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Roberto gaming
Roberto gaming 12 uur geleden
This is mario galaxy 3
Juri Sazarin
Juri Sazarin 12 uur geleden
The rabbit Luma looks too funny!
Sans_el_chilenoXD 12 uur geleden
Dont exit de 2
Prosetar 12 uur geleden
The villain has thin arms, and it’s purple coloured. I think it’s waluigi this time
the cool guy477
the cool guy477 12 uur geleden
Musicboy81 12 uur geleden
It was fine until I saw RABBID LUMA! Oh so cursed!
Unknown Gamer
Unknown Gamer 12 uur geleden
Uhhhh... WUT?!
Gustavo Andrade
Gustavo Andrade 12 uur geleden
Awesome, here's hoping for online pvp multiplayer
Ridley 217
Ridley 217 12 uur geleden
Happy Anniversarry announcment. I want this game more than anything
cai 12 uur geleden
gorgeous game!!
Thundergaming314 2
Thundergaming314 2 12 uur geleden
I hope rayman will be in the game
Paul Lucas
Paul Lucas 12 uur geleden
I just got done hollowing with Elden Ring. Time to hollow some more
Deetendo 12 uur geleden
Love it Nintendo, Great job! 👍
Allan Asafe
Allan Asafe 12 uur geleden
Everyone: talking about the peach Me: Yoshi with a frickin bazuca
Esteban Martinez Perez
Esteban Martinez Perez 12 uur geleden
And my Mario galaxy 3?
Enderjay280 12 uur geleden
Round 2 part 1 Pixel Armour Me: Minecraft!!! Bounce Me: Damn it!
Berat Oyuncu
Berat Oyuncu 12 uur geleden
ujfyuiy yuiy
ujfyuiy yuiy 12 uur geleden
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vjhonno83 12 uur geleden
The Luma rabbits are so cute
deskish 12 uur geleden
i'm just crossing my fingers that this one also has a Grant Kirkhope soundtrack
deskish 12 uur geleden
also i hope they don't put arbritrary limitations on making your team like they did in the first one ( or at least let us pick 4 team members instead of 3)
JEDI KNIGHT 12 uur geleden
This trailer was so epic that it reminded me of Guardians of the Galaxy.
sansana 12 uur geleden
"Mom, can we have mario galaxy 3?" "We have mario galaxy 3 at home" Mario galaxy 3 at home:
Callisto Moon
Callisto Moon 12 uur geleden
Who cares. What about a new 3D Mario adventure game!?
Silvia Pollachini
Silvia Pollachini 12 uur geleden
And again they put Rosalina in and not Daisy....
Brett Hixon
Brett Hixon 12 uur geleden
Rabbit Luigi was tweecked
HyperOct0 12 uur geleden
is it ok to feel really old
Colton Hertel
Colton Hertel 12 uur geleden
Why are yoshi and rabbid yoshi not there
ujfyuiy yuiy
ujfyuiy yuiy 12 uur geleden
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Daniel Gaspar
Daniel Gaspar 12 uur geleden
the best is see coments
Toothless the Night Fury
Rabbids 3D travel in time on the 3ds was so fun 🥲
JJ Beep
JJ Beep 12 uur geleden
For no reason Cloud is here
Shapeshifty 12 uur geleden
The final boss is Ubisoft
K.K Slider
K.K Slider 12 uur geleden
Now why is this showing up in recommendations NOW after I have watched so many tutorials it’s obvious I have beat botw
Даниель Балтабаев
2:46 Is this Raava from Avatar?
Aspart 2
Aspart 2 12 uur geleden
I can’t believe it we are a day away from a trailer or maybe a release date and one of the og commenters toadette gamer is gone 🥲. Rip you will not be missed
Mr Salty
Mr Salty 12 uur geleden
Mario with duel wield pistols
IT CAME BACK AAAAAA- My childhood just exposed itself. Don't mind me
chikm nuggers
chikm nuggers 12 uur geleden
haha puzzle brain cell loss go brrrrr
J-Marcos 12 uur geleden
Mario is seriously packing heat
EON 12 uur geleden
1:00 Canonical Bowser Girlfriend. Prove me wrong
Snow Penguin
Snow Penguin 12 uur geleden
Can we just talk about how dumb Luma Rabbid looks?
DarknessGuard 12 uur geleden
So it mixes in open World and RPG mechanics... not sure if they have chewed more than they can take, then again, too early to judge. Now, Rabbids is nice and while the last one I didn't play it looked fun enough to consider getting a sequel if there ever will be one made... WHERE IS RAYMAN?! Why is it always that the joke side characters take the cake and move on while the original protagonist disappears into oblivion?
Daniel Williams
Daniel Williams 12 uur geleden
Mario looks good as Master Chief
Noah 1525
Noah 1525 12 uur geleden
Cheese Acid 💊
Cheese Acid 💊 12 uur geleden
Rayman in smash ?
pool WGP
pool WGP 12 uur geleden
Online modus
Tuppance Röser
Tuppance Röser 12 uur geleden
Yeah nice you guys decided just a few countrys gets to enjoy that stuff and some just dont can get it.....
FG Julián
FG Julián 12 uur geleden
I think its time to *switch* from among us
Nintendo Boy
Nintendo Boy 12 uur geleden
This game looks even better than the original
Emerson Keeling
Emerson Keeling 12 uur geleden
If the creators of both Tony Hawk and Fur Fighters came together, this would be it folks.
Cyan Life
Cyan Life 12 uur geleden
Is anyone else gonna talk about Rabbid Luigi’s re-design or has no one noticed?
Charlie Jones
Charlie Jones 12 uur geleden
The goose
The goose 12 uur geleden
Funny how they recommend this to me right after the sequel was revealed
Deoran Ferguson
Deoran Ferguson 12 uur geleden
Eatinggamer 39
Eatinggamer 39 12 uur geleden
Why does this look amazing?
Blue skull
Blue skull 12 uur geleden
Played this on apple arcade  hopefuly more games expand to other consoles in the future
Spooder Man
Spooder Man 12 uur geleden
You could of made galaxy 3 Nintendo what was so good about the first
Holdon Culbreth
Holdon Culbreth 12 uur geleden
Can't believe they made another one. That's crazy.
Edison Voelker
Edison Voelker 12 uur geleden
Can’t there ever just be a new Mario game?