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Yin yang Yt
Yin yang Yt 2 uur geleden
The new colour actually looks pretty good
Supriyadhie Liu
Supriyadhie Liu 2 uur geleden
This 200cc Class is crazy fast!!! But always remember: Braking is crucial.
Shane Campbell
Shane Campbell 2 uur geleden
It's gonna be long but REALLY COOL
liam memes
liam memes 2 uur geleden
Why did they but this free to play game on mobile and made it PAYED HMMMM THINK AGAIN NINTENDO
enrico venezia
enrico venezia 2 uur geleden
Purple blue…..😆😆😆🙂🙂🙂🤩. Love this edition.❤️🙂🤩. Thank you for the excelent and fun review.🙂🙂🙂🙂
GorillazZilla 2 uur geleden
Absolute madness, I'll take two please.
liam memes
liam memes 2 uur geleden
Wow an nother ripoff of fortnite
Froggerz 2 uur geleden
11th of june or 6th of November,??
Gloopii 2 uur geleden
i just want tomodachi life 2 man
Some Random Person On The Internet
Just like hunting in read dead 2!
Muhamad Iqbal Tawaqal
Muhamad Iqbal Tawaqal 3 uur geleden
I want red
HARRYRANTS 2 uur geleden
You are the problem with gaming
Jade Jacobs
Jade Jacobs 3 uur geleden
Oh BOY here we go let’s get CREATIVE again. I AM SOO EXCITED FOR THIS! This looks so cool! I can’t wait to start messing around!!!
genius 3 uur geleden
2025: Super Mario Maker 3: Android Edition
steamedbreakfast 3 uur geleden
i need to get a switch now heh it's been years since my last Nintendo console but it's time for something new
PenguinTori 3 uur geleden
All switch lite are stupid no matter their colours -plainrock124
Rachael Lewis
Rachael Lewis 3 uur geleden
This came out just in time for Tony’s retirement. The feels
Supriyadhie Liu
Supriyadhie Liu 3 uur geleden
Looks like Nintendo takes the Mario Kart Racing into the futuristic era!
liam memes
liam memes 3 uur geleden
This would be better if there was a demo to try the game out before release like mii topia
legion Angel
legion Angel 3 uur geleden
Zafaruss 3 uur geleden
Since when is Nintendo an unboxing channel
R Guarda
R Guarda 3 uur geleden
Angry Joe: you want us to pay $199... for blue? FOR FKING BLUE??? OH SORRY, FOR ROYAL BLUE??
WaΓuigi 3 uur geleden
If this ends up being the smash render, im definitely waiting for that amiibo, i want that wAGON
PaladinPV 3 uur geleden
Has only been few days and I still cant wait
Smolfox1312 3 uur geleden
George Haley
George Haley 3 uur geleden
Nintendo fans: mArIo OdYsSeY iS sO bAd, AlL yOu Do Is CoLlEcT pOwEr MoOnS... Nintendo: OK go play.
The Globglogabgalab
The Globglogabgalab 3 uur geleden
"98.7 chance"
Aarambha Timsina
Aarambha Timsina 3 uur geleden
It is switch lite!!!!!!!
Chase & Trent
Chase & Trent 3 uur geleden
I hope someone makes chess 2
Josh M
Josh M 3 uur geleden
Wait wait wait, when did they make Captain Falcon's suit purple??? Not arguing the color of the amiibo there (I'd definitely call his suit there purple after looking at it), but I swear his suit was blue in other games (ya know, to match the Blue Falcon).
ZįpNōødle 3 uur geleden
I legit laughed when I got this on my recommendation.
DeltaXero 27
DeltaXero 27 3 uur geleden
Scratch on steroids be like.
Олег Сергеев
"Нет !"
SpeedyBlue 3 uur geleden
Paul Shinn
Paul Shinn 3 uur geleden
Erm...not to bring up more colour controversy, but I’ve always thought Captain Falcon’s outfit is blue...🙈
Олег Сергеев
Шикарнота !
Daniel 4 uur geleden
"You don't want to wait for botw 2? Well, then do it yourself."
An Pasaway
An Pasaway 4 uur geleden
Boo just give us nintendo 2 already. And why release this kind of color now 😔
An Bùi
An Bùi 4 uur geleden
Woo. Made In VietNam
the stupid spider
the stupid spider 4 uur geleden
Well NOW we got miitopia its time tomodachi live Nintendo Come on
Lubna Khan
Lubna Khan 4 uur geleden
That kid almost dropping the WiiU physically hurt me.
Felix van Driel
Felix van Driel 4 uur geleden
Now i can make gino for smash!!!!
Dark Lonk
Dark Lonk 4 uur geleden
I can’t believe I never knew this was a thing...... if feel disappointed in myself...
Beybladerme 4 uur geleden
This is Nintendo’s version of Roblox
Raycapone The Art Designer
Evil bot
Evil bot 4 uur geleden
Ive been designing a game for a while now, i might not be close to getting into the physical making of the game so making a demo of it in this would be really useful to help me get an idea of how it will feel, and since you can make your own sprites it will be even better
Jesse H
Jesse H 4 uur geleden
Knowing that one day i'll be playing this is what keeps me going
Gibby Cadenas
Gibby Cadenas 4 uur geleden
Where's my favorite Sanrio character that one red panda
KirbooStars 111
KirbooStars 111 4 uur geleden
i feel i saw this on labo
Zora Fox
Zora Fox 4 uur geleden
This reminds me of warioware d.i.y.
Fireafyanimations 4 uur geleden
So basically Nintendo labo toycon garage but without the labo thing
Ishaan Khurana
Ishaan Khurana 4 uur geleden
I read garbage
Stacey With an E
Stacey With an E 4 uur geleden
I'm already into Barok 😳
Grzegorz Strzyga
Grzegorz Strzyga 4 uur geleden
Bla bla bla... IQ 66?
Deoxysoverlord 4 uur geleden
Now we can make Mother 4.
B3nCastle OMG
B3nCastle OMG 4 uur geleden
Without getting sued
NUBIANNAVY 4 uur geleden
Never have a ever had a Nintendo switch
Loygee 4 uur geleden
I bet this is gonna cost money so people cant use their imagination for free
Zakariya Bacchus
Zakariya Bacchus 4 uur geleden
This is just Mario maker 2
Aristicrow 4 uur geleden
Me: *saw the thumbnail* Me: sigh another animal crossing rip off Trailer: T for teen, contains violence Me: HECK YEA NINTENDO!!
Сергей Петров
Ok, Nintendo Make please GTA with animals))
Сергей Петров
Happy tree friends... 😂
Regis !
Regis ! 4 uur geleden
I got it two days ago and i'm loving it! ^^
Adam Abou Chaer
Adam Abou Chaer 4 uur geleden
Wow Nintendo I love blue but light blue look like the color of the sky so I love it! Thank you Nintendo fr all mario, zelda, and splatoon games!
J1-1M 4 uur geleden
Stafki GTN
Stafki GTN 4 uur geleden
Now YOU gotta make the game, ya dingus
Nick Papadopoulos
Nick Papadopoulos 4 uur geleden
Did they fix the joycon drift yet?
NUBIANNAVY 4 uur geleden
Probably not
Mr_Eleganto 4 uur geleden
Finally new Mario Golf! Must buy for me.
Roux 4 uur geleden
Toby fox: is still making deltarune chapter 2 Me: fine, I’ll do it myself.
DeegoL9 4 uur geleden
A comparison to the Gamecube would’ve been better it seems to be a similar indigo blue.
Hello There
Hello There 4 uur geleden
I wawnt dat
LePyrolink182 4 uur geleden
me: mom, can we get Dreams? mom: no, we have Dreams at home. Dreams at home:
Dyran Ben El Fkih
Dyran Ben El Fkih 4 uur geleden
I have to pay 25 dollars only to play games
M Johansen
M Johansen 4 uur geleden
i have four ✋🏻 amiibos
KaninchenGHG 4 uur geleden
A switch lite really? Why not a switch pro/ or something?
Sisi 5 uur geleden
Love it! Adorabile lo consiglio vivamente, rilassante e piacevole!💜