Bravely Default II - Final Trailer - Nintendo Switch 

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Bravely Default II is almost here! Before the game launches on Feb. 26th, get a last look at the battles, jobs, and characters for this brand-new title in the Bravely Default series!
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17 feb. 2021




Bezig met laden.....

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DZ@J 12 uur geleden
Finally, a game that satisfy my "I need this game to have the characters have as many different accents as possible"
Joshua Marie Leyble
just finished the game, i wished that they did not used UE to achieve this result since it is a really major downgrade in terms of the game qualityand experience itself, i mean the cutscenes is so boring and you can barely feel the story . the first two games BD and BS on 3ds is way much better than this switch exclusive game
Pvt. Prinny
Pvt. Prinny 3 dagen geleden
Scotland fantasy VII
Che Suriel
Che Suriel 4 dagen geleden
Currently playing this and I'm enjoying it, but I unfortunately have the constant thought on me that they really just abandoned what they were setting up at the end of Bravely Second, and a slight negative for BD2 is that this game isnt forming those same feelings, well yet, I still have a whoooole lot to do so hopefully it catches me off guard like BD and BS did
Terry The Black Mage
Terry The Black Mage 9 dagen geleden
I'm hyped beyond belief, my friends. I already have my copy reserved and I'm grabbing it tomorrow!
Felipe Silva
Felipe Silva 9 dagen geleden
anyone know the name of the music ?
asadel fadillah
asadel fadillah 9 dagen geleden
Reporting in from the night of February 25th, time showing UTC+07:00, 21:20 PM WIB (Western Indonesian Time): *We're almost there, people!!!*
Drago LBB
Drago LBB 9 dagen geleden
The music legit made me think this was a pokeman game lol
Aradmas 9 dagen geleden
ugh those voices ..such disappointment.
Musashi 5 dagen geleden
There is an Option for the japanese's much better
Yusei Fudo
Yusei Fudo 9 dagen geleden
Seth is Tiz's brother (theory)
Terry The Black Mage
Terry The Black Mage 9 dagen geleden
Tiz's brother (the one who died at the beginning of Default) was named Til. Still, I guess it's not impossible, since Bravely Second showed the the Great Chasm can be used to travel between worlds.
Daria B
Daria B 9 dagen geleden
I‘m so excited, played the first part in 2014 maaaaany it is currently on delivery in my email 😍
Keash 10 dagen geleden
Madison 10 dagen geleden
This has probably been said elsewhere, but I think this game is a prequel set during the time of the crystal adventists
meper d0nas¿
meper d0nas¿ 10 dagen geleden
cuatro cinco
cuatro cinco 10 dagen geleden
Now just a FF6 remake with this kind of graphics minus the over sized chibi heads and I am in gamer paradise. The main line FF is no longer turn based. This is the new FF.
Blitzen Sky
Blitzen Sky 10 dagen geleden
Alright where’s the fairy of this game?
Mik Mak
Mik Mak 10 dagen geleden
What an improvement from the last ypdate
DeadlineUNIVERSE 10 dagen geleden
1:45 *Bravely Default PTSD intensifies* She is a WHAT?!
Mr Legitz
Mr Legitz 10 dagen geleden
I was playing the demo version for this and i have to say i like the fighting style it's like final fantasy dissidia where you have to build brave and then you can attack.
Find That Music!
Find That Music! 11 dagen geleden
The demo is wicked, excited to play this. Feels like a great old school rpg.
lordofdiscordia 11 dagen geleden
Excited to play this but I hope they finish the story from the first two games eventually. Kinda weird to hint at a new villain in the second game and then just follow up with a new story in the third game.
Maple Miles
Maple Miles 11 dagen geleden
This a good start for switch in 2021
Raymond Batac
Raymond Batac 11 dagen geleden
Idk why I don't see any excitement or hype from other people for this game's release. I must be looking at wrong places. I am personally excited and been waiting for this for years. Similarly, I've tried project triangle strategy demo, and I liked it; however, I felt sad immediately upon finding out that it was set to be released next year. But I guess at least they got more time to improve the things that need improvement.
Rachel 11 dagen geleden
Guys I think we know that if there's a😂
John Logan
John Logan 11 dagen geleden
Michele Mattioli
Michele Mattioli 11 dagen geleden
0:21 My God the soundtrack is incredibile Can’t wait to play this game
Jinn Blankenship
Jinn Blankenship 11 dagen geleden
Only three days left and I'm losing my mind! *takes a deep breath, calms down, and takes a step back.*
Venar 5912
Venar 5912 11 dagen geleden
Is this game connected with the first game? Dont wanna buy a DS game for that ... so i hope its a game with his own story!
swagon wong
swagon wong 11 dagen geleden
Take My Money!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lieutenant Meatball
Lieutenant Meatball 11 dagen geleden
i don't like the dub
BLUES 12 dagen geleden
Sou mais pegar o FF12, sempre atual
RPG Guru
RPG Guru 12 dagen geleden
Stop making this kind of games and bring back Chronotrigger, FinalFantasy Tactics and Valkyrie Profile!!!
Rotty T
Rotty T 12 dagen geleden
Too bad the music got downgraded :( I mean it's still good, just not Bravely Default 1 good, even with the same composer(s)
Mouad El Moujaddidi
Mouad El Moujaddidi 12 dagen geleden
The guy on the thumbnail is literally Mihawk from One Piece lmaoo
ANIMAL 12 dagen geleden
Regalo para miiik
DeZRhyno 12 dagen geleden
aaaaaaaaaaaaa i love it
Leevon Chen
Leevon Chen 12 dagen geleden
I just want to know: will the first 4 come back? It has been so long.
Doodles 12 dagen geleden
I have not played the originals on 3DS, but I want to make sure I support the developers because I want more of these types of games being made. I bought Octopath when I released and I would like this series to continue as well.
Arginoa 11 dagen geleden
:) Right on with you.
bandef 12 dagen geleden
this is so ugly i prefer a good 2D
Scott Barrett
Scott Barrett 12 dagen geleden
What I get from this trailer is that the selling point of this game is cheesy writing and even cheesier voice acting. Is that what I am meant to take away?
Arginoa 11 dagen geleden
@Scott Barrett Define "cheesy", realistically.
Scott Barrett
Scott Barrett 12 dagen geleden
@Marcar9 Marcar9 I actually don't "hate the game," which would be a hard thing to do seeing as I haven't played it yet. In fact, I am interested in the game, which is why I watched the trailer for it. And despite the fact that this trailer gives the impression of cheesy writing and cheesier voice acting, there's still a good chance I will buy it anyway. It's not like cheesy writing and and voice-acting isn't a common feature of many JRPGs, but that doesn't make them bad games. If I can be frank in return, it seems that your comment in reply is really about defending a game that hasn't even been released yet from any criticism, without even addressing the criticism in question, in stereotypical fanboy fashion.
Marcar9 Marcar9
Marcar9 Marcar9 12 dagen geleden
Then don’t buy. It’s obvious you hate the game. Why are you even watching the trailer if you’ve already decided you hate it. I just don’t get to be frank. I mean why not just buy a different game? There’s a lot of indie games out right now. Underminer is actually pretty good and it has no voice acting.
Kaneris Calderone
Kaneris Calderone 12 dagen geleden
"Join the Heroes of Light on their quest for the Crystals"... Yeah, a unique story... Nobody came up with that... ever...
redcloud16 12 dagen geleden
The concept art looks so fantastic, I wish teh in game models weren't so plasticy looking
Aaron 12 dagen geleden
Sometimes doing nothing is the bravest thing you can do. Do you agree?
knott123456 12 dagen geleden
what song is called ?
Rick Grimez
Rick Grimez 12 dagen geleden
Que peludoe papu
jay_615 12 dagen geleden
need more jrpg like this on ps5 instead of that hack and slash bullshiet
omarchafa 13 dagen geleden
Why do all the battles scenes look like it takes place in the same arena?
TheChrome2YourDome 13 dagen geleden
Will there be a Blue Mage class is the real question
TheChrome2YourDome 10 dagen geleden
@Anibal Fermaint Gonzalez hey thanks! Will do! 👌
Anibal Fermaint Gonzalez
Anibal Fermaint Gonzalez 10 dagen geleden
The Beastmaster job is similar to blue mages. Check it out in the demo.
Bijan Kardouni
Bijan Kardouni 13 dagen geleden
After Animal Crossing: New Horizons, this is the most exciting physical pre-order for me. Can't wait to play it and do some classic grinding 😁
Carlos Villadolid como Quique
Un killer instinct para sitch que les parece
Wil Rogers
Wil Rogers 13 dagen geleden
Hope story dont svck.
christopher graziano
christopher graziano 13 dagen geleden
look slike an amazing game crushed by terribly cringy voice acting. BD1 was amazing so im excited for this but sheesh the VA is so bad
Jordan Nguyen
Jordan Nguyen 13 dagen geleden
God I hope this game has a 4th wall breaking mindfuck like the previous two did and it's not just another fantasy jrpg story
Noiram M
Noiram M 13 dagen geleden
The simple fact that someone mentionned a fairy in THIS particular game is frightening me more than it should lol....
Noiram M
Noiram M 11 dagen geleden
@James Sinn oooh very clever :o , i had the european version 😂 But that's cool they keep the same idea 🥳
James Sinn
James Sinn 11 dagen geleden
@Noiram M Or for us US folk that had the alternate subtitle it was "Airy Lies" ;)
Noiram M
Noiram M 11 dagen geleden
@James Sinn " Lying Airy " 😏😏😏
James Sinn
James Sinn 11 dagen geleden
Same! I don't even have the game yet, and I'm already waiting for something akin to the infamous title screen moment from the first game.
Cool Swim
Cool Swim 13 dagen geleden
I hate this art style so much otherwise I’d love this game
Jonny D
Jonny D 13 dagen geleden
My only problem with this game (only 30 min into the demo so far) is that it doesn’t show who’s turn is next. Turn based is fun, but not when it seems like its random turned based. Am I right here or am I making dumb statement?
Jessee 13 dagen geleden
You didn't watch the update video they had a couple months ago did you?
Dale Scorcher
Dale Scorcher 13 dagen geleden
just got my switch and planning to buy pokemon sword ..change of plan
El caracol
El caracol 13 dagen geleden
english dub is awful
Si Eki
Si Eki 13 dagen geleden
this made me want to replay BraveDef1 and BraveSec on 3DS!
Matthew Lawrence
Matthew Lawrence 14 dagen geleden
Game looks awesome. Can't wait to play, but will use the original voice track because, ugh. The voice acting on this is so bad. =[
Ashihaki Asaoko
Ashihaki Asaoko 14 dagen geleden
The weeb in me will make me play this in Japanese... (Not like that's bad of course but I'm ruined of heavy English Voice acting...)
Alexander 14 dagen geleden
I was in dilemma... Shld i get this or P5 striker... But nahhh preordered BOTH!!
純ジュン 14 dagen geleden
I haven't played the first games. Are they related?
Arginoa 11 dagen geleden
A brand new world with a brand new story - clean slate.
Marcar9 Marcar9
Marcar9 Marcar9 12 dagen geleden
Not besides a few Easter eggs
MrSOAP999 14 dagen geleden
BA Nick
BA Nick 14 dagen geleden
That's what I call final fantasy.
aHeroNamedZero 14 dagen geleden
I feel like the art team wanted to do the chibi aesthetic of the original, but with everyone being taller the big heads look uncanny. Everyone looks like a creepy doll instead of being charming. If they scaled everyone's head down like 30% they'd probably look great but I can't get past it. It bothers me so much.
Aegon Targaryen
Aegon Targaryen 14 dagen geleden
No forced diversity YAY.
Jon K
Jon K 14 dagen geleden
6 days.......... it's too long
HouseHawk62 14 dagen geleden
I've been waiting for this for so long.
John Blake
John Blake 14 dagen geleden
I cannot take this game seriously cuz of its looks 😂
Fearless Paladin
Fearless Paladin 14 dagen geleden
This artstyle in 3D is weird. I prefer the Bravely Default and Bravely Second better.
Alejandro Far Huete
Alejandro Far Huete 14 dagen geleden
The showed the entire plot... Who taught them to make trailers?
Eleanor Walker
Eleanor Walker 14 dagen geleden
Just a thought here, I know this is a different world and timeline and all that, but I have a sneaking suspicion we’re gonna get a Ringabel cameo just for the sake of appeasing fans.. it was confirmed that he can travel across different dimensions, so I don’t think it’d be that crazy??
Taz Mania
Taz Mania 14 dagen geleden
The Artwork of this game.... incredible
Tristan 14 dagen geleden
1:45 OH OH nightmare content here ahah.
Tristan 14 dagen geleden
0:22 This song sounds so good!
Hardestwalk18 14 dagen geleden
I'm really hyped, but I've got to finish tales of vesperia and trials of mana first
BrassCandy 14 dagen geleden
Don't let this distract you from the fact that Pyra and Mythra are in Smash (-:
TGundamSamurai 14 dagen geleden
I really want to punch this weird Charlie Brown X Final Fantasy artsyle.... Still gonna play the game though...
MrLinguini 14 dagen geleden
Rahlekk 14 dagen geleden
Man I just can't stand the art style. We'll see if everything else is worth it.
G EXE 14 dagen geleden
0:02 Am I the only one who thinks Daigo Ikeno made that art.
Dolphi Delaware
Dolphi Delaware 14 dagen geleden
So, is this like the plot of BD and BS combined? Four crystals woken to cause accidental catastrophe by the protagonists, but there is also a Kaiser who wants to overthrow all the major powers in order to fulfill some scheme?
Dolphi Delaware
Dolphi Delaware 13 dagen geleden
@Noiram M supporting is a better word, you’re right - though it doesn’t make me feel any better about letting the team fall to Raskulka and Ouroborus 15 times lmao
Noiram M
Noiram M 13 dagen geleden
@Dolphi Delaware Ah true lol 😂 Well let's say supporting more than controlling but yeah in the idea it's weird 😂😂😂
Dolphi Delaware
Dolphi Delaware 13 dagen geleden
@Noiram M There’s a possibility, though I honestly have no clue how Tiz and the others could live life normally after finding out God has been literally controlling them the whole time - like, that feels like a ginormous existential crisis to deal with lol
Noiram M
Noiram M 13 dagen geleden
@Dolphi Delaware Yeah lol 😂😂😂 Do you think we'll be mentionned in the game again ? As the celestial being thing ? I liked that 😂 made me feel part of the game for real and pushed me even more to help the crew to win 🥺❤
Dolphi Delaware
Dolphi Delaware 13 dagen geleden
@Noiram M Lmao! The fairies better not pretend we ain’t know what they up to by now
Jeffrey Yukimide de Oliveira
Karma 14 dagen geleden
Absolutely playing this with the JP VO, but damn this game looks so good! Just finished playing through Bravely Default 1 and Bravely Second just to get my fill. Been waiting on this for so long!
Tell your cats I love them
But will there be Ba'al Busting?
Te Ur
Te Ur 15 dagen geleden
Is this a 3ds game? Chibi characters really? 🤣😂🤣😂🤣 👎👎👎👎👎
Tasty Dingo
Tasty Dingo 15 dagen geleden
I hate the English voice acting so much! That aside, super hype for this one.
Drake Tsui
Drake Tsui 15 dagen geleden
These HD high texture chibies look kind of jarring. Oh well, gameplay will probably be great
Giane Mosquera
Giane Mosquera 15 dagen geleden
4 asterisk holders in a single fight... im ready to be crazy mad trying to beat em again!
AⴽUⵛ ATLAS 15 dagen geleden
Feels exactly the same as the 3ds versions
lolilol A
lolilol A 15 dagen geleden
Looks like a game from 20 years ago
Joseph E M
Joseph E M 15 dagen geleden
racekitty 15 dagen geleden
Despite it taking place in a different world I am 100% sure a certain dark knight charmer will show up. Does it ring a bell?
Official Reddit Hater
Official Reddit Hater 15 dagen geleden
Bravely Triangle, default Strategy Mana Legends II 14, SuperX deluxe-remastered; the JRPG chronicles
Nick Hunt
Nick Hunt 15 dagen geleden
Really pleased that Limmy's getting some voice acting work
Cinnamon Boy
Cinnamon Boy 15 dagen geleden
i really don’t like how everything looks with that realistic design but i know the game will be amazing anyways
Callie Ray
Callie Ray 15 dagen geleden
Shut up and take my money.
Twen Wt3K
Twen Wt3K 15 dagen geleden
Jordan Payne
Jordan Payne 15 dagen geleden
Trying to find the song that starts at 0:21. I'm assuming the trailer music is a medley of a few different tracks from game.
Jake Dag geleden
Always the best music for trailers this sounds amazing !
Kharlan Hero
Kharlan Hero 15 dagen geleden
Didnt played the first one, but i will give this game a chance. Just the type of RPG story that i was looking for
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