Legendäre Mario
Der Legendäre Mario 11 dagen geleden
Noah Mittman
Noah Mittman 11 dagen geleden
ugh, only bundles. :( i could have sworn they said this one would allow for individual title purchases
tom11zz884 12 dagen geleden
Will there be a physical release? I don't care for downloads....
Cybil Nicolas
Cybil Nicolas 12 dagen geleden
Me recordó a la serie de Netflix high score (remember the Netflix program high score)
SwaggyTJM33 Matthews
SwaggyTJM33 Matthews 12 dagen geleden
Amazing video , keep up the good work, make more future games like this to carry into the future, classic video games especially the street fighter series , one of my top fighting game series
J Ray23
J Ray23 12 dagen geleden
Didn’t capcom make aliens vs predator arcade
Jeff Cox
Jeff Cox 12 dagen geleden
I love compilations, which is why I have both for the psp.
Ethan Vaughn
Ethan Vaughn 13 dagen geleden
I would absolutely love to see dead rising come to the switch! Would be so much fun to bring dead rising everywhere!
DIO 13 dagen geleden
Me: What Street Fighter game do you wanna port, Capcom? Capcom: Street Fighter II. Me: But you already done that two times already. Why not Ultra Street Fighter IV or Street Fighter V? Capcom: Those games don't exist.
Ryan Arias
Ryan Arias 13 dagen geleden
You guys forget about darkstalkers, lame
Antonio James
Antonio James 13 dagen geleden
Similar to the one released for PSP
209sub0 13 dagen geleden
saNMan PR Vlog
saNMan PR Vlog 13 dagen geleden
Bah No Saturday Night Slam Masters?😫😫
Justin Hayward
Justin Hayward 13 dagen geleden
Whats this song? I'm loving the 80s vibes its giving me
dkim3202 13 dagen geleden
Nice collection but have most of them on mame.
TonyKanameKuran 13 dagen geleden
Illegal ROMs.
Christopher Baxter
Christopher Baxter 13 dagen geleden
They must have sold this pack of games a million times, is this a joke👎🏾, Capcom collections one and two on the PSP, Ring any bells.
Christopher Baxter
Christopher Baxter 13 dagen geleden
@TonyKanameKuran thanks I’ll take that as a compliment. 👌🏽
TonyKanameKuran 13 dagen geleden
No. Nice try, dingus.
UtopianMagic1408 13 dagen geleden
Do i need nintendo switch online membership to play this???
Will Vasquez
Will Vasquez 11 dagen geleden
Probably only for the leaderboard stuff, but you need to purchase three different add-on packs to have every game in the collection, and they're about $15 a pop.
TonyKanameKuran 13 dagen geleden
Yes. This ain't free-to-play.
Bryon Grosz
Bryon Grosz 13 dagen geleden
Okay, I don't have much interest in this collection, but the ad was extremely well done.
ChrisCa1601 13 dagen geleden
Ghosts 'n Goblins is also free until February 25th.
Silenced Souledge
Silenced Souledge 13 dagen geleden
A few of these games are already in capcom beat em up bundle. They once AGAIN add multiple versions of Street Fighter, but don't bother with gems like Chronicles of Mystara.
TonyKanameKuran 13 dagen geleden
Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara is a licensed game. CAPCOM needs to pay the intellectual properties in bringing that game to the collection.
sporty1guy 079
sporty1guy 079 13 dagen geleden
Yeah I don't think just did a street fighter collection 30th anniversary how many times do we need Street Fighter when they just put another Capcom games on games has been missing
Rafael Carreno
Rafael Carreno 13 dagen geleden
Same Crapcom collection since Ps1 Gen 🙄
Sean Woolfenden
Sean Woolfenden 13 dagen geleden
I will buy the switch pro when its announced! Come on nintendo make it happen for xmas 2021!
Mr. Incredible
Mr. Incredible 14 dagen geleden
Capcom just loves to sell us Street Fighter II just to milk it.
sporty1guy 079
sporty1guy 079 13 dagen geleden
Yeah what's the point getting Street Fighter 30 anniversary then yes they got more Street Fighter games but come on they can put another Capcom games besides Street Fighter but yes Street Fighter is from Capcom
blacksaber89 14 dagen geleden
9/10 needs more Cadillacs and dinosaurs that being said if there was a way to make this more 80's I don't see how
TonyKanameKuran 12 dagen geleden
@blacksaber89 Thank you for sharing that long info.
blacksaber89 12 dagen geleden
@TonyKanameKuran I think you mean licensed series/franchise but it's also a dead one, hasn't been touched since mid 90's the big problem is Cadillac is Trademarked by GM, and probably doesn't want to be even tangentially related to animal abuse albeit fictional (which has never stopped PETA and bad press) and the absolute headache it would likely be between GM, Mark Schultz (if he even has a stake in the rights anymore), and Kitchen press which went bankrupt and now goes by Denis Kitchen press Ink. would be unlikely to be considered worth it by Capcom who would still probably need to polish the game up as its originally for the cps dash 1.5 arcade board and were kinda limited in regards to sprite resolution (not that it needs a HD remaster by any means just pretty blocky for an arcade game) very sad we'll probably never see a official port
TonyKanameKuran 13 dagen geleden
Cadillacs & Dinosaur is a licensed product.
Jerry Beloin
Jerry Beloin 14 dagen geleden
Is final fight included?
TonyKanameKuran 13 dagen geleden
Highwind 14 dagen geleden
For every time you read "Thanks for playing" remember there was a bunch of poorly paid employees on a basement putting their hearts on these games. And to them I say thank you for the games.
Harumi King
Harumi King 14 dagen geleden
Ok te lo compro
Young Maverick
Young Maverick 14 dagen geleden
I have to download this lol 😁👍
Young Maverick
Young Maverick 14 dagen geleden
I actually got capcom beat em ups on the switch so this pretty great. When i younger being born in the 2000s i missed out on some cool games. The only real games i got to play in the arcades that where still open Where Maverl vs Capcom 2, street fighter 3, streets of rage.
III The Gaz III 14 dagen geleden
Why aren’t these Bezels in the game? Such a shame. Also, Why don’t High Scores save? Such a disappointment.
TonyKanameKuran 13 dagen geleden
Welcome to the 1980's, Boomer!
J 14 dagen geleden
I love the deconvergence used in this whole trailer, gives everything a blurred almost smeared like look that old tvs also did back in the day. This is also exactly how I make these games look when I play them on RetroArch with a crt shader
Lord Genocider
Lord Genocider 14 dagen geleden
Love the song
a year and a half
a year and a half 14 dagen geleden
Obviously the millennials will need the game difficulties turned below ultra easy
Ariez 14 dagen geleden
So I’m guessing due to licensing rights there will be no Punisher nor Alien vs Predator capcom arcade games in this release. 😜😜😜
Payam Pajoohi
Payam Pajoohi 14 dagen geleden
This collection has Progear!!! Sold! This is the first time this game has been ported until now only available on arcade hardware( there were a few other obscure ports).
Gilberto Caldeira
Gilberto Caldeira 14 dagen geleden
No love for Darkstalkers
copy paste
copy paste 14 dagen geleden
_RIP Capcom_
Yusei255 14 dagen geleden
Wonder if they'll do TP and WW in a twin pack this cos both those LOZ are releasing this year
Jermaine Amos Jr.
Jermaine Amos Jr. 14 dagen geleden
A video game montage lol
Jermaine Amos Jr.
Jermaine Amos Jr. 14 dagen geleden
Song is 100% bop tho.....😏😏😏
Jermaine Amos Jr.
Jermaine Amos Jr. 14 dagen geleden
I'm just here for Super Turbo and Final Fight for the Switch lol
lolilol A
lolilol A 14 dagen geleden
Not even full screen ... the graphics are the same ... should cost 5 bucks
Sebastian Daniel
Sebastian Daniel 14 dagen geleden
Too bad there are no Cadillacs&Dinosaurus, best beat 'em up game ever :-(
hjames78 14 dagen geleden
All these games are one way or another already available on the Switch 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️. Come on Capcom do better.....
GiGa BanG
GiGa BanG 14 dagen geleden
@hjames78 I’d have to because the 3 I listed are the only way you can play them...they’re not available any other way.
hjames78 14 dagen geleden
@GiGa BanG if you dont have them might as well get them here but they are all on the Switch. There may be a small few that are but I have more fingers on one hand than that number seriously. And let me sort of rephrase that. All the ones that I am interested in are on it already lol. That's not alot because I am interested in most these games but I already have them
GiGa BanG
GiGa BanG 14 dagen geleden
@hjames78 ProGear, Gigawing, Loopmasters and others in pack 3 are the only way you can officially play those games. If they are available in some other form on the Switch let me know because I’ll get them that way as well.
hjames78 14 dagen geleden
@GiGa BanG all these games are officially on the Switch somehow already. Whether part of another collection or just on it for sale somehow. Nothing in this collection is new for the Switch
GiGa BanG
GiGa BanG 14 dagen geleden
Not everyone wants to go the unofficial route.
Ogami Itto
Ogami Itto 14 dagen geleden
Whoever made this teaser gets it
Agju 14 dagen geleden
Giga Wing alone convinced me to buy it. That's my favorite shmup
Dm 14 dagen geleden
When you realize cap on made this for money when it could easily be free on Nintendo switch online: Like seriously 40 DOLLARS for all the games when you could play less for online
Marcus Hart
Marcus Hart 14 dagen geleden
Now that was nostalgia
Jennifer K. Harding
Jennifer K. Harding 14 dagen geleden
Sounds better on speed 1.25x.
The Funk
The Funk 14 dagen geleden
19xx the war against destiny!! I have to get this.
D4ORM23 15 dagen geleden
Physical please
Vic Trujillo
Vic Trujillo 15 dagen geleden
Nice, would’ve been cool if they added Dark Stalkers or Marvel Vs Capcom
Brayan Gomez
Brayan Gomez 13 dagen geleden
@Vic Trujillo I have both MvC and MvC 2 on the dreamcast the price was a bit expensive but otherwise it was worth it
sporty1guy 079
sporty1guy 079 13 dagen geleden
Marvel Disney bought them they had to get permission rights have to get those game
Vic Trujillo
Vic Trujillo 14 dagen geleden
@Brayan Gomez Yeah I’m hoping someday they give some tlc to those great series. I have most of the games from the VS series on my Sega Saturn & Dreamcast but I always wanted them portable as well. These discs for those type of games are getting ridiculously expensive.
Brayan Gomez
Brayan Gomez 14 dagen geleden
One of these days bro hopefully
Mayomaya 15 dagen geleden
Gaming today can never beat this generation of gaming back then The young generation will never experience the fun we had..
zmans adventures 2476
zmans adventures 2476 14 dagen geleden
What do you mean?
Jesse Torres
Jesse Torres 15 dagen geleden
Yes!!!!! I get to play forgotten worlds!!!
Dakota Andrews
Dakota Andrews 15 dagen geleden
Fun fact, the arcade and the cabinets are all rendered in the RE Engine. I know arcade collections are a pretty standard sorta deal for every console since like the PS1, but it's really cool that Capcom really put in the effort to make this have some really neat presentation. You can even look around and see the sticks and buttons respond to your input if you want a more authentic arcade feel.
GiGa BanG
GiGa BanG 14 dagen geleden
Yeah, they’ve put the effort in this time round, makes it more enjoyable as a package. 👍🏻
David Hill
David Hill 15 dagen geleden
Does it have Legendary Wings?
Lee Anderson
Lee Anderson 15 dagen geleden
I'm a sucker for nostalgic compilations like this and the Sega Genesis collection
Hilde Marie Hansen
Hilde Marie Hansen 15 dagen geleden
Kan you make mario 3D maker
Mikenelas777 15 dagen geleden
Nice AMV
Sergio Flores
Sergio Flores 15 dagen geleden
So this is like Animal Crossing in a way?
Marshal Tito
Marshal Tito 13 dagen geleden
Like how Animal Crossing Gamecube had the NES/Famicom games unlockable. The physical is $40, and the digital version is free (albeit only with 1943: The Battle of Midway available for free), and the other games in 3 packages of $15 each
Лук Что
Лук Что 15 dagen geleden
Крутая музыка
Last Jedi
Last Jedi 15 dagen geleden
Can someone figure out how this works? I can’t play any of the games. I downloaded Ghosts and Goblins which should be free and nothing works.
Last Jedi
Last Jedi 15 dagen geleden
@ChaoticdriveZX yes restarted it and figured out you have to push down on right thumbstick to enter “coins” it works now.
ChaoticdriveZX 15 dagen geleden
Did you restart the software because I think you have to do that for the free download of ghost and goblins to work
Favi 420
Favi 420 15 dagen geleden
How do I get the rest of the games
ChaoticdriveZX 15 dagen geleden
you sadly have to buy them in $15 bundles, so make sure to check which games come in which bundles. the one game that you want may only be in one particular bundle and they divided it up by eras. it’s pretty ridiculous actually. not a great way to sell them imo
Anthony Johnson
Anthony Johnson 15 dagen geleden
Just release all the CPS2 games at least all marvel fighters and great shooters also beat um ups like the punisher
Xavier Maya-Huerta
Xavier Maya-Huerta 16 dagen geleden
Finally! Nintendo goes back to the 80s for a commercial.
RW Thunder
RW Thunder 15 dagen geleden
Christopher Nichols
Christopher Nichols 16 dagen geleden
I thought they had this game already?
GiGa BanG
GiGa BanG 14 dagen geleden
They own them all.
Cat man
Cat man 16 dagen geleden
Bobby Peru
Bobby Peru 16 dagen geleden
This is cool and all, but Killer 7, Haunting Ground, and God Hand could _really_ use a rerelease.
Dakota Andrews
Dakota Andrews 15 dagen geleden
Killer7 already got one like 2 years ago.
Interior Crocodile Alligator
Aw man, they don't have Alien vs. Predator. No, you can't tell me licensing would be a pain because they included it in their dang Home Arcade.
Dwein Soto
Dwein Soto 16 dagen geleden
Sick anime opening trailer.
Tiger T
Tiger T 16 dagen geleden
88th video of 2021
MiguelMem 16 dagen geleden
Never Grew Up With Capcom But Some People Might Feel Lot Of Nostalgia Also The Trailer Feels Like It Was Made A Long Time Ago Which Is A Perfect Fit
No Name
No Name 16 dagen geleden
Nice. The Switch could use more retro game collections, now that there is nor more virtual console
SirStupifie ,
SirStupifie , 16 dagen geleden
As cool as this looks to have, I'm not digging that 40 dollar price tag, especially since its download only
Dakota Andrews
Dakota Andrews 15 dagen geleden
Definitely understandable, though I'm curious why the download only makes the price an issue for you. I'm a big fan of physical over digital myself too but I don't mind downloading games if I have to.
figment1988 16 dagen geleden
You can also get 10 games in three packages which cost $14.99 each
Yeetus Cleetus
Yeetus Cleetus 16 dagen geleden
I can’t get Street Fighter II. Do I have to wait until they update it?
Alex C.P.
Alex C.P. 16 dagen geleden
I love how they previously announced this as free, only for it to come with 1 free game. The rest cost $40 in total. Stay classy, Crapcom.
GiGa BanG
GiGa BanG 14 dagen geleden
On what planet would a company give away 3 decades worth of its best arcade games for free?
Dakota Andrews
Dakota Andrews 15 dagen geleden
They never did but alright
figment1988 16 dagen geleden
And until the 25th of this month you can get Ghost and goblins as well
SomePkmn-LovingDude 16 dagen geleden
Amazing! Though it sucks that The King of Dragons and Knights of the Round aren't on the list.
kfa 575
kfa 575 16 dagen geleden
Its advertised as “free” yet theres only 1 game you can play without purchasing a dlc pack. Yet another grubby cash grab, how awesome.
Mega Blueflash
Mega Blueflash 16 dagen geleden
I'm pretty sure it was stated that you'd have to pay for the others. Not super obvious but it was there. Also, Ghosts and Goblins is also free for a while now.
Be_Like_WaterSF 48
Be_Like_WaterSF 48 16 dagen geleden
Nick Baldeagle
Nick Baldeagle 16 dagen geleden
I've already got every one of these on MAME.
Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith 15 dagen geleden
Warren Jones
Warren Jones 16 dagen geleden
Nintendo as typical late to the emulation party.
Ron Jeremy
Ron Jeremy 16 dagen geleden
So you get a free game now?
GiGa BanG
GiGa BanG 14 dagen geleden
илья голованов
что за музыка
Awan Farell
Awan Farell 16 dagen geleden
Is it available physically in stores
Awan Farell
Awan Farell 9 dagen geleden
@TonyKanameKuran temporarily
Awan Farell
Awan Farell 9 dagen geleden
@GiGa BanG maybe the physical copy will release in the summer i guess
Awan Farell
Awan Farell 9 dagen geleden
@TonyKanameKuran I'm gonna check it out
GiGa BanG
GiGa BanG 14 dagen geleden
@TonyKanameKuran I know, that’s why I made that comment... I don’t want to eat those undies. 😂🤮
TonyKanameKuran 14 dagen geleden
@GiGa BanG It's not gonna be released physically. It's only at the eShop.
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