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Kenan Gedik
Kenan Gedik 19 uur geleden
These are some nutty mobile games lol
Marlon Lawrence
Marlon Lawrence 19 uur geleden
Is that Elyse from funhaus I hear?
Miriam R
Miriam R 19 uur geleden
ok but can we just talk about the longing? like i feel like it wasn't getting enough hype it looks so unique aahhhh!!
Vincent M
Vincent M 19 uur geleden
Should have just announced the next smash bros character.
junior D.
junior D. 19 uur geleden
while i like TMNT, i do like Azteca and Polytron. I want to like Aerial Nights, but i feel it would be something i would rather listen to the music than play the actual game.
John Delanie
John Delanie 19 uur geleden
This is just autorunner Sayonara Wild Hearts and that's not a compliment
Carlos Andrés Lis
Carlos Andrés Lis 19 uur geleden
I can't wait to play TMNT, I love them, I hope it comes out soon
Gabrielle Tollerson
Gabrielle Tollerson 19 uur geleden
Justin Mcbride
Justin Mcbride 19 uur geleden
The people saying this was a bad direct, aren’t real Nintendo fans
Ken 19 uur geleden
More fun more dislikes ......
abdullah mukhtar
abdullah mukhtar 19 uur geleden
So I already overpaid the console and then I need to pay again for game and then I need to pay again to play..WTF
AWF1000 19 uur geleden
This actually looks intriguing.
Light 19 uur geleden
Please add free games monthly maybe then it may be worth it
EliTheRealist1 19 uur geleden
Good job dude
Naofumi Shield hero
Naofumi Shield hero 19 uur geleden
It’s pretty crazy you could live your whole life in this game not knowing someone existed when they’re literal feet away
adeleine 19 uur geleden
I'm glad to see you still being there Phil. Hope you are well!
Nev Shed
Nev Shed 19 uur geleden
Does online make your joycons stop drifting?
jie li
jie li 19 uur geleden
Withdrawal from Afghanistan is just a start. We plan to withdraw from Iraq and Syria in an all-round way!
Agus Setiawan
Agus Setiawan 19 uur geleden
Any news on Bear & Breakfast and Eastward?
Denim Chicken
Denim Chicken 19 uur geleden
I see a kickass ninja turtles game... and a bunch of junk.
Elijah Huffstutler
Elijah Huffstutler 19 uur geleden
So Nintendo's ok with showing blood in their videos all of the Doom games except for Eternal?
Daisy S
Daisy S 19 uur geleden
That’s Hongjoong
DirtCat 19 uur geleden
Well, it's not made by Konami but it'll do! Would be wonderful if more 8 bit/16 bit/32 bit games would come out more. Would love to see a Super Mario Bros 5 done in 16 bit!
TrentonInNewJersey 19 uur geleden
0:52 you can hear the cut (in the original trailer, it was “Classic NES games” but here it was changed to “Classic games” since there’s the SNES games as well)
smashbrolink 19 uur geleden
As a huge Turtles in Time fan, I NEED THIS. I wish we had an exact date!
MaYoNnAiSe 20 uur geleden
I was excited when I found out that there wasn’t gonna be a game coming to the switch!
Marcos Villalobos
Marcos Villalobos 20 uur geleden
Remember, the trailer version is different from the used version of the song, so this remix might be different once we get a newer trailer.
Hotlog 20 uur geleden
I wonder if the on-site maintenance workers wear Mario and Luigi style uniforms to do things like fix the plumbing or whatnot.
KidoKat 20 uur geleden
Is this KPop
FireBomberBassist 20 uur geleden
Love the characters wild design.
SuperMarioBradley60 20 uur geleden
no smash disllike
Samuel Arroyo
Samuel Arroyo 20 uur geleden
The next lvl from tmnt Manhattan project for NES
FireBomberBassist 20 uur geleden
This looks soooo polished visually. Dang.
lenoff arce
lenoff arce 20 uur geleden
Road 96 or Rival peak? 🤔
Travis Janot
Travis Janot 20 uur geleden
This trailer gave me goosebumps, I was hoping for a sequel
Encamped Mars
Encamped Mars 20 uur geleden
Morbid Mike Metal Maestro
My hearts racing I cannot believe this is real
LMAO I disliked it
Aditya Iyer
Aditya Iyer 20 uur geleden
TMNT: When you have Mbappe on your team in FUT.
Yosi Nasution
Yosi Nasution 20 uur geleden
20:19 what game is this?
RoverRugrat 19 uur geleden
Tells u on the side
Travis Janot
Travis Janot 20 uur geleden
House of the Dead, TMNT, and Oxenfree II, nice!
Alexander Redhorse
Alexander Redhorse 20 uur geleden
reporting switch user Seth for blatant cheating and network manipulation.
Zamelah Akter
Zamelah Akter 20 uur geleden
Why do they fight.
Markjohn Comillas
Markjohn Comillas 20 uur geleden
We're gta v
Samuel Arroyo
Samuel Arroyo 20 uur geleden
Omg are you for real lol,im getting a switch just for this game lol
SpoolinVR 20 uur geleden
I was an 80’s baby and loved everything TMNT as a young boy. This will be a day 1 purchase.
KillingDead6 20 uur geleden
Imagine if they disable comments and the like buttons in the next release
Hotlog 20 uur geleden
Bossa nova!
Loch32 20 uur geleden
Why did I get the notification for the Japanese one but not this
Ian Gonzales
Ian Gonzales 20 uur geleden
*still waiting for sillsong news*
D-Funk 20 uur geleden
I can't support this fool
tarquinnff3 20 uur geleden
From the makers of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game. I'm really looking forward to this. Turtles in Time is still one of the best beat-em-ups on the SNES.
Hank Rises Hill
Hank Rises Hill 20 uur geleden
DigixArt girl can get it tho
Michael Argueta
Michael Argueta 20 uur geleden
Song name anyone pls?
Crash Bandicoot
Crash Bandicoot 20 uur geleden
Imm maining Rapheal
WoodleDoodle 20 uur geleden
This game is amazing. But do you know what else is amazing? Crunchy Crunchy Cereal: The cereal that's crunchy and melts in your mouth at the same time.
b0oPer 20 uur geleden
It sounds like Nappa's The Narrator i love it
JackoB716 20 uur geleden
Oh, great. Fez, the game made by that selfish, money-hungry jerk, is coming to Switch. -_-
Jerardo Contreras
Jerardo Contreras 20 uur geleden
God of War but with Aztec gods! count me in!
Preston Garvey
Preston Garvey 20 uur geleden
Bro, why would I get something that’s not a game on the switch, that’s like buying a calculator on the switch or like google maps.
Colliding With Mars
Colliding With Mars 20 uur geleden
annapurna W
It's Mr. All My Friends Are Dead
I only want the tmnt the rest of the games are okay