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Ryan Durney
Ryan Durney 56 minuten geleden
Battle Circuit is more fun than you'd imagine.
GD_J o r g e XD
GD_J o r g e XD 57 minuten geleden
TanookITrainWreck 58 minuten geleden
Do it again.
Alfonso Perez Ortiz
Nintendo switch =😍 Brie Larson=🤮
Marshal Tito
Marshal Tito Uur geleden
Announce N64 Online
I hope they added more personality types and jobs.
Sussett Alvarado
Sussett Alvarado Uur geleden
After playing the Fire Emblem Three Houses, I can appreciate even more the inclusion of Byleth uwu The fact that I can see my boy Dimitri in the background inspires me to fight <3
Cosmosi Uur geleden
*[Everyone disliked that]*
Mike MEME Uur geleden
It’s beautiful how games that aren’t related to Nintendo at all like Minecraft, fnaf, etc, are on Nintendo Switch. Sure it may feel like they are doing this for bigger profits, but it’s kinda wholesome.
Jay G
Jay G Uur geleden
am I the only one who wanted paper Mario? I mean the new fighters are good, I just was hoping for paper Mario.
MRA 40
MRA 40 Uur geleden
My mom bought me the champions edition because i have been exercising
AliKat Uur geleden
Who thinks that there's gonna be a switch pro? Cuz I'm thinking of getting one but idk if I should because some people have said a switch pro might come out soon...?
Darwin Canaviri
Darwin Canaviri Uur geleden
Ethan the Animator
Ethan the Animator Uur geleden
i hope when they release this, they will update it daily.
Inf3rnalShad0w VODs
Maybe we'll see rex in smash six I know it's unlikely but a man can dream.
Capri-Sun God
Capri-Sun God Uur geleden
June 29 and then 2 weeks later SS damn zelda’ll have to wait
Reinaldo Malave
Reinaldo Malave Uur geleden
I think time to fix pacman
Puh’f Uur geleden
25:00 that drum solo _is_ wicked!! Turn on captions
Puh’f Uur geleden
Lucas Caribe
Lucas Caribe Uur geleden
Theres not even a remote chance we got this on PS4/5? :/
Fernando Y Freddy 2021 FYF
Nice Game
Ghost in The shell
Ghost in The shell Uur geleden
Could have done without the plandemic propaganda
Gianni Jimenez
Gianni Jimenez Uur geleden
Sakurai needs an official gaming channel, it’s so fun watching him play smash!
jose tellez
jose tellez Uur geleden
1st8wgpllooiut433311`cbvg79u. Ng7ffttddrd5fununkml,l;.Okinawa
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith Uur geleden
I want to get this in time for Splatoon 3!!
litten21 Uur geleden
Lol suck it anime haters
slow poke
slow poke Uur geleden
I waited for this game to come out to the switch for so long that I forgot about it
Sir Sketch a lot
Sir Sketch a lot Uur geleden
Can the next fighter not be a sword fighter
。シ • n i c c y • ツ 。
The inkling girl statue scared me!
Gianni Jimenez
Gianni Jimenez Uur geleden
Good ol’ Sakurai, buffing his favorite child Kirby
Gabriel M
Gabriel M Uur geleden
9 years later, youtube recommend me this ...
Jared Jewell
Jared Jewell Uur geleden
Kenan Balta
Kenan Balta Uur geleden
It’s old Nintendo
Zoe Encinas
Zoe Encinas Uur geleden
Kenan Balta
Kenan Balta Uur geleden
I got it on my black Nintendo
FlowingOmega Uur geleden
Update: Bowser becomes a racist
Bobby Sharpe
Bobby Sharpe Uur geleden
I feel that WayForward should’ve bothered with partnering up with Crunchyroll to make a 2D video game based on Mob Psycho 100.
felix veloz
felix veloz Uur geleden
Please please please change the wars name, saltiron is lame as frk and i wont be able to play thru it if they keep bringing up that lousy name
Banana Child
Banana Child Uur geleden
Wait, I thought this was a Game Grumps video.
Optimo Blunt
Optimo Blunt Uur geleden
Ok For all you asking for other games you love,be patient. If you show SE you want other games you have to start by ,buying games like this, If you show your love the SE will show you love with the games and IPs you want,new or old, So please buy this game ,the game will be worth what you pay,then SE will give you what you want.
Logan Morales
Logan Morales Uur geleden
Nintendo can you please send me a nintendo switch please
obow fetch
obow fetch Uur geleden
*The Instigator to Mythra* “Your first kiss wasn’t with Rex... IT WAS ME THE INSTIGATOR!”
hullaut H
hullaut H Uur geleden
Masahiro Sakuri is a gamer
obow fetch
obow fetch 2 uur geleden
*The Force is strong with these two...*
Garret Siercks
Garret Siercks 2 uur geleden
Man you guys did a great job on these two!
c h r i s t i n e d
c h r i s t i n e d 2 uur geleden
diego aka
diego aka 2 uur geleden
So, Sakurai streaming on twitch, when? :D
Luke Krieg
Luke Krieg 2 uur geleden
pls give me queen pauline
Finn Muno
Finn Muno 2 uur geleden
Imagine the next Part isnt Splatoon 4 but its Splatoon Battlefield 1
Jordan_McGoalie 2 uur geleden
FRIEDBERT 2 uur geleden
Next: Chrono Trigger please!
the account with only one video
Anybody else thinks she's overpowered?
:l YaBoi :l YaBoi
:l YaBoi :l YaBoi 2 uur geleden Glad we got the extra time :)
Tiel Master
Tiel Master 2 uur geleden
🙌 RIP Iwata
Ali zeee
Ali zeee 2 uur geleden
Morgana was in the mix of those toys, is this a hint?
Saber Hg
Saber Hg 2 uur geleden
Nintendude Gaming
Nintendude Gaming 2 uur geleden
A realistic Fortnite commercial should have the son playing creative fills for 14 hours and the Dad throwing his controller and screaming about all the sweats.
JonnyZKing 2 uur geleden
NLblock: *recommends video Me: "You're teasing me you naughty naughty"
MASON'Z SQUAD 2 uur geleden
Nintendo plz replay to me and tell me when game of life 2 releases will it be this month
Greedo 2 uur geleden
Wait, the characters that were interviewed are not going to be in the game? 0/10
Drama Days 2
Drama Days 2 2 uur geleden
‘She wakes up’ ‘Her memories’ ‘Her talents’ What if you played the Octoling boy? Wouldn’t it be him his and he then? Yeah
Captain Boopkins
Captain Boopkins 2 uur geleden
damn this was already so long ago
DuckyMaster707 2 uur geleden
Thank you Nintendo, for giving us the best game ever made!
VideoPine 2 uur geleden
Atleast she could have been playing Scott Pilgrin vs the world!
Adrian Fajardo
Adrian Fajardo 2 uur geleden
Nintendo can you please add a browser and files to the Nintendo switch please and thank you
Corey Cooper
Corey Cooper 2 uur geleden
Panic Button is amazing. I can't wait to dive into one of my favorite games on the Switch!
Omar Salah
Omar Salah 2 uur geleden
Now when will you be making Dk64 Remake, I’m not the only one who wants it, think of it as making money.
Omar Salah
Omar Salah 2 uur geleden
Now when will you be making Dk64 Remake, I’m not the only one who wants it, think of it as making money.
Omar Salah
Omar Salah 2 uur geleden
Now when will you be making Dk64 Remake, I’m not the only one who wants it, think of it as making money.
A S 2 uur geleden
Incomplete game
Oscar Neville
Oscar Neville 2 uur geleden
6:47 R.I.P. Rex
obow fetch
obow fetch 2 uur geleden
علوش منتاا
علوش منتاا 2 uur geleden
cosmosofinfinity 2 uur geleden
35:48 Sakurai's face when he realizes he just revealed his foot fetish to millions of people
Imane Haddach
Imane Haddach 3 uur geleden
Nintendo ♡♡◇♡◇♡♡◇♡♡◇♡◇♡
TheSuperGang VA
TheSuperGang VA 3 uur geleden
I already know what I’m gonna do I restarted my island and gonna get the Amiibo cards ^w^
Imane Haddach
Imane Haddach 3 uur geleden
Robert English
Robert English 3 uur geleden
I had an Idea what if you can make another update 5.0 Like New game styles like Mario land 2 and Super Mario Bros 2 a ice flower Fire bros mountain fuzzy sumo tower themes volcano theme beach theme and desert cave theme. Next it need a Brand New power up Its a Tannoki Suit, 3d world and super mario world is a 2 games styles are charging chuck. Fizzlit goes in 3d world a Power up leaf 3d World new game style The Duplex cherry hill and the power up too into multiply Mario's more futures like Beach theme in Super mario 3d world Torpedo red in super mario world and REX on super mario world too.
Chief Montu
Chief Montu 3 uur geleden
Can we get Mace: The Dark Age for online, I miss that game
Bayonet300 3 uur geleden
Only took them 18 years to go 3D